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Antao Group: From a small fishing village to a world-class tourist city, Sanya has neglected the symbiotic relationship between water and the city in the process of rapid economic development and rapid population accumulation, resulting in serious ecological pollution. The city’s “return” is far more urgent than people think.




In order to actively respond to and promote the overall ecological management of the Haitang River in Sanya, China Resources launched the Haitang River Comprehensive Treatment Project Starting Area Project to create a forest ecological environment and restore a model of local tropical habitat. Based on the particularity of the site, AECOM integrated the cultural elements of the Li nationality with the ecological environment of the site in the landscape planning scheme to build a natural exploration paradise that combines the experience of the Li nationality folk culture and the vitality of wild nature and ecology. On this basis, antao·AHA further refined the four themes of basic necessities, food, housing and transportation in Li culture, and transformed it into a parent-child destination that integrates into the natural ecological scene and entertains.



在三亚雨林寻找黎族印记 Looking for the imprint of the Li nationality in Sanya Rainforest


In the boat house, Li Aba is sitting on the ground, weaving Li brocade. After crossing the warp and weft threads, her hands are flying up and down, and the weaving techniques are dazzling.


▽黎族传统习俗 The traditional custom of the Li nationality





Weaving Li brocade, singing Li songs, dancing bamboo poles, mellow mountain orchid wine, fragrant Li family bamboo tube rice… Li people still stick to the simple traditional customs and tell the endless moving stories of this nation.

How to protect, inherit and carry forward these national cultures that have accumulated for thousands of years, and integrate them with Sanya’s local ecological restoration? We extract the ancient and mysterious totem culture of the Li nationality, and translate it into a natural interactive play paradise that can be approached and explored, so that more people can learn about the traditional culture of the Li nationality through entertainment and education.


▽黎族图案提取 Li pattern extraction

▽符号转译 symbol translation



While experiencing the Li culture, this nature Discovery park gives all children the opportunity to explore and have fun in a beautiful natural environment. We hope that such a paradise will allow more children and families to regain the exploration and love of nature and culture.



回到三亚原生自然 感受黎族文化之美 Back to Sanya Native Nature, Feel the beauty of Li culture


Sanya Haitang River Comprehensive Treatment Project Starting Area is located in Sanya Haitang landmark building opposite Atlantis Hotel, unique geographical location makes this land full of wild interest and pro-nature.


▽华润三亚海棠河生态公园/地处亚特兰蒂斯酒店对面 China Resources Sanya Haitang River Ecological Park / Opposite Atlantis Hotel



The park venues are divided into Li Brocade Paradise, Tidal Sand Bay, Farming Paradise, and Dock Paradise. The cultural elements of the Li nationality are extracted from the basic necessities of life of the Li people, and presented artistically with light ecological intervention.





Extract elements from the traditional brocade weaving,Transformed into different forms of space and rich climbing types,Scenes that form complex functions—sports, rest and social interaction.




Li brocade, with a long history of more than 3,000 years, is one of the oldest cotton textile embroidery techniques in China and even in the world. In October 2009, it was included in the “list of intangible cultural heritage in urgent need of protection” by UNESCO.




We combine the different states of Lijin with play methods in Lijin Paradise, so that national culture and traditional crafts can be reborn in a more intimate manner.





Lotus stalks, lotus pods, lotus leaves, lotus flowers, Build an interactive water world with artistic techniques, Create a wonderful space under the load in the natural scene, Let the children have endless fun playing in the water.




Playing with water is a child’s nature. When children play with water, their nature. is released, as if they are integrated with nature.




In Tidal Sand Bay, water flow plus interesting functional equipment form a theme-recognizable water play scene, allowing children to explore the sensory world through water spraying and interaction.





We want our children to be like birds,Roaming freely among the mountains,Tired of playing, curled up in a nest-like shelter,Embrace and breathe with nature.




Looking back on the long river of history, the wise ancestors of the Li nationality crossed the sea in canoes and came to Hainan. Since they had no houses to live in, they turned the boats upside down as roofs, and built characteristic boat-shaped houses with bamboo, wood and thatch. The boat-shaped house with simple and simple shape and natural soft curves has been used until now.




Dock Paradise, the unique shape is fascinating. We use the rattan and bamboo weaving technique of the Li nationality in the skin style of the equipment, inherit the traditional handicraft of the Li nationality, and establish a continuous shuttle path through the dock shape + corridor-style space play, forming a more scene-like play mode.





Tall “haystacks”,Form a relaxed and interesting shuttle avoidance space;The interactive sound installation simulates a small rice thresher…





Combining haystack elements, nature, ecosystem and biome characteristics are integrated with a variety of innovative children’s activity appliances to create a multi-sensory and multi-functional place.

There are tree stumps for children to jump up and down, as well as climbing nets connected to trees. Children can exercise their coordination and balance skills during play. In this farming and food paradise, children in the city can also touch the power of nature deep in the field through the five senses.




For children, such a natural and integrated playground can better promote children’s social interaction, emotion and physical health, and re-establish children’s connection with the natural environment and natural materials, and achieve the purpose of subtly acquiring ecological education during play .



结语 Epilogue


In Sanya Haitang River Ecological Park, we try to fully combine the value of play with the meaning of local culture and popular science. By telling stories and stimulating imagination, we expand the value of the playground to a new field of learning through play and subtle influence. The children’s natural playground in this mode is also becoming a new trend.





Project Name: China Resources Sanya Haitang River Ecological Park
Project Address: Intersection of Haitang North Road and Fengtang Road, Sanya
Design/completion time: 2022.9/2023.4
Owner unit: Sanya Runtou Investment Co., Ltd
Construction Unit: China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd
General Design Contractor: AECOM
Construction drawing deepening unit: Shenzhen Hanbo Design Co., Ltd
Paradise equipment design and implementation: antao·AHA
Photography: RIYE




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