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L&A design: What is the best time. A profound feeling, a sense of enthusiasm, a kind of life. We might not be aware of it when we are in the midst of it , like that afternoon when we were sitting high up on the slope looking at the sea, watching the sun set and hoping for the future. When we looked back later, we realized that the best thing was to look ahead and feel at peace.




This is Haibao Park on the banks of the Pearl River, a children’s playground full of joy, an all-ages integrated living theatre and a multi-dimensional experience space for art and nature. It is designed for children, and for everyone.




Time is fleeting, we hope that you will keep some precious memories here and that your time in this park will be the “best time” that you will remember for years.


▼项目视频  Project video


01 初识场地:珠江畅想|First time to know the site: Pearl River Imagination


This project is located in Daganwei, Zhuhai District, Guangzhou, surrounded by a large number of old industrial factories, including Guangzhou Paper, and the industrial landscape is still clearly visible.




Before the site was renovated, it was a lost land with numerous abandoned vehicles and overgrown grass, with only one 15-metre tall eucalyptus tree standing proudly.


▼本案场地原被用来堆放废弃车辆  The site was formerly used as a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles 

▼海珠区大干围曾有大量工业区,宜居程度较低   The site was formerly used as a dumping ground for abandoned vehicles




The design team has optimised the function of the site to give a new life to a lost place. The original site was an area outside the boundary of the red line, but the aim of our design was not to create a short-term showcase area for real estate amenities, but to bring the community a joyful and comfortable, fully open riverfront greenway park that would carry everyone’s expectations of life by the Pearl River.

In this case, Haibao Land was create, not only as a ‘children’s playground’, but also as a ‘theatre of life’ for all community residents looking towards the present and facing the future. The positioning of the project as an ‘urban open space in a riverside park’ conveys the core values of tolerance, age diversity and durability.





Then, how to interpret the romantic life by the Pearl River with an artistic approach and a joyful perspective with the care for all the people?

At the beginning of the design process, the designer visited the site several times to find the DNA of the site. By chance, the designer was struck by the view of the undulating rooftops of a red brick factory in the distance.The accumulation of simplistic elements brings a special charm to the site. Even a hard material such as red bricks, when arranged repeatedly, a soft and smooth line emerges, like the waves of the Pearl River. The designers therefore decided to use the red bricks to create a landart paradise with an undulating topography, preserving the industrial memory of the site’s neighbourhood while also connecting with the Pearl River.


▼方案推演 Solution deduction


02 海宝乐园:江畔生活剧场 |Haibao land: a theatre of riverside life


The Pearl River, named after the old island “Haizhu Shi” in the Guangzhou area, gives its name to the Haizhu district. With such a close relationship between Guangzhou and the Pearl River, Haibao land, a living theatre, has become a link to strengthen the relationship between the both.




Unlike ordinary children’s playgrounds, which focus on facilities, Haibao Land is a simple, artistic, de-figurative playground that integrates fun into the site, advocating that the space is the play and the play is the space, utilising the viewable, accessible and enjoyable terrain to stimulate exploration and spontaneous play, and inviting people to follow Haibao and enjoy the beauty of the Pearl River from all directions.


▼攀坡景观动图 GIF of the climbing landscape



Like climbing to the top of a slope and watching the boats coming and going on the river.Sitting still for a moment and letting time flow past you.




Like calling your name from the end of a trumpet,To hear the seagulls singing from your response.




Like watching her laughing on the swing.The river breeze sends a refreshing, gentle whisk full of the body……




Haibao is a playful ball with a pearly appearance, ready to go on a giant catapult. The yellow tube sets up the path of Haibao’s upcoming parade, which becomes an amusement park wherever it goes.




The LED light sources in the pipework provide the basic functional illumination of the site, creating a pure visual effect of “light without lamps”.


▼游戏设施动图 GIFs of game facilities



As the children running into the ground, Haibao would send a delicate cool mist to cool off the summer heat.




