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犁墨景观设计关于花园的梦 Dreams about the garden


LISM Landscape Design:Creating a garden is actually a process of creating a dream. The first half of the dream is about the owner, experience or not, character or not, mixed and combined to form a dream concept, called “dream making”; the second half is called “building a dream”, is the implementation of the owner’s dream of the cocoon, to bring it to reality.




向故乡的告白 Confessions to my hometown




The owner shared with us that she grew up on this land, with the fields, ponds and woods that accompanied her through her childhood, and that she left this place at the age of 16 to work in the city, weathering the storms and reaching a certain level in her career. But whenever she encountered setbacks, she would temporarily leave the real world and return to this place where her dreams began to seek strength.

Unlike the sheltered forest in Kafka on the Shore, this land gave her exclusive tolerance and acceptance, and unlimited courage to beat the odds.

Inside and outside the words, we still strongly feel her carefully hidden dependence on and empathy for her hometown.


▽20年前的家(左)、10年前经过一次翻新的家(右)Home 20 years ago (left), home 10 years ago after a renovation (right)



In July 2022, we were honored to receive a commission from the owner to rebuild the old house and garden in her hometown, hoping that there would be a place more in line with her inner imagination – a romantic place full of art and flowers. After many times of communication, listening to the owner’s story of growth, life expectations and the future of the beautiful imagination, we read the light in the eyes of the owner, and began to have a plough and ink design and create together to write this dream home.


▽呈现后的家,在山林之中,犹如一个艺术品 After the presentation of the home, in the mountains, like a work of art.



艺术的启蒙,撒下了梦的种子 Artistic initiation, sowing the seeds of dreams.


The owner’s experience includes a love affair with art, which has inspired her artistic aesthetic. In her numerous descriptions of the garden, we are reminded of the works of post-impressionist painters, who expressed their emotions with characteristic brushstrokes, lines and colors. After each scene, she adds: “Don’t worry and think boldly, I prefer to be creative, and I found you because I want to see something different, more daring and creative”.


▽一些后印象派作品与业主构思的梦境不谋而合 Some of the post-impressionist works coincide with the owner’s conceptualization of the dreamscape



When we first arrived at the site, the building had already taken shape, with a very tense zigzag design language that stood out in the fields. From the outdoor space on the first floor to the distant view from the roof, the terraces have formed the most powerful and rich language of nature.




In the owner’s description, there are a lot of stories rich in romanticism, in our opinion, the source of the design comes from the main character’s strong love for the land, these feelings are soft and warm. Curve can represent this emotion, and it is also a natural brush, we hope to spread the natural veins of this landscape into the site, the trees, fields, ponds, mounds of grass will be remodeled in this soft way here. In the context of curves, the building uses the concept of “thousand paper cranes” to become a dazzling sculpture in the garden, moving in different landscapes and coexisting on the same piece of land.


▽土地的等高线在这个花园里交汇,形成梦境般的场景 The contours of the land meet in this garden, creating a dreamlike scene.


设计是还原梦境的过程 Design is the process of restoring a dream



We extracted scenes from the stories related to the site and reorganized them into a dream created by the owners.

Early in the morning in the countryside from time to time there will be a layer of dense fog, the owner will wake up early to see the fog dispersed, the sunrise slowly rising. She said she often watched the sunrise from this position since she was a child, and saw the sun slowly rise, coloring the pond golden. The outdoor dining room combines “watching the sunrise” with the owner’s favorite “wood-fired meals. The curvilinear structure of the dining room, with its large curved glass, allows the viewer to face the east and watch the sun rise while having breakfast. Not far in front of the dining room, a small water feature is outlined in curves, just like her childhood memories of seeing the sunlight pouring into the water from the same spot.


▽花园里的餐厅,朝阳时分用餐,每天从这里开始 Restaurant in the garden, dine at sunrise, start your day here!


▽朝阳将水景照得金黄,一如儿时的记忆 The sunrise illuminates the water feature in golden color, just like the memories of childhood.




In the middle of the house and the dining room, there is a hidden “cave”, where you can rest quietly after breakfast and listen to the sounds coming from the depths of the mountains. The “cave” is an extension of our imagination of the field, utilizing the difference in elevation, there is a small space hidden under the “field”, which is somewhat unintentionally childish. The opening of the cave is oriented to the east, and on a clear morning, the morning light shines into the cave in an unbiased manner, making for a beautiful scene.


