Myk-d :这个多面的项目位于佛罗里达州迈阿密动物园的入口广场,它提供了一个引人注目的公共集会空间,编织了各种各样的雕塑动物和标志元素的颜色和光线的流动地面马赛克。广场的目的地是与粉红火烈鸟展览相协调的一个水坑概念,在这个概念中,冷却的雾在广场上的雕塑动物之间创造了一种游戏的微气候。地面被回收的玻璃块和LED灯照亮,在晚上激活空间。该设计可以灵活地利用空间,允许白天的小型教学教室,晚上的大型活动。

Myk-d :Located at the entrance plaza of Zoo Miami in Florida, this multi-faceted project offers a compelling public gathering space, weaving a fluid ground mosaic of color and light with various sculptural animals and signage elements. The destination of the plaza is coordinated with the pink flamingo exhibition with a watering hole concept where cooling fog creates a microclimate of play amongst the sculptural animal that populate the plaza. The ground plane is illuminated with recycled glass block and LED lights that activate the space during the evening hours. The design accommodates flexible use of the space, allowing for small scale educational classrooms during the day and larger scale events at night.


Photos by Dave Burk.


Project name: Zoo Miami Welcome Plaza
Location: Miami, FL
Client: Miami Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs


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