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Oneself Alliance: Yuxi is a town with unique terrain. More than 90% of its area is hilly area. The site looks like a wavy green sea of hills from afar. Under the sun and blue sky, the green extends freely and vigorously, unfolding its power of vitality.


© 安南


山地策略 Hilly Strategy


In the design we tried to avoid presenting a cold artificial structure, inviting in this hilly wildness and letting it be part of our design instead of just destroying or taking over it.


▼场地原貌 Original site 

© 刘嘉阳



There was a height difference of more than 10 meters alongside the plotted building. The design did little to this original morphology and created a porous spacious structure to coordinate the relationship between morphology, landscape, functions and space sizes.


▼轴侧图 Axonometric

▼功能分析 Functional analysis



Vertical Partition——The Lower Part becomes a slope park and works as the linkage hub, interconnecting various functional spaces with different sizes, shapes and heights. It links together a ceremony hall, an outdoor playground, a dance studio, and other dynamic areas with various sizes. Between those functional units there embedded various open-air nodes for relaxing and playing. The Upper Part becomes a 3D garden, and contains isolated education units. Roofs formed a stepped terrain, where are terraces for an observatory, experimental fields as well as other workshops, preserving the original morphology of the site. In this way it looks like the hills along with their plants find the way back again in the structure and become part of it.


▼项目鸟瞰 Aerial view

© 高恒宇宇



Horizontal Partition——At horizontal level education units are arranged from the static district to the dynamic one. In the static district are distributed the classrooms. And in the farthest end is the open-air playground. All the way from the playground area to the classroom area locate spaces for their occupants to learn by interacting together and exhibiting their accomplishments, like handcraft workshops.


▼学校主入口 Main entrance

© 安南

▼教学空间水平横向排开 The teaching space is horizontally arranged

© 安南
© 刘嘉阳

▼首层架空空间 Overhead space on first floor

© 安南



Plants and the seasonal magic they bring are always filling into this whole porous structure and make it breathe together with the environment around and grow in green and let green extend and stay to the school.


▼空中立体花园 Three-dimensional garden in the sky

© 刘嘉阳
© 刘嘉阳
© 刘嘉阳

▼教室外的闲置空间栽种植物 Idle space for plants

© 刘嘉阳


多余的空间 Surplus Spaces



The Surplus Spaces are not ‘Surplus’, actually, by being created to be multifunctional.

‘Not just an outdoor corridor’——The corridor was designed to be multifunctional for various activities, like a temporary play yard between breaks, an outdoor paintings exhibiting hall for drawing classes, a market for the handcrafts from hands-on workshops etc. It encourages and fosters interactivity, reciprocal learning and participation.


▼多功能走廊空间 Multi-functional corridor space

© 安南
© 刘嘉阳



The colored spiral ramp——It’s a vertical personal transit, the farthest but the favorite for students and staff. When they take the ramp to get where they want to go, they are taking a detour for the unique sightseeing and experiences.


▼趣味盎然的彩色坡道 Interesting colorful ramps

© 刘嘉阳
© 刘嘉阳



It’s not extremely effective for a school. However, it’s the margins that provide more possibilities for tolerance, imagination and curiosity. As architects we tried our best to make it happen for kids to choose their own favorite way to study and progress when it’s possible.


阳光和色彩 Sunshine and Color


Yunnan is well-known for its warm sunshine, transparent blue sky scattered with clouds and shining and bright colorful lives under the sun, which inspired us a lot during the design. We couldn’t help but set the color orange as a key tone in our design and let all the characteristics that color represents, the passion and freedom, slowly overflow and fill the whole campus.


▼教学楼外立面和局部 Teaching building facade and part

© 安南
© 安南

▼橙色作为主色调 Orange is the dominant color

© 刘嘉阳
© 刘嘉阳


野蛮生长:不止于建成 Vigorous Growth:More than a Built Structure




Within as short as only 10 months, the whole building as well as its landscape, has been completed at such an incredible speed. Predictably, there’re some uncontrolled ‘surprises’. The construction went through a rainy season that led to the greening plants existing at different growing stages. The coatings on the outside walls didn’t show their beautiful natural wooden textures that were supposed to be. The flower pond wasn’t there at all. The grid racks were all wrong in sizes, shapes and styles because of some shortages of supplies. All the details left us in some anxiety and disappointment.

Later, at the beginning of this new semester we revisited the campus. Wandering inside, at its every inch and every corner, we found and felt that what we wanted in the first place, the strength of thriving, mutual extension between architecture and wildness in this porous spacious structure, like a scroll of pictures slowly moving and unfolding before us.

the kids were playing and running on the curvy corridor, plants have taken their roots where they stand and are taking their own shapes, and prospering. Those surplus spaces always allure their occupants in, wondering, exploring, meditating, and growing up. At that moment in there, those unexpected ‘surprising’ details seemed to be insignificant anymore. A school is much more than a few built structures but a breathing living creature, who grows and develops together with its occupants, as we believe.


© 安南



项目图纸 Project drawings


▼总平面图 Plan

▼首层平面图 1st floor plan

▼二层平面图 2nd floor plan

▼立面图 Elevation

▼剖面图 Profile




Project Name: Vigorous Growth——Yuxi High-tech Primary School
Office Name: OA(Oneself Alliance)
Office Website: oneself-alliance.com
Contact email: 623150906@qq.com
Firm Location: Shanghai, China
Design Year:2020
Completion Year:2021
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 22,000 ㎡
Project location: Chuangxin Road,Hongta District,Yuxi,Yunnan Province,China
Lead Architects: Jiayang Liu
Lead Architects e-mail: 623150906@qq.com
Design Team:Jun Ge, Xuan Che, Yanming Cai(structural design consultant)
Partners: Falcon Group Holding (Yuxi) Co., Ltd
Clients: Yuxi Hightech District Investment Management Co., Ltd
Photo Credits: Annan,Liu Jiayang, Gaoheng Yuyu




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