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朗道国际:  我们匠造沁园,初心便是通过具象化的环境,回溯这片土地独有的气质,回溯那首小诗闲看云生水起的情怀,从根本上讲,回溯场所原本的精神。

LANDAU:  When we made this project, our initial intention was to trace back the unique temperament of the land through the concrete environment, trace back the feelings of the poem that watched the clouds and water leisurely , and fundamentally trace back the original spirit of the place.



As the main entrance and exit of people’s cars in the community, the design should not only solve the problem of streamline management of people’s cars, but also coordinate the building and the noisy urban environment outside. The fewer traces of the design, the better. It is the most important design strategy of this place to let the language disappear rather than how much mirror water or special details has designed.





TREVISTA is light and transparent in shape, with a large glass curtain wall against the green curtain, showing life and art. We used four pieces of water surface connected in series to guide the organization of people’s car flow lines. Water reflected the building at the same time, reshaped the bridge with lightweight sculptural railings and formed a quiet and disappearing front space with four sakura trees.




The curved bridge in the front court consists of two different curved surfaces. because it is a hyperboloid shape, it requires higher design and technology. it not only needs to conform to the vertical conditions of the site asymmetry, but also needs to maintain the integrity of the facade. The entire unfolding facade is about 45 meters long and guides the traffic flow line. The facade extends from the surface of the water and climbs all the way up to meet at the entrance of the building. Hidden lights under the bridge will form crescent-shaped halos in the water at night.




The green curtain wall is 9 meters high and 20 meters wide. The details of mirror stainless steel make plants and buildings more closely integrated. In order to ensure the effect of the four seasons and match the facade of the building, we have done many researches on the varieties. Finally, we chose the Ivy tree bark and Nephrolepis, which can not only form a relatively neat facade, but also satisfy the effect of the four seasons at the same time.



An opening ceremony was held here, the green curtain was the background, the way home was the catwalk, and the curved bridge became the prospect of the stage. Afterwards, every time went to the scene, you could see people who stopped, children playing in the water surface, visiting guests were interact with sculptures curiously under the green curtain. It’s glad to see that a delightful and popular place.





The backyard courtyard is very small and the building is wrapped in a c – shape. The interior layout is all open toward the courtyard, and the home will pass through here in the future. We hope that the backyard is a continuation of the front court, a transition from the city to the home, and an experience from the public to the private space. Of course, we prefer to build a courtyard full of changes.



The original idea was to build an interactive courtyard with the living museum of art, with the water curtain wall as the background and dark mirror water as the base to form a folded and infinite space. Interactive artistic devices are arranged at the focal point to form infinite reflections in the water surface and the mirror surface, presenting images that will never be the same in different light and shadow everyday, attracting children and adults to stop or chat here, so that residents will not feel annoyed even if they sit in the garden all afternoon.




Finally, party A invited digital art designer (Zhoujie Zhang)to customize the installation art of 29 bunch of wheat for the courtyard, with various lights and swaying postures, to form a starry and infinite nightscape effect.

Versace black, a different surface layer of the same material, was chosen for the water and the ground in the back yard. This material is full of changing natural texture, making the clean backcourt space richer and more exquisite.





To restore “Place Spirit”, to present it in an artistic way and to convey the attitude of life is the design concept of TREVISTA district landscape.

Sunken courtyard and roof garden interweave green with architecture, connect indoor and outdoor space with open floor, connect the whole community with unified texture and language, integrate life and taste with art, and gather people with central garden. Forget the annoyance outside, but enjoy the happiness.


项目名称: 绿城建发 杭州沁园生活艺术馆
项目地址:拱墅区 丰潭路与申花路交叉口西南100米

Project name: TREVISTA
Developer: Hangzhou Greentown shenrun real estate co., ltd.
Project address: Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
Landscape design: LANDAU
Architectural design: GLA
Interior design: HWCD
Soft suit design: Shanghai Moshang Design
Sculpture design: Endless Form Industrial (Shanghai) ltd.
Photography: Holi


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