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Taller KEN:Bright Stripes位于布鲁克林市中心的新开发街区Alloy Block,由建筑公司兼开发商Alloy与设计工作室Taller KEN合作推出。 该装置旨在用简单的艺术手段亮化建设工地。 经交通部门批准,文化部和城市画布组织合作街道座椅项目,在圣殿广场上创建公共空间。 设置街道座椅的目的是将未充分利用的街道空间变成公共区域,以及这里颜色明亮的彩条纹也是为了吸引社区居民参与使用。 装置的每个元素都被Taller KEN巧妙地融合,通过艺术表达的方式反映了社区的需求。

Taller KEN: Architect and developer Alloy partnered with design studio Taller KEN to unveil Bright Stripes, an installation at the Alloy Block, a new development in Downtown Brooklyn. The objective for the installation was to enliven a construction site with simple artistic means. The Department of Transportation’s Street Seats program permitted the creation of a public space component within Temple Square in collaboration with the Department of Cultural Affairs and City Canvas. Street Seats’ mission is to turn underutilized street space into areas of public use, and the bright color blocking applied to the Alloy Block welcomes community engagement. Every element of the installation has been thoughtfully incorporated by Taller KEN to reflect the needs of the community through the means of artistic expression.


©Javier Alvarez


Bright Stripes在Taller KEN设计师Greg Melitonov的指导下,不仅活跃了街道氛围,当然还拥有必要的基础功能,比如照明和座椅,以便该装置可供市民使用。 这种灵活的方式可以让各种不同的用户群体在第一阶段的建设中持续激活广场。 这些彩色图形的外观会在一天中根据自然光的照射而变化。 LED灯管的添加不仅增加了装置的美感,而且通过在建设区域内增添额外的光线,使整个社区受益。 Taller KEN非常精通场地营造的概念,这种围绕场地激活的策略既反映了居民的动线和活动,又促进了他们之间的社交互动。 而且,折叠椅可以随意移动,又有助于人们在Alloy Block进行有计划和自发的社区聚会。

Designed under the direction of Greg Melitonov of Taller KEN, Bright Stripes provides a lively atmosphere and necessary infrastructure, such as lighting and seating, to ensure the installation remains in use by citizens. This flexible approach will allow for various groups to continue activating the plaza throughout the first phase of construction. The appearance of these colorful graphics change throughout the day based on natural light exposure. The addition of LED tubes not only adds to the aesthetic of the installation, but acts as a way to benefit the community by providing additional light throughout the construction area. Taller KEN is well versed in the concept of placemaking, and this strategy surrounding an activation reflects the movement and activity of residents while facilitating social interactions between them. For seating, folding chairs were used to be easily moved around as desired, which encourages planned and spontaneous community gatherings at the Alloy Block.


©Aryn Phillips
©Javier Alvarez
©Javier Alvarez


装置中的各种颜色仿佛在与那些居住在布鲁克林市中心多元又充满活力的群体,以及即将入住Alloy Block的人进行对话。 装置后的建设项目将由五栋建筑组成,包括住宅、商业、零售、教育和文化空间。 与此同时,开发商保护并修复了当地历史建筑,以及这座城市的第一座纯电式摩天大楼将由可再生资源提供动力。 Alloy Block第一阶段的建设正是纯电式大楼和纽约的第一所无源(太阳能)学校。

The range of colors in the installation speaks to the diverse and vibrant group that occupies Downtown Brooklyn, as well as those who will occupy the Alloy Block once complete. The development will be made up of five buildings including residential, commercial, retail, educational and cultural spaces. Historic buildings are being preserved and restored, and the city’s first all-electric skyscraper will be powered by renewable resources. The first phase of construction at the Alloy Block represents the all-electric tower and New York City’s first passive house schools.


©Javier Alvarez


当地的合作伙伴,包括Roulette Intermedium、Mark Morris舞蹈团、Recovery House of Worship和Khalil Gibran国际学院,他们将会入驻Alloy Block。 这些团体参与了设计方案的审查,并参加了8月7日和8日举行的欢迎Bright Stripes进入市中心的活动。 来自布鲁克林音乐学校的老师和学生们还带来了街区派对风格的表演。

Local partners include the Roulette Intermedium, the Mark Morris Dance Group, the Recovery House of Worship and the Khalil Gibran International Academy, who will have a location at the Alloy Block. These groups were included in the review of the design proposal and participated in an event that welcomed Bright Strips to the Downtown area during the weekend of August 7&8. The block-party style was complete with performances by teachers and students from the Brooklyn Music School.


©Javier Alvarez
©Javier Alvarez
©Javier Alvarez

▼街区派对风格的表演  block-party style performances

▼公共区域渲染图  Renderings-Public area

▼建筑区域渲染图  Renderings-Construction area


▼建筑区域渲染图  Renderings-Construction area


项目名称:Bright Stripes
设计公司:Alloy Design, Taller KEN
图片来源:Javier Alvarez, Aryn Phillips

Project name:Bright Stripes
Architects: Alloy Design, Taller KEN
Area: 12000 ft²
Year: 2021
Photographs: Javier Alvarez, Aryn Phillips
Project location: Brooklyn, the USA



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