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JTL Studio, founded in Singapore in 2017 by the former director of Singapore AECOM and its main members, is an internationally renowned landscape design institution with a sound international design management system. At present, it has two offices in Singapore and chongqing. The Singapore office has a team of about 10 people, the chongqing office has a team of about 25 people, and the Bangkok office is in preparation. JTL Studio service including urban public space planning and design, senior residential landscape design, urban commercial complex landscape design, waterfront planning and landscape design, senior resort landscape planning and design. Since its inception, the company has been committed to creating high-quality landscape works with international vision.


JTL Studio currently has more than 25 professional designers, technicians and managers, and has provided high-quality landscape design services to many developers such as Longhu Real Estate, Sunac China, CR Land, Singapore Guo Hao, Times Real Estate, Dongyuan Real Estate, Shimao Real Estate, etc., all of which have received high praise from customers.