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Astree space, pour our heart into creating a place with temperature.

In 2016, Shenyang company was incorporated, taking "simple growth and quality like a tree" as the traditional concept, and gradually divided into three business segments: space construction, children's fun tour and Astree garden. Subsequently, in 2018, the company registered in Beijing and established the brand [TREELET],which focusing on the research and development of unpowered fun playing equipment for children's field sketches. Over the years, the team has always been dominated by the landscape planning specialty and open to review members. In real estate, residential and commercial projects, the team has effectively understood the landscape layout, comprehensively arranged the needs of various categories, improved the decentralized status of supporting resources of downstream suppliers, reduced management costs, and provided customers with the whole process service from preliminary consultation to on-site cooperation.

Since its establishment, the company has served major brand real estate and established good and stable cooperative relations with Vanke, China Resources, Zhonghai, Xuhui, Zhongnan, Midea, China Merchants, country garden, Beijing Huayuan, Aoyuan, huaxiangnian, Jinke, Yuzhou and other real estate, which has been widely recognized and supported. 70% of the projects in 2020 come from long-term cooperative customers. With the pace of market demand, the company continues to expand new business, and the pet series products of [TREEGLE], a subsidiary of [TREELET], came into being. The team devoted itself to research and development and launched a series of pet training and playing equipment for commercial real estate demonstration areas, large areas and personal indoor and outdoor spaces. In the future development, the company will expand new fields, expand business scope and provide high-quality experience for different groups.