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nomads.:Exculpatio是一个无声的展示和雕塑空间,同时在意大利威尼斯的Giardini della Marinaressa和位于瑞士比尔的Global R&D Cemex总部展示。该装置是欧洲文化中心在2022年威尼斯双年展期间策划的“个人结构”展览的一部分。

nomads.:Exculpatio by nomad. + Global R&D Cemex is a silent demonstration and a sculptural space simultaneously hosted at Giardini della Marinaressa in Venice, Italy and Global R&D Cemex Headquarters in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. It is part of the Exhibition “PERSONAL STRUCTURES”curated by the European Cultural Centre during the Venice Biennale 2022.


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This project is the materialization of a long conversation exploring the speech surrounding sustainability through concrete as a creative counterpart. Its versatility in the dialogue has maintained the attention on the tectonics of the process contributing to its chameleonic physicality.


▽Exculpatio过程结构 The tectonics of the process



After morphing and adapting to its environment since 2019, Exculpatio stands in Switzerland as two rectangular monoliths embracing the negative of nature. This void is created by the imprint of a tree trunk fossilized within two upright monumental concrete blocks fractured into eighty pixels. In Italy, Exculpatio presents its pixels in an ever-changing impromptu arrangement, which symbolically opens the conversation to the public and invites them to take action.



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项目的发展  Metamorphosis of the project 


Exculpatio has come to life over the past three years. At the initiation of the project’s journey in 2019, it empathized the need for a profound understanding of nature as the operating system of the planet: nature is not a space, so you can neither be in, nor out of it. This global realization is crucial in order to propose a truly sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable is an extremely perilous word as it has an implicit redeeming character that exonerates us and allows us to continue business as usual.





In 2020, “disruption” permeated the installation. The Human – nature dichotomy always crumbles once disruption bursts the construct collectively crafted to tolerate our ephemeral nature. This disconnection was highlighted in Exculpatio’s 2020 iteration. The project explored how the ways of nature have always unsettled humans because our minds dream with permanence, while natural systems express themselves through change, disruption, adaptation, and impermanence as tools of self-preservation.

Exculpatio evolved further during 2021 when the ongoing dialogue arrived to the root of the urgency behind our deliberations: Without nature, what? Lack of nature is the ultimate nothingness. It is an unsettling concept. Humanity can carry on with empty discourses, labels and communication gimmicks that exculpate us. In the meantime, the future becomes present and substantial action against climate change continues to be absent. What happens after nature’s resilience is not able to bring Earth back into a haven for life once again? A no-life-Earth is a suffocating idea, the absolute void.




In March 2022, another opportunity for iteration arrived. In a tribute to adaptation, Exculpatio embraced change and focused on a performance to articulate the installation’s dual essence as a demonstration and a sculptural space, as well as, its bilocation in Italy and Switzerland.




The 80 Pixels’ Performance has been a silent collective manifestation to bring awareness about the lack of substantial action against climate change: a crowdsourced transportation where individuals carried ultralight concrete pixels in a poetic pilgrimage across Venice from April 14 to April 17. As the pilgrims were simultaneously creating the first impromptu pixel arrangement in Venice, the pixels were being virtually assembled into two rectangular monoliths three meters high in Switzerland.



我们属于自然,也应行动起来 We belong here, let’s take action


In its final metamorphosis, Exculpatio transfers the conversation to the public presenting three dialogues: The absolute nothingness, the futility of demonizing one fragment of the whole, and digitalization as one more barrier between us and our natural essence. There is no doubt that we are sophisticated primates, however, we cannot live outside the rules of our operating system, nature. We belong here, let’s take action. Exculpatio encourages people to engage in the conversation and take action for meaningful change.


▽Exculpatio装置的三种形式 The three dialogues of Exculpatio




活动:2022年意大利威尼斯双年展 欧洲文化中心“个人结构”展览
展览策展人:欧洲文化中心(ECC)Palazzo Rossini. S. Marco, 4013, 30122 威尼斯,意大利
地点:意大利威尼斯的Giardini della Marinaressa和比尔的Global R&D Cemex总部
作者:Nomad Studio + Global R&D Cemex
尺寸:3 x 1.2 x 0.3 m
材料:Global R&D Cemex超轻混凝土
施工安装:Nomad Studio + Global R&D Cemex 以及志愿者
赞助商:Global R&D Cemex + Nomad Studio

图片来源:Almudena Cadalso & Global R&D Cemex,nomad studio

Project Name: Exculpatio
Event: European Cultural Centre Exhibition “PERSONAL STRUCTURES.” Biennale Arte 2022 in Venice, Italy
Exhibition’s Curator: European Cultural Centre (ECC). Palazzo Rossini. S. Marco, 4013, 30122 Venezia, Italy
Dates: April 23rd to November 27th
Location: Giardini della Marinaressa in Venice, Italy and Global R&D Cemex Headquarters in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland
Author: Nomad Studio + Global R&D CEMEX
Dimensions: 3 x 1.2 x 0.3 m
Materials: Ultralight Concrete by Global R&D CEMEX
Performance: 80Pixels, crowdsource transportation performance
Construction & Installation: Nomad Studio + Global R&D CEMEX + 40 pixels volunteers
Maintenance: ECC
Sponsor: Global R&D CEMEX + Nomad Studio

Images Sourcing: Images courtesy of Almudena Cadalso & Global R&D Cemex, © nomad studio




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