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WTD:  Walking along the road in the misty Metasequoia forest, Sudden showers intertwined with falling water, Spread a thicker rain and fog,Surrounded by mountains and rivers, mist and clouds. The sun shines through the clouds from the gaps in the woods, Like a foggy forest.




Auspicious clouds rise in the mist, and the curved water turns the green hills. This is the first impression of the surrounding mountains. Blessed with natural resources, it is less than 2 hours’ drive from the main city of Chongqing, making it a popular holiday destination in Chongqing and surrounding areas. Our project is close to the entrance of the four-sided mountain scenery, and the winding space enriches the experience and exploration characteristics.




Relying on the wild nature of the four-sided mountains and the surrounding mountains and forests, the project is positioned as a residential destination that combines ecological leisure and outdoor sports, creating a “national mountain sports town sample”, with microclimate environment, parent-child interaction space, natural holiday atmosphere, and exclusive Sports space attracts people. See the mountains and hear the valleys, experience the all-season mountain scenery in the wild nature, explore the mountains and forests, and make vacation life full of colorful fantasy.




As the experience center of the project, the landscape incorporates the nature and life of the surrounding mountains into this world, presenting the scene of living in the mountains. The original height difference of the site from low to high forms a winding and climbing line of people’s movement from the entrance to the sales department, and also creates a better basic condition for the landscape. Therefore, the design introduces typical geomorphic features such as rain and fog on all sides, red rocks, forests, and waterfalls, taking landscape as the theme, and extracting clues from hearing, exploring, seeking, encountering, knowing, enlightening, viewing and visiting to create a trip to the mountain.




The entrance is at the lowest point of the site. It is designed as a boulder lying on the hill, with clear springs flowing on the stone and straight trees beside it, which not only avoids the sight, but also attracts people to explore. Go deep into the stream and hear the sound, the mist is transpiring, and the mountains and forests are full of vitality. This is our understanding of entering the mountain, and it is also how the mountain welcomes people.




Along the mountains and forests, accompanied by the sound of water, strolling on winding bridges. Through this forest, the field of vision changes from opening to closing. Go through a narrow passage and enter the semi-open promenade. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows of the promenade, the view opens up again.




An open lawn area with a width of 100m in the horizontal direction and a surface width of 200m in the vertical direction enters the eyes, and the field of vision is unobstructed. Under the open natural framed scenery, the towering mountains and the waterfalls in the valleys are like a line, flying hundreds of feet, which is reminiscent of Fan Kuan’s “Traveling in Streams and Mountains” in the Northern Song Dynasty.




The waterfall translated from Simianshanwangxiangtai Waterfall and Danxia Rock Wall seems to be right in front of you, flowing over the eaves of the building, and the flowing water from top to bottom brings the secret forest of “stream from the forest”, a piece of landscape Yunyan. The walls of the gorge are like cascading rocks, the waterfalls are decorated with stones, and the static landscape also has a dynamic breakthrough.


▼瀑布的灵感来自于《溪山旅行图》   The inspiration for the waterfall comes from the Xishan Travel Map.



The open lawn center serves as a compound activity venue. Due to the elevation difference, a natural theater is formed at the top of the lawn, which can meet people’s different social and activity needs here. The fun life in the mountains and wilds is shown to the full in this small world. People return to the mountains here, to find the fit between man and nature, and to find the original childishness. With children’s adventure spirit, watch the mountains and listen to the water and dance hills.




To the west is a winding stone path, where you can experience the nature of the mountains and forests. Going up along the mountain path, the pine trees are adorned with light and shadows, the dry creek leaves traces of water, the flower borders are colorful, and they climb up the stone stairs.




The funnel courtyard between the forest and the valley gives people occasional rest and increases the interaction of the site. Listening to the wind and rain, listening to the echo of nature, or sitting and watching the landscape and putting yourself in the painting are all interesting experiences. Grass hills, theater, Danxia, ​​and waterfalls constitute a complete foreground, middle and distant view for the picture.




Walking along the path to the end is the highest building. Due to the high terrain, pedestrians need to cross a flight of stairs to reach it. Here, the design transforms the staircase into a relatively semi-open cave sky, and the light and shadow change accordingly, rotating different wooden squares, as if there is light, slowly moving up, the light and shadow change, and the pool bottom cave sky. This is the expectation for the suddenly enlightened top of the mountains and rivers, and it is also the last part of the pilgrimage to the mountains.




Due to the bottom-up height difference, the site can form a multi-level and rich landscape walking experience, introducing nature into the space, showing a “traveling picture of streams and mountains” in our hearts, a three-dimensional landscape composition. See the mountains and hear the valleys, explore the mountains and forests, live in the mountains, and be in a painting environment. Looking for a mountain and river, living in seclusion among the forest, pursuing the poetic and aesthetic true meaning of life.





设计团队:杨灿 李婉婷 吴春 戴甘霖 李文翔 蔡雪莲 童征 李超 周祖鹏 张书桢 兰明姝 宋照兵 刘洁 姚淞骅
业主方设计管理团队:聂利 何莉莉 黄传凯 曾岑 陈德川

Project Name: Chongqing Sunac•Jingshan Moon
Owner: Chongqing Sunac Jinnan Real Estate Brokerage Company
Landscape area: 28000㎡
Project address: Siping Town, Jiangjin District, Chongqing
Landscape Design:WTD
Design team: Yang Can, Li Wanting, Wu Chun, Dai Ganlin, Li Wenxiang, Cai Xuelian, Tong Zheng, Li Chao, Zhou Zupeng, Zhang Shuzhen, Lan Mingshu, Song Zhaobing, Liu Jie, Yao Songhua
Owner’s design management team: Nie Li, He Lili, Huang Chuankai, Zeng Cen, Chen Dechuan
Architectural design: Chongqing Changsha Anji Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Chongqing Tongqi Garden Co., Ltd.
Completion time: 2020
Photography: Xueer Space Photography (unless otherwise specified)


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