Haibao bounces on the ground a few times and a set of trampolines is born! Let’s have a competition to see who has better bouncing strength.




The music box is activated with a mechanical click-clack-clack sound and it is about to sing for you.




This is an music box that requires teamwork. It is deliberately designed to be heavy and impossible to operate with just one child’s strength and requires the help of an adult. Haibao calls on family interaction to enhance the parent-child relationship. It is also designed for safety reasons, both to reduce the centrifugal force generated by the rotation and to provide support.


▼八音盒旋转动图 Music box rotation GIF



Follow the designed curve and turn through the fun climbing net area, where yellow and white windmills on either side of the climbing net will capture the movement of the river breeze and turn towards the centre, turning it into a ‘wind ball’ to add to the fun of climbing.





The large trampoline in the middle of the site, when people bounce in it, it will create a resonance of the same frequency to trigger a hidden sound game – the sound of a ship’s whistle, a record of the designer’s impression of the Pearl River.

Shaded areas are provided around the trampoline so that parents can watch their children while enjoying the view of the Pearl River and wondering whether the steam whistle are coming from the river or from the shore.




The whirlpool tunnel is the most important component of the park, a large slope made of red bricks around 4 metres in height, with its two ends interconnected in the shape of a large horn, a shape inspired by the saxophone, the highest point of the larger horn standing around 6.5 metres above the ground.


▼乐园旋涡隧道动图 GIF of paradise vortex tunnel



A deep red against a lively yellow, this high slope is an art installation to be viewed and enjoyed, a playground for children to explore and a viewpoint for visitors to relax, find their peace of mind.




Where is the slide? There is a super “big slide”!




Walk through the Big Horn and shout to unlock the hidden magic of sound; “see” the Pearl River and discover a different kind of beauty!





There is no explicit figure of Haibao in the park, it is left everywhere in an abstract form, not overly childish in design, making the park a more inclusive presence.

Children and grown-ups can make this park their place, and its open attitude allows people to enter the park from any interface and spend private time with Pearl River, either running around the park or just sitting and enjoying the landscape, either quietly or in motion.


▼孩童玩乐动图 GIFs of children playing


03浪漫戏法:一丛萤火撩人  |Romantic play: a bush of fireflies teases


In the evening, Haibao Land is romantic, with a beautiful sunset over the Pearl River, and here you have the best viewpoint. The evening breeze is so gentle that you can get tipsy without a drink. But do you occasionally have a few regrets? For example, you don’t see the fireflies in the city, or the stars in the city.




Thus, at Haibao Land, we have planted a bush of fireflies and a piece of starlight to send you a romantic feeling with the magic of light.


▼浪漫萤火虫景观动图 Romantic firefly landscape GIF



In the designer’s opinion, “sound and light” interactive technology is not intended to show off, but to create magic, not focus on quantity, but on perfection. In order to make it possible to experience it during the day, most of the “magic” in Haibao Land is about sound, and only here is the romance of the night placed. All the tricks in the park are carefully hidden and launched in an original way, a surprise that you can only get if you are on site.


▼魔法球夜景动图 Magic Orb night scene GIF



Haibao Land was designed and built by V-onderland in an integrated manner. The V-onderland EPC team was on site to work hard, while not forgetting to create surprise for their partner’s birthday celebration. The trampoline’s boat song was replaced with a birthday song beforehand, with starlight and fireflies dancing in the park under construction, the friendship of struggling together will be remembered forever.



04工笔白描:红砖与树之歌 |White brushwork: Song of the Red Brick and the Tree


“Don’t use the red bricks.Change the proposal.Please use another material.”The use of bricks for the entire terrain of the park was a firm and bold choice.




The first time of pavement in Haibao Land was completely removed due to the unevenness of the red bricks and the large area of alkali staining, doubts kept coming up. The principal designer recalled a small red-brick slope in Shenzhen Book City that his daughter loved, “Why could someone else have made it? Then we should be able to make it too!”


