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JL Design:With the rapid development of cities, people are rushing amongst the hustle and the bustle, trying to improve the standard of living. Under such pressure, people almost forget what they really want. Upon reflection, we are thinking, what is the mission of landscape or what kind of living environment we are expecting to create for people living in cities. The answers maybe lie in a place of “healing”, where people can get close to nature and feel at ease. It is what we really want to present to people.


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在场地中思考,试图营造疗愈身心的愉悦性景观 Think on site, trying to create pleasant landscapes that can heal both body and mind 


The Willow Shores is ideally located in Kunming of Yunnan, a city blessed with a warm climate as well as profound local culture. The site was originally a green belt with trees flourishing around, providing great advantages for the landscape design.


▽场地现状 Site status




Back to the project, what matters most is how to make full use of the site based on the thorough analysis and understanding of it. If landscape is the combination of space and culture, we should neither underestimate nor overestimate its spatial attribute. Instead, we decide to create a space atmosphere where visitors can get involved and have a unique experience.

Employing the space structure of typical Yunnan houses, the designers create a courtyard where light of the plateau interacts with the space, creating a unique visual effect. Here, plants are flourishing beyond our expectation. Pleasant climate as well as the special light and shadow effect brings a unique experience for this relatively confined space.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


从一片树林开始 Start with a wood


As the interface between the Willow Shores and the city, the entrance space shows itself in an informal way. A wood of preserved trees keeps the warmth of the site; bushes are partly cleared, allowing people to walk under the trees. Sheltered by the wood, the light here is gentle, which pulls people back from the hustle and bustle, and allows them to relax their body and mind.


▽非正式的入口空间 Informal entry space



It is common that landscape usually appears in a natural way. However, the designers find and introduce some easily-ignored elements, creating a brand new and appealing space form.


▽展示区门廊自然而然的隐藏于树林之间 The display porch is naturally hidden among the trees


在行走中探索空间的转换 Explore the change of spaces while walking 


Walking up by steps, you can find the corridor covered with slope roof and the hallway decorated by metal mesh. Change of spaces is full of fun, integrating the indoor and outdoor experiences.


▽在行走中探寻光影的趣味与灵动 In the walk to explore the fun and clever light and shadow

▽静谧的夜景氛围 Quiet night scene atmosphere



Then comes the courtyard, where enclosed structure shapes an atmosphere of simplicity and tranquility. Artificial height differences are created, and trees and plants are well arranged, making the space comfortable and full of vitality.


▽门廊与花厅局部鸟瞰 Porch and flower hall partial bird ‘s-eye view

▽自然质朴的花厅景观 The natural and simple landscape of the flower hall



Perhaps it is the change of spaces that encourages the interaction between the site, the light, the plants, the materials and people. All these designs aim to inherit the tradition, explore its future and make the space inviting.



营造特色的地域环境,感受鸟鸣山幽 Unique environment allows people to enjoy songs of the birds and quietness of the mountain


Inside the courtyard, the red gravels will remind people of the red soil in Yunnan; its flowing form creates a unique visual effect. Sitting here, you will have a different way to experience nature and feel the inner peace and satisfaction. It also offers an impression of Yunnan.


▽诗意栖居的红色碎石景观 Poetic dwelling of the red rubble landscape



Outside the wall are the well-preserved trees which serve as the background and dialogue with 16 newly-planted hackberry trees. Moss-covered gentle slope and an elevated square pond (15cm higher than the surroundings) bring peace and tranquility, which allow people to think beyond the courtyard.


▽在自然惬意的环境中感受自然变化的美好 Feel the beauty of natural changes in a natural and comfortable environment



The landscape reflected on the mirror water reminds people of the pond in the painting of Ni Zan (a famous Chinese painter). When the wind blows, gleaming ripples will cut the pond’s surface, making it the focus of the whole space.



结语 Conclusion 


Landscape design is not only an issue of aesthetics but involves deep feelings and experiences about the space. Based on the theme of “healing”, we introduced local elements into the design and showed great respect for the site and the landscape.


▽后场样板花园 Model garden in the back





Project: Xiaofeng Liuan, Kunming
Address: Beside O-Park, Xiwang Road, Xishan District, Kunming, Yunnan
Size: approximately 4,000 m2
Time of Design: April, 2022
Time of Completion: August, 2022
Landscape Design: Jialian Design
Design Director: Zhang Zhang
Concept Design: Li Zhe, Xu Qianyue, Yang Kaixue, Deng Xiaoxue, Tian Tian, Yu Chengcheng
Detail Design: Zhang Jianhua, Zheng Jun, He Jieyi, Liu Tao, Yao Tianyu, Xiang Hui, Liu Yi, Liu Manyi
Architectural Design: GOA Groups of Architects
Landscape Construction: Sichuan Gaotian Gaojing Garden Engineering & Design
Landscape Photography: HOLI

Copy-writer and Planer: mooool



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