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Lagula ArquitectesRoquetes是一个以其周边地理位置为特征的街区。它依附于Collserola山脉之上,俯瞰着下方的巴塞罗那平原。独特的地形加上提供基本服务(如下水道或公共交通)的困难,增强了邻里之间的合作,他们一直以来都在为自己的权利而进行斗争。

Lagula Arquitectes: Roquetes is a neighbourhood with a character marked by its peripheral location. Already climbing the Collserola mountain range, it contemplates the Barcelona plain below. The topography and the difficulty in providing primary services, such as sewerage or public transport, forged the union of its neighbours, whose fight for their rights kept going from the developmentalism in the dictatorship and the first years of democracy.




That singular character of the place and its locals, almost surly, is consistent with the rocky subsoil, then it comes to the surface shaped as quarries in some parts of the neighbourhood. The workers’ struggle has accustomed the community to the need to get involved in urban development. In its memory remain those Sundays dedicated to the urbanization of some streets that were irrelevant to the Francoist administration of Barcelona. Even today, we notice urban planning emerging from participatory processes or the involvement of citizen associations.




400米的Mina de la Ciutat街道的重新开发围绕着这个六个角落,并将这种形式用于其他地方,以围合景观区域,同时借用绿化来软化岩石的生硬感。

It is an irreducible population, accustomed to accessing its neighbourhood through steep streets with slopes of 20%. At the intersection points between the main street of Roquetes, Carrer Mina de la Ciutat, and the perpendicular slopes of Carrer de les Torres, Jaume Pinent or Pla de Fornells, is where the proposal crystallizes in the shape of rocky polyhedrons that refer to the geometries of the old quarries.

These structures cut in granite lengthen routes, smooth slopes and improve the accessibility of these impossible streets, which would require climbers and not retirees. The redevelopment of the four hundred meters of Mina de la Ciutat street turns around those half dozen corners, and the dissemination of its solution in other points to enclose landscaped areas that soften the stone and sift it with green.


▽设计图纸  Design drawing




At many points, these figures become stony singularities that characterize the orderly and precise urbanization required by the municipal authority. The street becomes functionality, and Barcelona has been leading that field for decades: granite curbs drawn with chalk lines, standardization of construction details and elements for street furniture, and a specific but wide range of 20x20cm paving pieces, the Barcelona panot par excellence.




This conglomerate of panots, all the same in dimensions but different in their surface drawings, to drain the rain and avoid skidding, represents the last nod from the architects to the neighbours who have participated so intensely in the six years of project and work: ‘We will use all the panot models that are placed in Barcelona. All? Yes, all’. The neighbourhood diversity that exists today, with immigrants from different times and origins, plural in their languages and beliefs, but all residents in Roquetes, is represented in the amalgam of flowers, circles or square cement tablets. They are assorted drawings, framed in granite tiles that pave the street, represent the conglomerated condition of the neighbourhood and, inevitably, generate some ironic response: ‘Are you sure this isn’t the remains of the works of the entire city?’.


▽民众参与项目过程 Public participation in the project 




景观/建筑公司:Lagula Arquitectes
首席建筑师:Antonio Alonso Ortega[UNK]Martín Ezquerro Fernández[UNK]Ignacio López Alonso[UNK]Manel Morante Mediavilla[UNK〕Marc Zabala Camprubí
设计团队:M a ria Canel、Gemma Arco、Isa Lozano、Rosa Herrero、Antonio García、Inés Alomar、Patrizia Etxebarria、Nando Cabanillas、Toni Cladera、Carmen Barberá、Rafa Berengena、Laura Obradó、Jongwood Park、Xavier Font、Aleix Ranera、Jan Carol
合作伙伴:BIMSA、AMSA、TDI Enginyers / M7 Enginyers、BAC / Tresat、Adrià Goula、Serveis Tècnics de Districte

Project Name: 16.09-MIN>MINA DE LA CIUTAT
Completion Year: 2021
Scale: 8.676 m2
Project Location: Carrer de la Mina de la Ciutat
08042 Barcelona
ES (41.447837 / 2.174983)
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Lagula Arquitectes
Website: www.lagula.to
Contact e-mail: nacho@lagula.to

Lead Architects: Antonio Alonso Ortega、Martín Ezquerro Fernández、Ignacio López Alonso、Manel Morante Mediavilla、Marc Zaballa Camprubí
Design Team: Mària Canel, Gemma Arco, Isa Lozano, Rosa Herrero, Antonio García, Inés Alomar, Patrizia Etxebarria, Nando Cabanillas, Toni Cladera, Carmen Barberá, Rafa Berengena, Laura Obradó, Jongwook Park, Xavier Font, Aleix Ranera, Jan Carol
Clients: BIMSA
Collaborators: BIMSA、AMSA、TDI Enginyers / M7 Enginyers、BAC / Tresat、Adrià Goula、Serveis Tècnics de Districte
Photo Credits: Adrià Goula
Photographer’s Website: www.adriagoula.com



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