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PDS design:The site is located in the new city, which is in the south of Changchun. It is a public green space built by Changchun Vanke for the municipal construction. Most of the surrounding areas are new housing and new buildings, lacking a block-type public open space. The south side of the site is the sales office, and the southeast side is the building for shopping.


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The project is located in Changchun which called the Northern Forest City in China with spectacular valleys and thick forest. Through the shaping of the terrain and the enclosure of the space, people can enjoy the fluctuation of the space.


地形塑造下的“山林谷地” “Mountain Valley” under the shape of terrain



We’re hoping to turn the site more into a public space and create more open space for the public to use. By adding amusement facilities and the activity space, the land will become more and more popular as well as improving the local environmental quality of the city.



街角雕塑设计 Street corner sculpture




It is necessary to design a landmark in the street corner to emphasize the entrance and increase the memory of this place.

In the collision of mind, we want to set up a non-daily iconic sculpture that is different from the surrounding environment and beyond the Mountain Valley, the idea of “Amazing Whale Valley” came into being. Introducing the marine “whale sculpture” to the inland forest city, dissolving the distance between geography and psychology, and increasing the fun and newness in the monotonous urban life.

“Whale” sculpture resembles the artist Anish Kapoor classic work “Cloud Gate”. The power and gentleness evoke the gentle emotions and infinite thoughts of the human heart.


▼致敬经典的“云门”雕塑 The “Cloud Gate” sculpture used to pay tribute to the classical design


▼逐渐显现的“鲸鱼”雕塑 “Whale” sculpture gradually appeared


▼光影变化下的反射意趣 Artistic conception from reflection of light and shadow


儿童活动场地 Children playground


With the inward extension of the whale, the children’s event venue consisting of organic curves embraces friends from all over the world.


▼有机曲线构成的儿童活动场地 Children’s event venue with organic curves



Ellipse and free-form curve form a functional comprehensive venue. Blue and yellow EPDM plastic floor tiles are combined to create a geometric venue for fun.


▼几何形态下的儿童活动场地 The activity venue of children in geometric form


▼光与影透过半透明的亚克力景墙,温柔的渗透到场地当中 Light and shadow shine through the translucent acrylic façade, gently illuminating the venue


▼渗透交融的空间戏剧 Interworking space with surprises


▼可以转动的树池座椅 Rotating tree pool seat


▼可参与式的游乐设施 Participative facilities




互动景墙 Interactive wall


Embracing the surrounding walls of the venue, we hope not only to place a partition wall that blocks the line of sight, but arrange revamped wall to activate the edge of the site. We used the to encourage everyone to play in this game and turn it into a personal graffiti and creation.


▼充满可变性和创造力的翻版板墙 A revamped wall full of variability and creativity


▼翻板景墙在不同使用者的创造下产生不同的面貌 The revival wall display a different look under the creation of different users


弹跳跑道 Bounce track

有益的活动设施会激发出人的无限探索欲望。兔子跳、青蛙跳、跑跑跳跳… …身体和灵魂均在这里得以生长。

The beneficial activity scene will stimulate people’s unlimited desire to explore. Bunny jumping, frog jumping, running and jumping… body and soul are growing here.


▼激发童年记忆的弹跳跑道 The bounce track that stimulates childhood memories


镜面水景雕塑 Mirror waterscape sculpture


The “Whales” sculpture in front of the sales center cleverly shows the different interests of “Whale Valley”. In summer, the pool is full, and the mirror waterscape reflects the movement of the fish. When the winter comes, the steps show the response to the valley.


▼售楼处前“鲸群”雕塑 “Whales” sculpture in front of the sales office



Explore the fun of city life from a park and look for differences in the city scene. As William Wordsworth described in urban life: “Although this picture is exhausting, it is essentially an unruly scene. But not so, as long as people can watch with his heart, they can feel the greatest meaning from the small things and do not lose the overall grasp in the local position.” For each project tailored to the most appropriate design, this is our constant pursuit of direction.





Project name: Time Enjoying Park, Changchun
Project address: 700 meters south of the intersection of Jinyu Road and Taichun Street, Nanguan District, Changchun City, Jilin Province
Design area: 9000 ㎡
Design time: 2017.11
Completion: 2018.09
Landscape Design: PDS Design
Children’s playground planning: PDS Design
Sculpture Design: PDS Design
Lighting Design: PDS Design
Identify Design: PDS Design
Design team: Zhang Fangfa, Lin Jianmei, Chang Jiya, Li Fei, Huang Yingqiu, Gu Wanyu, Zheng Ruibiao
Children’s activity equipment provided: HAGS
Construction drawing: Shanshui joint design organization
Construction: Changchun yujing landscape co., ltd
Identify production: Yige Logo design


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