▽一层层如同田坎,孩子们自由的玩耍 Layer by layer, like a field, the children play freely.


▽用完早餐可以在这里休息,感受和煦朝阳 After breakfast, you can rest here and feel the warm sunrise.




In the lazy afternoon, the owner likes to stroll in the garden, and find a place to rest when she is tired. The owner told us that in addition to fishing in the fish pond, she and her family would go down to the fish pond every summer to touch the fish, and then enjoy it together in the evening, which seems to have become a reserved program in the family. We have re-drawn the original fishpond, shaped it with fantastic curves, and set up a platform for fishing and resting, so that you can take a rest by the fishpond in the afternoon with the breeze as a quilt, which is very cozy.


▽在平台小憩,温柔的风吹拂在身上,无比惬意 Taking a nap on the platform, the gentle wind blowing on the body, very cozy!




My little daughter and her friends love the time in the treetops, and this tree house, which she has emphasized to her mother many times, is a gift from the owner to her little daughter. We added the concept of spacecraft to the tree house to fit the artistic temperament of the garden, so that the little daughter and her friends will spend their childhood traveling in the vastness of the universe!


▽孩子们的冒险从树屋开始吧!The children’s adventure begins in the tree house!


▽如同太空飞行器一般,说不定在某个夜晚悄悄飞上太空 Like a spacecraft, it may quietly fly into space one night.




In the evening, the atmosphere of the site is more mysterious and bewitching. The owner proudly told us that in the city is difficult to see the starry sky, in the countryside home is very common, they are dreamy, mysterious, rich in romanticism, she likes to look at the starry sky with her family and friends, whether it is childhood or now. The ground of the resting platform in front of the “cave”, built-in starry sky lights, like the reflection of the Milky Way, the flow of starlight, the ultimate romantic painting in the venue.


▽夜晚的迷离气质,仿佛梦境一般 The night’s misty temperament, as if in a dream world


▽与朋友在这里休息,如置身银河,极致浪漫 Resting with friends here, like being in the Milky Way, the ultimate romance!




In addition, the rooftop is a place closer to the sky. In keeping with the design language of the building, the terraced terraces face the sunrise, where you can enjoy the sunrise, the starry sky, and the wind blowing from the fields of your childhood.


▽层层看台如田野间 The tier of grandstands like a field


▽孩子们在“田坎”上看山川自然 Children in the “field” to see the mountains and rivers nature




In addition to the life scene, we also painted some art installations with the technique of earth art, highlighting the unique temperament in the unintentional details; from the ground pavement to the wall of the art wall, very tense, in the indoor can be seen at eye level, the art of the garden into the indoor atmosphere.


▽大地艺术装置熠熠生辉,为场地增加艺术氛围 Earth art installations shine, adding artistic atmosphere to the venue.


▽从地面“蔓延”而出艺术景墙,从室内极目可达 The art wall “spreads” from the ground, and can be seen from the interior.




For the feelings of the hometown, with the earth as the paper and the team as the pen, we will write her story for the owners. The stories of the past will be remembered and the stories of the future will be passed on. Throughout the design process, what impressed us most was the balsam camphor tree next to the tree house, which accompanied the owner’s growth, and has always guarded the land compared to the childhood friends scattered all over the place. We had different ideas around the tree, but in front of our little daughter’s tree house, all of our ideas were not as good as this one simple desire. The tree that has accompanied the owner since she was a child will continue to accompany her daughter as she grows up. This is a story that represents the country’s native land, symbolizing its roots and heritage, and it touches us immensely.


▽这棵香樟树陪伴业主长大后,将继续陪伴她的女儿长大 This balsam camphor tree accompanied the owner to grow up, and will continue to accompany her daughter to grow up!





When the renderings were presented to the owner one by one, we saw the emotion in the owner’s eyes once, as if we had just started to describe the dream.

So she said, “Well, we’ll work together to make it happen.



天马行空的想象,离不开扎实的落地能力 The imagination of the sky is inseparable from the solid ability of the ground.


