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蛮石营造:“亲生物是人类对生物的自然亲和和对感官体验的增强。” —Dr Phillip Roos

MOOOONS: “Biophilia represents humans’ natural affinity for living things and enhances sensory experience.” – Dr Phillip Roos


▽项目视频 Video ©杜继龙

▽艺术中心外观 Appearance of art center



Biophilia直译为“热爱生命” 而后延伸为人类与其他生命形式建立联系的意愿。人类对自然有一种天生的亲和力,我们将自然引入建筑,将空间最大程度的让渡于自然,回归最原始的山野地形及植物风貌,让植物,光,水,土壤等自然元素在室内空间中融合,是亲生物设计 “ biophilia ” 对 “生物热爱”的初衷.也是本次设计顺应自然。关爱生命,永续滋养、健康至上的社区理念,也是本次设计顺应自然、关爱生命、永续滋养、健康至上的社区理念。

Biophilia literally means “love for life” and can be extended to humans’ willingness to connect with other living things. Human beings have a natural affinity for nature. We introduce nature into architecture, make room for nature to the greatest extent, return to the most primitive mountain terrain and plant style, and integrate plants, light, water, soil and other natural elements into the interior space, which is the original intention of “biological love” of the biophilia design. It also represents the community concept this design has adopted, which advocates conformity to nature, care for life, sustainable nourishment, and supremacy of health.



亲生物设计 Biophilia design


The interior of the space exists a complete ecosystem, including animals, plants, rocks, soil and water; Natural light and ventilation will be used maximumly and full-spectrum lighting will be remotely controlled to simulate natural illumination; Soil that is most suitable for the vegetation of the area will be selected and more natural and organic decorative materials will be used.


▽自然材料的元素选取,营造更自然的生态环境 The selection of natural material elements creates a more natural ecological environment


仿生生物 Bionic creatures


Bionic firefly lights – when night falls, fireflies begin to populate in the flora, and special background music is given to simulate the sound of insects at night, enhancing the interactive auditory experience and awakening your sensory experience.


▽数字化设计的引入,形成听觉体验交互的场景氛围 The introduction of digital design forms the scene atmosphere of auditory experience interaction


生物星球 Biological planet


A planet with unlimited biodiversity is created in a limited container to simulate the micro-ecosystem. The planet is home to different plant species from different climates, which can be summarized into two categories: tropical plants and native plants. Every corner of the planet embodies a synergistic and inclusive ecosystem. There are dauallia bullata, radermachera sinica, tillandsia, euphorbia tirucalli, plectranthus tomentosa, ball cactus, cactus, hypnum plumaeforme, leucobryum, succulents, eucalyptus, eucalyptus.


▽模拟微自然植物生态系统,在有限的容器里营造无限的生物多样性的星球 Mimicking micronatural plant ecosystems, creating a planet of infinite biodiversity in a limited container



AI智慧管养 AI intelligent management


The future botanical garden equipped with AI intelligent system will realize automatic management. AI algorithm can accurately realize the automatic management of water and fertilizer, light, temperature and humidity in the whole life cycle of plants.


▽结合智能化AI设计,精准的实现植物全自动管养 Combined with intelligent AI design, fully automatic plant management can be realized accurately




远程控制系统 Remote control system


We can remotely view data of the botanical garden through a mobile app from Shanghai, and handle abnormalities and alarms to ensure the normal growth of plants. In the future, all data of projects across the country regardless of quantity and distance will be transmitted to Shanghai, and we will remotely assist in the operation, greatly reducing operating personnel and expenses.


▽智能化远程观察与操控 Intelligent remote observation and control


漂浮烟圈 Floating mist circles

水是亲生物设计中不可或缺的元素,在这个植物园的空间里水的形态是非常多样化的,有瀑布 小溪 雾喷等。我们还在植物里设计了奇妙的烟圈装置,以雾化形式将水转化为气体再通过动力方式从石头中喷射而出,在空气中短暂形成一圈烟云后消失,增加了空间趣味性。

Water is essential for biophilia design. In this botanical garden, water exists in many different forms, such as waterfalls, creeks, and mist sprays. We also designed a wonderful atomizer for the plants, through which water is atomized and then sprayed out of the stones to form a transient misty circle in the air,This device adds some interest to the space.


