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图石设计设计陈述 Design Statement


ToThree: Aranya Mountain Resort relies on a national geological park where people could feel natural spirituality, return to the simple life, enjoy freedom, tranquility, and relaxation.


©aranya wulingshan



Mountains are the result of geological movements. The diversified geological forms that show on the surface of mountain rocks is the deepest feeling that leaved by mountain residence. In the signage design of aranya mountain resort, designers choose the rocks from all over the mountain. Through rubbing, the mottled texture of rocks is repeated in the environment of the mountain resort in a pictorial way. This echoes the desire for nature for people from urban.




The simple and restrained design form, weather-resistant materials and techniques contrast and collide with the surrounding environment, set off the nature with a simple and cold attitude and integrate with the environment. It looks like located here for years and shows the beauty of time with silence.




The Aranya Wuling Mountain signage project connects nature and expresses a quiet, rustic design, which also impressed the judges of the 2024 German iF Design Award, earning it the 2024 iF Design Award. Through the five aspects of questioning and answering in the iF Design Award review criteria, let’s discuss the understanding and thoughts on the signage design for Aranya Wuling Mountain by the ToThree Design team.



Idea 想法



Why is it relevant? Fit for purpose: Why is the idea appropriate?

People who live in the city can feel the natural spirituality in the aranya Mountain Resort, return to the true life of simplicity, and enjoy freedom and peace, relaxation and calm.




The sign is designed in the way of rubbing which established the connection with the surrounding mountains. The integration of nature and modern design makes it look like a nature gift although it is an artificial work.



Form 形式



Aesthetics: Why does it look the way it does?
Emotional appeal: How does it engage the user?
Execution: How is it made?

The rocks in nature have rich natural texture. Different texture effects are born in each different place. These textures are extracted by rubbing and been merged into the modern design the mountain resort and established the connection with nature.




Human beings need the comfort from nature. Although it is a modern vacation environment, through the processing of metal materials, signs became the medium of nature, so that the public can still feel the beauty of nature in modern design and experience relaxation and peace from nature.




The texture of the surrounding rocks is collected by rubbing and then converted intometal plates. The oxidation during processing will turn the metal plates into grey, which is similar to the colors and shades of the rocks.


▽以拓印的方式采集自然山石肌理 The natural rock texture is collected by means of rubbing





Usability: Why can it be used with ease?
Efficiency: Why does it work well?
User benefit: How does it serve the user?

The white information forms a clear contrast with the dark gray back plate, and accurately conveys the wayfinding information in the resort. The discrete layout architecture determines that the building number is the most important information content in the resort. After analysis and sorting, the only building number is appeared in the direction sign will help people to make decisions in the most efficient way to find their destination.




Aside from providing information, the natural and rustic visual characteristics of signs also provides more emotional value, evoking people to feel the beauty of nature and the simplicity of life. These textures obtained from the mountains also inspire people to go for hiking and explore the unknown.






Innovation: Why is it new?
Brand differentiation: How does it support the brand?

The signs with the texture been rubbed from nature provides a rich expression. Each of them is different. They reflect nature in a simple and cold attitude and integrate with the environment.


▽Univers作为阿那亚的品牌字体,以不同的尺度介入环境,提供环境信息的确认 Univers, as the brand font of Aranya, intervenes in the environment at different scales and provides confirmation of environmental information.



The simple and restrained design is incorporated with natural language, conveying a sense of relaxation and peace, freedom and tranquility and pay attention to inner heart and true nature.“aranya” comes from Sanskrit. The original intention was “the quiet place on earth and to find inner self.” The sign design state is inherited from the spirit of aranya’s brand spirit, which is a complete manifestation of the brand spirit.,resonating with Aranya’s brand values: “Quality simplicity, restrained abundance.”






Impact. Social benefit: How does it serve society?
Sustainability: Why is it sustainable?

The way of rubbing rocks from surrounding mountain established the connection with nature and presented the beauty of silent years in environment. This way of design method explores how signs should connect with nature in the modern resort where the environment is relaxed.




The metal material used in the sign design is stable, strong, and durable. It has strong weather resistance in outside. It can adapt to the relatively complex weather changes in the mountains and can be used for a long time in the environment. Even if it is recycled in the future, it is a mature material that can be fully recycled. As a simple and restrained design, the material language is single, which makes it convenient to process. These constitute the consideration for sustainability.



后记 Postscript


Aranya Wuling Mountain continues to be developed, and in the future, this vast mountainous area will see more high-quality holiday residences, unique spiritual buildings, and creative brands gradually taking shape.ToThree Design will continue to follow up on the environmental information design for Aranya Wuling Mountain, collectively constructing an anticipated mountainous living experience.


▽正在建设中的阿那亚·雾灵山眼石汤泉 Aranya Wuling Mountain Eye Stone Hot Spring is under construction


▽正在建设中的阿那亚·雾灵山山居二期 The second phase of Aranya Wulingshan Mountain Residence under construction





Project: Aranya Wuling Mountain
Location: Chengde, Hebei Province
Client: Aranya
Design Management: Ma Yin, Yu Jing, Zhao Kun, Song Zijian, Su Sa,Li Bing
Design Unit: ToThree Design
Design Team: He Yang, Su Wu, Liu Wenbo, Zhang Rui, Zhang Peinan, Zhang Linna, Jiang Xuhui, Huang Qi, Wang Songliang, Li Pengfei
Construction Unit: JunyiRongchuang logo
Other majors: Verse Design, Z’scape, Horizon & Atomesphere Landscape
Photography: He Yang, Zhang Peinan
Image Editing: Huang Zixiao




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