Thanks LANDAU for authorizing the publication of the project on mooool, Text description provided by LANDAU.


朗道国际: 家不只是一套房子,更是一种生活。每个人都有一个关于房子的梦想,能满足每个年龄阶层的需求,怎么才能实现真正理想的生活,怎么才能满足每个家人对房子的梦想是设计师首先要考虑的。对于云顶设计师提出五大生活理念:尊崇&礼仪、公园&休闲、人性&关怀、运动&社交、生态&私密。设计完善一个交融多元社交体验、多维活动的居住空间。

LANDAU: Home is not only a house, but also a life. Everyone has a dream about a house, which can meet the needs of every age group, how to realize a real ideal life, and how to meet the dream of every family member about the house is the first considerations of designers. “Yunding” designers put forward for Five life concepts : respect & etiquette, park & leisure, Humanity & care, sports & social, ecological & private. To design and perfect a residential space that blends multiple social experiences and multi-dimensional activities.


入口——尊崇&礼仪   Entrance – respect & etiquette



The high-end entrance urban interface, etiquette’s triple space sequence, the quiet water courtyard corridor space, the warm temporary waiting platform, and the convenient exclusive landscape residual slope. The semi-open etiquette exit zone, undisturbed double-entry road, exclusive space and private access, exclusive respect entry at the end. Comfortable soft outfit, characteristic ground, accompany again floral, running water and sunshine make outdoor leisure no longer simple.


人性化——公园&休闲   Humanization – park & leisure




” introduce” the park into the community. It is a park Outside and inside too, people and vehicles entrance is separated to minimize mutual interference, Optimized the design by link park , the functional areas are concentrated as far as possible, and the pedestrian main entrance is arranged at the entrance side of the park. The open lawn among the three large houses not only broadens the visual field scale of the park, but also creates more possibilities for the owners to use it in their daily life. It is not only the carrying of dreams, but also the transformation of community parks, ecology and elaboration.


半私密廊亭——人性&关怀   Semi-private pavilion — humanity & care


Only with characteristics can we attract and retain people, and semi-privacy surrounds the corridor pavilion, creating a sense of domainand security, and protection from the sun and rain. Professional soft-fitting design, the conference table, pillow cushions permanent reservation, set the bluetooth speaker box alone, set their own favorite music.




Special lighting, sitting alone at night and meditating, corresponding to each other, Arranged around the waterscape, and is adjacent to water and accompanied to set off the atmosphere. Provide a place for residents to gather outdoors, and take advantage of the bright afternoon to sit and talk with friends or family members on an outdoor leisure platform to make the fragments of life better.


儿童空间——运动&社交   Children’s space – sports & socialization


The children’s love and nostalgia are the standard for the success of the design. High appearance level, multi-functional, more flexible children’s functional venues, to be able to truly stay in the children, but also to retain children’s playing memories of time. Bid farewell to the traditional small playground, monotonous function and corner design, making the children’s playground lively and attractive. Multifunctional veranda, climbing wall, circular children’s runway, children’s amusement equipment, baby carriage parking place, flower table sitting stool, professional children’s swimming pool, and children’s sculpture. Site color, plastic n – wheel color matching, adjusting color of children’s portico, adjusting mosaic, paving and assembling color again and again. the space trees under the top-grade jacaranda forests and portico alternate with each other, and the background trees surround the site. the site functions are evenly distributed, theme sculptures are rationally arranged, and the professional design of night lighting is reasonably arranged. the design stands at the angle of parents as the site, becoming a place that parents rely on.



Project name:  YUNDING
Project location:  liren street, lijia,yubei, chongqing
Developer: LongFor
Design unit: LANDAU international design
Year completed: 2018