▽奇妙的烟圈装置,增加空间趣味性 Wonderful smoke ring device, increase the space interesting


生物多样性与迁地保护 Biodiversity and ex-situ conservation



This is an ideal place for ex-situ conservation of biodiversity, aiming to draw people’s attention to the deterioration of habitats, the reduction of resources, and the endangerment of species, and bring the natural scenery of this region back to our vision.

We pay special attention to the native plants around the ideal land and migrate them to the botanical garden for conservation and research. In the future, we will introduce more native plant species. There are stellaria chinensis, herba chinensis,shepherd’s purse,coneflowr,woodwardia prolifera, nepeta everardi, Potentilla kleiniana etc,These are common native plants in Zhejiang.


▽设计注重园区的生物多样性,引入丰富的原生植物物种 The design focuses on the biodiversity of the park, introducing rich native plant species


昆虫旅馆 Insect hotel



As two inseparable components of the ecosystem, insects and plants are closely related and evolve together. We set up an insect hotel in the flora to illustrate the interdependent relationship between the two in an entertaining and educational way. The insect hotel provides natural habitats for insects, where they are active in summer and hide in winter.

There are ladybugs, spiders, bees, beetles, millipedes, dung beetles, unicorn beetles, etc. The insect hotel is mostly made of recyclables, including paper tubes, reeds, egg trays, pine cones, hollow bricks, terracotta pots, plant fibers, moss, etc.


▽营造与植物协同生长的自然昆虫群落 Create natural insect communities that grow in concert with plants


蚯蚓食堂 Earthworm canteen


The soil layer plays a vital role in the ecosystem as an important source of nutrients for plants. We personate the “earthworm canteen” to present the nutrient supply to plants from the soil layer. Multi-layer pipe installations will direct organic matter such as kitchen waste, flowers and leaves, and pet feces into the “earthworm canteen” which is built underground, and earthworms will biodegrade through the pipe holes. A single canteen can feed earthworms within a radius of 200-300m, quickly decomposing organic waste into natural fertilizers, and making the soil soft and fertile and the botanical garden full of vitality.


▽多层管道装置,为植物园的生长提供更多有机物 Multi-layer piping device provides more organic matter for the growth of botanical garden


生态俱乐部 Ecology club



In this miniature space, we have created a relatively stable ecological environment. The vivarium contains rainforest and epiphytic plants, simulating the tropical and subtropical forests. Spray humidification, ventilation, lighting, control, etc. should be provided to ensure suitable environment in the vivarium.

Epiphytes are the essence of the rainforest. There are usually sunken wood branches to support various epiphytes in the vivarium. Ideal epiphytes include moss, climbing fig, confederate jasmine, hoya, ficus pumila, tillandsia, bromelioideae and various epiphytic orchids. This miniature rainforest is also suitable for frogs, geckos, chameleons, and various insects. The rich flora provides a habitat for animals.


▽微型的雨林缸,模拟热带和亚热带森林生态环境 Miniature rainforest tank, simulating tropical and subtropical forest ecological environment




合作方:青山周平,杭州滨彩园林绿化工程有限公司,杭州银龙建筑工程有限公司 , 素水设计

Project name: Botanical Garden of the Jiaxing Seed Art Center
Project type:Botanical Garden
Wechat public account:MOOOONS
Contact e-mail: wyc@moooons.net
Design year:2022
Completion Year:2023
Leader designer & Team:YaChaoWang.YuLinYang. SunChao. ZhangBei. XinPoLi.ZhanHui
Project location:Nanhu District, Jiaxing,Zhejiang province
Gross built area: 4400㎡
Photo credit: Yu photography studio
Partner: Shuhei Aoyama (B.L.U.E. Architecture Studio). Hangzhou Bincai Landscaping Engineering Co. , Ltd. Hangzhou Yinlong Construction Engineering Co. , Ltd. SuShui Design
Clients: ideal land of Shihe Vanke




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