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GM Landscape Design: As the first project of Yanlord Land and Hongkong Land in Hangzhou, is a million-square-foot super development built with the logic of “city”, which brings together international schools, international hospitals, neighborhood centers, boutique hotels, commercial complexes, retirement facilities and international residential areas, and is a city dimensional It is a planning-level landscape project under the city dimension.




With the continuous development of land and the acceleration of China’s urbanization, we believe that “Hangzhou Bay Model” will become the norm of China’s real estate landscape in the future, and Guang Mu is fortunate to participate in and witness the growth of “her” from an ideal to a reality… …



湾居无界 Bay in the unbounded


The lobby serves as the entrance and the gray space for the transformation of public and private spheres.From here, the outside noise is filtered out and the private silence is guarded, creating a high-end resort feeling.


▼社区入口   Community portal



Linearity, simplicity and texture come together to create a transparent space that connects the water garden and the clubhouse, providing butler-like intimate service. On the other side of the sequence view wall is a large water space of 720㎡, where the blue sea tide comes along with the fresh breeze.


▼水院空间   Water courtyard space


云影听溪 Underneath to listen to the stream


The oversized water space is the first landscape area you see after walking out of the entrance lobby, which is the starting point of the landscape of “Hangzhou Bay ” and the intersection of two core landscape axes.


▼景观生活轴- 水景效果鸟瞰  Landscape life axis – waterscape effect bird’s eye view



The large water space of 720㎡ is divided into different functional areas: landscape corridor recreation area, cloud shadow path, viewing platform on the cloud, water-friendly platform, water play space, etc. to meet the water-friendly needs of different people.


▼夜景鸟瞰  At night have a bird’s eye view of



The outdoor living room is located at the end of a large water feature, forming the visual focal point of the space. The white loungers are configured to bring a relaxing experience of resort style, and the open view provides a panoramic view of the pool.


▼水景顶端的户外会客厅形成空间的视觉焦点   The outdoor meeting room at the top of the waterscape forms the visual focal point of the space

▼景观会客厅   Landscape meeting room

▼景观会客厅与水景夜景   Landscape reception room and waterscape night view

▼树池漂浮在平静的水面上   The tree pool floats on the still water



In order to minimize the disturbance of the water space to the main entrance, the road leading to the observation deck on the cloud is sunken, which carries the division of the large water space at the same time, and also brings the pleasure of walking underwater for the pedestrians.


▼局部鸟瞰   Local bird’s eye view

▼下沉步道划分水景空间   The sunken walkway divides the waterscape space



The end of the road is a “cloud” like cotton candy, which functions as a viewing platform between the pools of a large water space and also allows for some interactive water play. The overall shape is pure white and soft, thick without sharp corners full of security, in a romantic way of fairy tale style to tell everyone that the destination is here.


▼下沉步道通往云上观景台   The sunken walkway leads to the Cloudshang observation deck

▼云上观景台   Cloud viewing platform


景观生活轴 Landscape life axis


The landscape life axis is a “lively” landscape axis, you can find fun everywhere, the atmosphere is cheerful but keep quiet in a noisy neighborhood, a group of people or a person, can find a pleasant way of life.


▼效果鸟瞰   Effect of a bird’s eye view


林荫步道 Tree-lined trail


From the large water space extends both sides of the ornamental waterscape, dividing the boulevard into a master action line and a small-scale resting line, while also giving the place a park-like leisure atmosphere, with resting seats on both sides to create a living scene of returning home and resting under the forest.


▼鸟瞰  Have a bird’s eye view of



The orderly arrangement of landscape trees emphasizes the ritual of returning home. Strolling through the community, listening to the cicadas and the wind moving, makes the pace of returning home lighter.


▼树阵景观步道  Tree Array Landscape Trail

▼水景树池设计  Waterscape tree pool design



Wooden park chairs are installed on both sides of the avenue, so that people of all ages can enjoy this forest space in various ways, such as gossiping, reading, and relaxing. The whole avenue keep balance between action and silence, visible and accessible to each other, but not disturbing each other under the water landscape.


▼林下休闲空间  Leisure space under the forest

▼回望树阵景观步道空间  Looking back at the tree array landscape trail space


鲸乐园 The whale paradise


The boulevard is connected to a multi-functional event space designed with the theme of “whale”, which transforms from a “closed” landscape boulevard to an “open” event space, conveying that “a place to have fun is here”.