▼第一次铺装 The first paving



They put away their frustration and decided to confront the challenge from red bricks to the end.They went to the small slope in the bookstore from time to time, squatting there to study the differences in the red bricks, taking a sample brick and asking for more information, eventually finding out that it was the different firing extent and paving techniques of the red bricks that influenced the presentation of the outcome.


▼书城红砖 Red bricks from the book city

▼测试第二次铺装使用的红砖泡水后是否易泛碱 Testing the red bricks will be used for the second paving for alkalinity problem after soaking in water




Once the underlying problem was identified, the solution emerged. The red bricks used for the second time were sintered at a temperature of approximately 1150°C. The kiln transformation creates a rich, natural colour jump with a good lustre; the surface is smooth but not too smooth to cause falls and is hard with solid edges; the bricks are less porous and less prone to produce alkali or moss, ensuring safety.

With playability and variety in mind, several parts of the terrain in Haibao Land have been divided into slopes, and the brickwork has been carefully selected according to the gradient.


▼乐园内几处地形坡度设置 Several terrain gradients in the park

▼不同坡度使用不同铺装手法 Different paving techniques for different slopes

▼呈现实景细节 Present real details



There are always unexpected conditions in the shaped construction and on-site paving, which require timely and careful adjustment and correction. The various border closures also contain ingenious ideas, including the use of the short edge of the bricks to close the edge, the use of equipment to close the edge of the circle, etc., which finally present a delicate slope and soft curvature.




The presence of trees makes the scene come alive, and the dappled shade that falls on the ground provides a cool, beautiful atmosphere.




In particular, the eucalyptus tree in the park, which always watches over the grounds, has become a spiritual presence. The design team felt that there could be no other tree that would complement the big horn as well as this one.


▼施工现场的大树,荣辱不惊,傲然伫立 The tree at the construction site, standing proudly in all its glory and disgrace




The eucalyptus tree was originally proposed for removal, but the designers argued for its preservation as well as that of the natural symbol of the site. The design points were adjusted several times to allow it to continue in its elegant shape.

Whether you are sitting or standing on the high slopes of the big horn, or twirling and laughing on the musical box, this tree is always watching over the whole park like a guardian.




The whole site is in brick red and the decision between “yellow against red” or “white against red” was decided by a questionnaire survey of potential residents, the client and the designers, with “red and yellow” received the highest number of votes. However, in view of the more functional design, such as projection, some white was added in between.





Haibao Land continues the “B.E.E” community landscape system ( a beautiful community that grows with you, Belonging; Evolving; Empathy) proposed by Zhonghai real estate company, and innovates again on the landscaped land. The stories of its birth are enough to delight those who participated in it, and the stories of what will happen in the future are enough to make the creators of this paradise feel a lot of emotions.

The quality of red bricks is that they last forever, and we hope that Haibao Land will continue to shine through time, bringing joy and happiness to the people.




The cool breeze takes away the hustle and bustle of the city.This is the best day to see the sea.See how many boats have sailed on the Pearl River at sunset?How many seagulls have flown away?





项目地址:广州 中海观澜府
视频拍摄:韦立伟 上官静煊 陈敏 邓泳菁 西妖潇 Gaga

Name of Project: Zhonghai Guanlan Mansion, Guangzhou – Haibao Land
Address: Zhonghai Guanlan Mansion, Guangzhou
Land area: 2790m2
Green area: 1580m2
Paved area: 1210m2
Client Name: Guangzhou Zhonghai Shengan Real Estate Development Co.
Park design and implementation: L&A Design Shenzhen La V-onderland Design Team, L&A Design EPC Centre
Design time: 2020.04-2020.09
Completion date: 2021.04
Editing: Fama
Photographer: Wei Liwei
Post-photography: Chen Min
Photo Coordinators: Shangguan JingXuan
Videography: Wei Liwei, Shangguan JingXuan, Chen Min, Deng YongJing, Xiyao Xiao, Gaga
Video Planning/Editing: Deng Yongjing
Animation: Deng Yongjing


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