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Jianan landscape design office:The garden should be real, unconcealed, and hearty. Meanwhile, the advancement or retreat of it’s growing must be well founded. The garden should be what people want to be, sincere, naked, not shocked, imperfect but complete. Only then can the garden make sense. Only such an outside thing can make us a better self.We are delighted with exquisiteness and fall behind in scars, but when we are delighted by the flaw, what kind of experience it will be? Will it make people calm and warm, away from being mean; delicate and strong, fade away from fragility; whether we will understand others and forgive ourselves; when we don’t care about losing, we will always be able to take it lightly, without regret, just ask ourselves whether work hard enough.I found the answer when I saw the concrete.


水泥景墙及花池 Landscape wall and flower pool


水泥的花园-风化即永恒 The Cement garden-Weathering is eternal


The client of this case is a famous musician., It’s very lucky for us- Jianan landscape design office to meet such customers! We knew that as soon as the couple proposed to use the concrete!There are Corbusier’s concrete in the world, and there are also Tadao Ando’s. There are highway‘s and skyscraper’s. But every piece of concrete is different, it is so plastic but much stubborn.One of the best ways to appreciate it is to enjoy a small piece. You will see bubbles, cracks, traces of mud, and the solidification that seems to be instantly and slowly peeling off in the days after.


主入口 The main entrance

户外就餐区 Outdoor dining area

户外休闲区 Outdoor leisure area

混泥土流水景墙 Flowing water wall


混凝土用它的厚重而又简洁,托起植物的花丛锦簇。而雨后花瓣、叶脉又时常在拓印在这灰色的地面,丰富而又通透… …材质犀利、天然的质感融入了生活的气息,铸就了院落独特的气质。

Concrete is thick but simple, it holds up the gorgeous view of flowers and plants. After the rain, the petals and veins are often printed on this high-grade gray ground, variously and transparently… The sharp and natural texture blend into the atmosphere of daily life and create the unique temperament of the courtyard.


次入口 The second entrance

水与绿植的融合 Fusion of water and green plants


花园的结构很简洁,主要空间都集中在在北院,西侧为户外就餐区,东侧为休闲区,中间的木铺结合水景主要是为 party 准备的空间。西侧的操作台是混凝土整体浇灌的,台子从地面升起横向形成台面之后转下去变成花池。然后混凝土在北侧又悬空起来,成为花台和水景,最后延续到东侧变成了座椅。

The layout of the garden is simple, the main space is concentrated in the north courtyard, the west side is the outdoor dining area, the east side is the leisure area, and the middle wooden pavilion combined with the water view is mainly the space prepared for the party.The operation table on the west side is concreted as a whole, The table rises from the ground, forms a countertop, then turns down and becomes the flower pond. After that, the concrete hangs up on the north side, becoming a flower stand and a water view, then continues to the east side and becomes seats.


庭院主体景观Courtyard main landscape

黄昏时的庭院 Courtyard at dusk

水景墙种植池夜景 The night view of waterscape wall and plantation pool



The ground is also concretely poured, and the entire drainage system is solved by the intermediate wooden platform. When the night falls, the light is soft, the breeze is gentle, the gravel, the concrete, and the wood with plenty of plants create a relaxing garden environment.


混凝土整体浇筑操作台 The console view

户外就餐区夜景 Outdoor dining area


项目平面图 Master plan


If the beauty of a garden blooms for mottled, is preserved through weathering, then the years are parts of the plan. Time never needs to stop, remembering the wave in the river is what he was.



项目名称: 优山美地别墅庭院设计
完成年份: 2019年7月
项目面积: 280㎡
项目地点: 优山美地别墅区,顺义区,北京
景观设计: 北京甲南园林设计事务所
公司网址: www.jiananplan.com
联系邮箱: jiananplan@foxmail.com
主创设计师: 杨舒
设计团队: 主创设计师杨舒;助理设计师李强
摄影师: 董立平

Project Name: Yosemite Villa Garden Design
Completion Year: July, 2019
Project Area: 280㎡
Project Location: Yosemite Villa,ShunYi, Beijing
Landscape Design: Jianan landscape design office
Website: www.jiananplan.com
Email: jiananplan@foxmail.com
Chief Designer: Shu Yang
Design team: Leader designer: Shu Yang ;Assistant designer: Qiang Li
Client / Developer: Private clients
Photographer: Liping Dong



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