1.全园流淌的曲线,高难度的实施工艺 Curves flowing throughout the park, difficult implementation process


The imagination of the sky, need stable landing ability, from the customized art scenes, installations, irrigation, lighting system, the overall implementation of the garden project, also by the Plough and Ink team – Plough and Ink to carry out the whole process of implementation, after half a year, we have selected some representative stories to share.

The design language of the whole park curve, including curve and surface two kinds of technology, is a big challenge to the construction technology. For the plane curve, due to the large slope of the original terrain, it is difficult to ensure the smoothness of the line and the construction cost through the method of planar alignment, so the drone-assisted calibration method is adopted; for the façade curve, the designers and engineers simulate the soft curves and surfaces through the basic tools and methods on the site, and then make the matching body, make corrections again and again, and finally carry out the construction of the large area.




In the case of a large number of curved surface modeling, the material also experienced many rounds of speculation, and a number of professional suppliers to cooperate with a variety of material advantages and disadvantages of the argument, such as art concrete, mosaics, steel, aluminum, GRC, etc., and finally a combination of various factors, the choice of easy to shape, easy to control the whole material of the washed stone, terrazzo, through the collocation of different colors of aggregates and slurry, to make the black and white and grey different tones, to make small walls and flower pools and floors; choose stainless steel forging process to create large-scale retaining walls and structures, to ensure that the sense of sculpture and art. Used to make small low wall flower pool and the ground; choose stainless steel forging process to create large-scale retaining walls and structures, to ensure the sense of sculpture and artistic sense.



2.树屋 Tree house


The tree house is based on the modern minimalist form and internal functional requirements, we consulted such as children’s play facilities, outdoor camping facilities, light steel villa and many other professional suppliers, and finally we will define the tree house as a sculpture device with artistic expression as the primary consideration, then according to the sculpture process for the refinement of the 3D printing and other means of highly reproducible design effects; and in the sculpture manufacturers do not specialize in decoration, lighting and air conditioning and other aspects of full discussion and research, so that the tree house becomes a sculpture device for artistic expression in the venue, but also to meet the children’s use of the scene device. In addition, the sculpture manufacturer is not good at decoration, lighting and air-conditioning, etc., to fully discuss and study, so that the tree house becomes a sculpture installation of artistic expression in the venue, but also to meet the children’s use of the scene of functional installations.



3.星空地面 Starry Ground


Starry sky floor should firstly be suitable for floor pavement, meet the strength, weather resistance, and secondly consider the light transmission, and need to meet the design effect of the starry sky. We try a large number of translucent real stone, translucent artificial stone, art glass and other materials for sampling tests, and demonstrate the feasibility of starlight, fiber optic lamp. After research, translucent stone can not meet the starry sky ground pattern effect on the selection board, artificial translucent stone outdoor weather resistance can not be guaranteed, glass anti-skid and explosion-proof are hidden problems. Finally, we try to imitate marble quartz tiles, weather resistance, strength and daytime visual effect is guaranteed, through the designer will be the starry sky pattern hand-drawn, through the accurate CNC openings, elevated ground, the arrangement of uniform and soft light source, so as to highly restore the design effect.



对未来的想象与延续 Imagining and perpetuating the future


At present, the garden has entered the stage of regular maintenance, we regularly return to the garden, and occasionally meet the owners who happen to be back to live. We can walk around the garden together and say a few words of greeting, just like old friends. We often see her taking photos of flowers, forests and sunrises in the garden and sharing them with her friends, sharing the good weather of the day.


▽业主在朋友圈分享的图片 Picture shared by the owner in the circle of friends



This is perhaps the thing that we, as gardeners, are most proud of.


▽石材+仿石砖星空地面(左)&穿孔不锈钢(中)&水磨石+微水泥(右) Stone + imitation stone tile starry floor (left) & perforated stainless steel (middle) & terrazzo + Microcement (right)

▽不锈钢喷漆+艺术石材古木纹(左)&不锈钢(中)&蓝花楹(右)Stainless steel paint + Art Stone antique wood grain (left) & Stainless Steel (middle) & Jacaranda (right)




Project name: Chongqing Private Garden
Area: 3000 square meters
Landscape design: LISM Design
Landscape construction:LISM Construct
Architectural design: Crown original
Construction: Li Hongping
Hardcover design: back image space design
Soft design: Hussen Design
Photography: Holi Studio




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