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LANDAU:”In my palm, there is the water and sand from the lake, and in the depths of the lake lies my years.” Perhaps this is how we feel when we meet this place of virginity. She is so quiet and peaceful, and the natural revetment is beautiful and agile, seeming to tell a long and beautiful story.




“Respect for continuation, do not fight or grab” Maybe this is our role and positioning in this project. In the early stage of the project, we first investigated the original ecological chain, domesticated and bred species that were relatively missing and chain-broken, and turned them into a complete ecological chain system. The water body was finally improved into a second-class high-quality water source. The vertical visibility of the water body reaches a visible effect of one meter.




The next step is to investigate and research on lakeside life and behaviors, with appropriate utilization and healthy living as the main entry point, implanting a sense of vacation and leisure experience, to create a “lakeside happy life ring” to connect and drive the entire Anting Fitness system and waterfront participation. Incorporating the original simple fitness into the natural landscape, constructing a Nordic style of life experience.




Passing the verdant Anting Ring Road, a light and futuristic building is hidden in the shade of the trees, giving it a sense of the future. From the VIP parking area, we hope to introduce the concept of ecological parking, which is the treatment method that minimizes the damage to the existing nature and respects the site most. It comes to the frontcourt space through a whirling maple forest. The entrance interface is half-open for drop-off processing, which reflects a hotel-style courtesy. The lotus pond with oriental meaning in the front field creates a sense of dialogue with modern architecture. If you don’t know how to describe this drama, let’s define it as a dialogue between modernity and nature. The natural scenery stone lying in the water scenery also implies the oriental sense of home settlement. Modern and oriental, exquisite and natural, there are waves of light through the room…




When you enter the room, you will see the continuous and spreading Palm Lake, where it is quiet and peaceful.The space on the first floor extends the lake to the indoor space to the maximum through the mirrored waterscape, and the fall of the infinity pool creates a picture from another perspective. Coming to the second-floor space, this is a higher view of the lake. The spreading and continuous Metasequoia forest forms a canopy with rich layers, and the spreading lake and the distance are in the distance.




The breeze ran slowly down, and a half-hidden etiquette led people to the first hydrophilic platform. On one side was the scenery wall built of natural stone, which was a kind of guidance and a prelude, and it was derived to move forward; On the other side is the terrain with very modern geometric composition. The upper floor is full of cherry blossoms, and the tree-shaded space is built up. When you come to the first hydrophilic space, he is the fingertip of the palm lake and the starting point of east-west extension. Watching the longest view of Palm Lake, you can see the vertical view of the lake.




At the end of the lake, we set up a corridor of time. It is the space corridor linking the yacht pier and the beacon of the spirit of the palm lake. It is a symbol and companionship. When the lights are lit at night, she is accompanied The beacon for night walkers, also illuminates the way for everyone to return to their families. Entering the corridor is accompanied by the changes of the sun, moon and stars. The light and shadow on the walls on both sides tells the quiet story of the years. Turning around the whole glass framed scene, along with the standing position of the person, the fogged glass will be completely transparent. The lake is in the mountains and forests, and the lake is rippling.




After walking through the corridor of time, let’s switch to kayaking. This is a reflection of lakeside life. This is not only the starting point of kayaking, but also the space for rest after exercise. Sitting around and resting in threes and twos, extract a cup of black coffee.




Stepping out of the yacht bar, one side is another expression of the corridor of time, and the wall is like ripples in the water orderly and naturally to draw gaps, accompanied by reflections in the water.




Walking into the forest, the long dock continues to the end of the field of vision. It is the dock for kayaking and our picture frame. Standing at the end, looking at the building, it is like a yacht coming from the future. Lying on the lake, forming a dialogue with the surrounding nature, telling the past, present and future. The water curtain on the lower level is like a waterfall of light, connecting the whole space and connecting the lake surface and the building.




We explored the depths of the lake through the first water platform, and explored another world. It is the water corridor under the lake. The long water corridor is separated from the palm lake on one side. Participants are almost completely under the water to experience and appreciate this underwater world. , You can touch her through the water curtain-the clear water, fish swimming around you, during the stroll, you are in it.



Coming to the residential space, along the lakeside is a lakeside trail set up by fire lanes. It is a clue that connects our lakeside life. It connects with multiple spaces such as leisure, water, fishing and bird watching. In the green space along the lake, we appropriately set up diversified experience functions such as lakeside barbecue and fishing to enrich the sense of life and experience on the lakeside.




Here! That’s it! It is here that the “palm lake” is the space of reality and dreams. It is a manifestation of a future residence, and it is also a residence for companionship and sustenance of the soul. During the two and a half years of company and polishing, the “Rhine Peninsula” is based on the modern and presents a scene of future life. Integrating the dialogue between modernity and nature, in the hustle and bustle of the urban space, the silhouette is a world away residence. I only hope that time is gentle, and the water is slow, let everything return to nature, return to the original, let the lake water infiltrate the soul, and make life more meaningful…






Project Name: Vanke·Rhine Peninsula
Project location: Lane 855, Beiande Road, Anting New Town, Jiading District, Shanghai
Project owner: Shanghai Vanke
Landscape Design: Landau International Design
Demonstration area: 9600 square meters
Architectural Design: Zhiyi Design
Interior and soft decoration plan design: Hong Kong Junjia (hall), Shenzhen LSD, Shanghai Mudi (model house)
Lighting consultant: Chengdu Zuoyi
Construction unit: Zhongyu Garden
Photography: Holi Beaver Landscape Photography



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