▼鸟瞰  Have a bird’s eye view of



The sunshine lawn is slowly stacked to form a small grass slope, and the upward lifting terrain guides the line of sight to follow, forming an enclosed space for the activity site. Here is an open “park”, whether stepping, sitting, running, lying, under the inclusion of soft grass, can be safe and easy to carry out.


▼草阶划分空间处理高差  Grass steps divide space to deal with height difference



The other half of the grassy slope is a counter-slope treatment where the children’s space is hidden, and the all-age activities serve as the main line to link all the activity scenes,and the laughter swims with the wind to gather(attract?) more people to come.


▼草坪是活动场地的延展空间  The lawn is the extension space of the activity area

▼利用地形高差设计儿童攀爬与滑梯  The children’s climbing and slide are designed by using the height difference of the terrain

▼儿童活动场地  Playground for children



The landscape overhead area is also part of [Whale Paradise], providing a place for owners to have weather-free activities and one of the classrooms of the community’s “4:30 Classroom”.


▼架空层设计延展的空间  The overhead layer is designed to extend the space


景观自然轴 Natural axis of landscape


The concept of living near the water is in line with the characteristics of slow life in Hangzhou. The natural axis of the landscape connects the artificial water system of the community with the natural water system of “Hangzhou Bay-riverine green space “. The large water space → artificial water system → natural water system forms a visual continuation of the urban open space and connects with the urban space through the sequence of water and greenery.


▼效果鸟瞰  Effect of a bird’s eye view

▼夜景鸟瞰  At night have a bird’s eye view of



The sense of undulating lines in the waterscape is taken from the flowing water of the Qiantang River, which is thick and thin, and sometimes there are lively jumping springs that playfully collide with each other, just like the endless gushing of the river.


▼层叠起伏的流线水景  A cascade of undulating streamline waterscape

▼折线的休闲归家步道  A recreational homecoming trail with broken lines



As the sun sinks in the west, lean on the riverfront viewing platform to enjoy the afterglow of the sunset, or drape yourself in the stars, sun and moon to sleep soundly with the scent of birds and flowers.


▼休闲观景平台  Leisure viewing platform


宅间花园 Home garden


In addition to the above-mentioned “river” gardens along the natural landscape axis, the community is also divided into three inter-house gardens with different functions, providing residents with more space for outdoor scenes.


▼效果鸟瞰  Effect of a bird’s eye view



Mini Golf Garden: A small community garden with both comfort and privacy created by plants, it has good privacy under the enclosure of plants,meets the needs of activities such as parent-child, mini-golf and light sports for the younger age group.




Reading garden: several blocks are divided in the garden, focusing on the comfortable forest reading feeling, and the free shape allows people to lie down, sit, lean, lie down, in their most comfortable way, and also meet the conditions of small-scale party activities.




Lawn Garden: The most multifunctional compound site among the four inter-house gardens, where there is a landscape corridor as an outdoor meeting room and a multifunctional landscape lawn to meet the demand for rainwater collection and also to undertake medium and large outdoor group activities, with a raised treatment along the periphery to lead the activity place to the riverfront interface, creating a visual linkage with the riverfront green space.


▼景观廊架夜景  Night view of landscape corridor frame

▼户外会客厅  Outdoor meeting room

▼下沉式多功能草坪  Sunken multifunctional lawn

▼滨江观景台  Riverside observation deck



The grass music festival, pet exchange, fireworks, picnic, movie night all kinds of activities, dress up this garden with splendid vitality, every space that belongs to “Hangzhou Bay ” can be used as a stage, when people and people meet here, happy stories will be passed on since.


▼社区活动  Community activities




景观面积:32370 ㎡
委托业主:仁恒置地& 香港置地

Landscape design: landscape of wide acres
Design Director: Wang Songsong
Design members: Shu Hang, Chen Yan, Yu Feilong, Fan Pengyu, Zhu Huijie, Mo Yesheng, Luo Chengling, Che Yiping, Liu Dexin, Wu Yeling, Zhang Qi, Pan Guo, Zhang Danlei, Zhang Nannan
Late team: Zhu Haiming, Wen Zhuo, Jiang Yan, Che Yiping, Zhou Lubin
Plant team: He Wenhong, Xu Lelin
Hydropower Structure: Tao Yi, Han Wei, Ren Li, Wang Junrui
Developer Team: Cao Zhouna, Wang Qimin, Hua Hao, Chen Yuqian
Landscape area: 32,370 square meters
Entrusted Landlord: Yanlord Land & Hong Kong Land
Photography: IAM Photography


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