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ATDESIGN:Zhangsu tea space is located in the old street of Guyan Painting Town, next to the towering camphor tree, the green permeates the entire building, humanity and nature partner each other, and the beautiful story unfolds here. The owner wants to “slow down” the attitude of life, to create a collection of tea, coffee, buying, accommodation, catering as one of the diversified space, so once again invited designers Shen Mo, Zhang Jianyong to reshape this cultural space.


▽项目周边环境 Project surrounding environment



The white walls of the building echo the surrounding antique historical buildings, retaining the traditional intention while forming a sense of difference, collides with a new cultural coordinate, and finds its own rhythm of life among the rural areas of Jiangnan.


▽项目外观 Project appearance



Return to the essence of life, how many literati have a deep yearning for hidden in the mountains, here to drink a pot of tea, about three or two friends to each other, so comfortable and comfortable, and came to Zhangju will be able to feel this rural feeling.


▽入口空间 Entrance space




The modern design method maximizes the window and interacts with the surrounding natural scenery. The space is rearranged and reshaped, and the beauty of form and meaning is reflected again.


▽延伸的品茶空间与周边自然风景形成互动 The extended tea tasting space interacts with the surrounding natural scenery




The first floor of the space integrates the buyer and the coffee and tea drink, the sunken space distinguishes the space structure, and the white island divides the space boundary, allowing the movement line to be free.


▽一层内部空间 First floor interior space



Objects in daily life has a great use, both ornamental, a wide range of pottery art by the shopkeeper from all over the exhibition and sale here.




Old wood new, rotten wood can also be carved, disassemble the original old room wood laying the ground, the local old furniture is just right in the space, play a new function. The texture of the wall echoes the simplicity of the texture, and the space carries on a historical dialogue between the old and the new.




“It is better to eat tea than to hold on to a hundred things in emptiness.” Pour out a kind of philosophy of letting go of all attachments, returning to life itself, sending this truth between the tea, when the tea into the stomach, the mood will be suddenly enlightened.


▽二楼品茗空间 Tea tasting space on the second floor



The teahouse on the second floor builds a cultural bridge with tea, and the secluded atmosphere brings pure aesthetic feelings, as if you came to an ethereal world. Light and shadow depict time, body and mind immersed in this, to tea friends, under the ancient camphor tree to carry out a high-dimensional spiritual exchange.


▽巧妙地将自然美景与茶室空间相互交映,营造空灵的沉浸感体验 The natural beauty and the teahouse space are beautifully interwoven to create an ethereal immersion experience



The reflection of the tea table and the scenery outside the window are interesting, and the wonderful light and shadow colors form a contrast with the dim environment of the space, which is dazzling and fascinating.




Designers use the texture of the paper in the window for segmentation processing, the window is like a big viewframe, spring and autumn, the four seasons, the sun brushed through the trees, birds standing branches, “impermanent” beauty in this constantly happening.




The golden screen came from Japan across the sea to adorn the space, without being obtrusive or conspicuous, and there is fusion and collision between Eastern cultures.




The sofa and fireplace in the other part of the box create a comfortable living atmosphere, and a spoon of drink and a basket of food also have endless fun. Live somewhere else, feel the multicultural atmosphere.


▽包厢空间 Box space



Diversified tea table forms for guests to bring different tea experience, view and drink, natural interaction with people, unique.




Open the door of the guest room, without deliberately modifying the space, so that the scene outside the window becomes a part of the space, the green nourishes the body and mind, as if sleeping in nature.


▽舒适的客房空间 Comfortable room space



The four seasons change, spring and autumn, light and shadow criss-cross, this scene is the most impressionable work of nature, time precipitates in a strong atmosphere, touching the emotions of the guests.


▽玻璃框景是最美的自然画作 Glass frames are the most beautiful paintings of nature



The inside and outside are open to each other, the space is relaxed, and the simple decoration makes life simple and follow one’s heart.




The teahouse extends from the interior to the balcony, a tea and a seat, the fun of drinking tea is not only indoor, but also related to the mood.



▽一层平面图 Floor plan

▽二层平面图 Second floor plan

▽三层平面图 Three floor plan



设计内容: 建筑改造、室内设计
建筑面积:250 ㎡
材料: 木、艺术涂料 、玻璃

Design company: ATDESIGN
Design content:Architectural renovation, interior design
Projectscale:250 ㎡
Project photography: HANMO VISION -YIGAO
Lighting team: Hangzhou Lehan lighting design Engineering Co., LTD
Wood design: Lishui Fanshan Building Materials Co., LTD. · Pu Shu wood
Construction unit: Hangzhou resident design decoration Co., LTD
Project address: Zhejiang Lishui Guyan painting town
Completion time: 2023/8
Material: wood, paint, galss




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