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 JTL 加特林:在地性的传承不仅强调着有关所处环境的景观、人文、以及风土习俗等因素,也成为了物质与精神层面上某种联系的必然纽带,晋风文化大院, 在岁月流淌的时间里,在层楼叠榭的空间里,经过岁月的洗涤与浸润,所呈现的表面质地,或庄重浑厚,或灵巧秀美,或因势而筑与景观融为一体。

JTL Studio:The inheritance of locality not only emphasizes the landscape, humanities, and customs of the environment but also becomes an inevitable link between the material and spiritual dimensions. The Jin cultural compound, in the time of the flow of the years, in the space of the stacked buildings and pavilions, washed and moisturized over the years, presents a context that is either dignified and thick, or ingenious and beautiful, or constructed in accordance with the topography of the landscape as a single entity.




Hidden by the Fen River, Taiyuan Crest Residence is a derivative attempt rooted in the JTL style on how to convey the original emotions of the land culture, to try a differentiated modern oriental lifestyle, and to link the city’s past and future. In terms of temperament, the Jin style garden is inherited and updated, translating it from the solemn and thick temperament to the modern and elegant oriental temperament.



文化转译的浸染延续 Immersion and continuity in cultural translation


柔和的灯光映衬下,空间呈现出一种致繁致简的美感,为人们带来宁静且愉悦的体验。冬日柔和的光芒,透过朦胧的树梢、倒映在石材墙面的复古韵味以及古铜与浅色青白石的肌理, 为空间增加一种灵动的情绪体验感知。

As the core of the space, the Water Court is joined to the corridor, forming the path nodes that migrate on both sides of the space. The design starts from the oriental aesthetics of living style, adopts simple and pure line language, combines different story heights design and the proportion and layer of different spaces, and brings a various sense of scale for human sight and psychology.

The soft lighting creates an aesthetic of simplicity and complexity in the space, bringing a peaceful and pleasant experience to visitors. The soft light in winter passes through the treetops, reflected in the vintage flavor of the stone walls and the surface texture of antique copper and green-white marbles, it adds a dynamic emotional experience to the perception of the space.


▽简约纯粹的线条语言,塑造不同层次的空间感受 The simple and pure line language shapes the space feeling at different levels



The overall color tone of customized installation lamps and lanterns is black and gold, the dramatic conflict of the urban color is shown with its elegant and dignified appearance, so that it can express elegance, dignity and power, highlighting the elegant atmosphere of the rest space.



一种东方神韵的形态 A form of oriental charm


When warm light meets autumn, elegance is reflected in the four seasons, space and time are intertwined, and the space is scattered with colors. The elegant and luxurious atmosphere fits with unique details, presenting the heaviness and nobility over the place. We hope that visitors can perceive good manners, sensibility, chastity, modesty and gentleness, reminding us of the unique oriental charm to this land.




The rich node design and coherent corridor space blur the boundaries between different functional spaces as well as internal and external environments, and at the same time inject details into the traffic flow, which makes the daily story particularly different as the thoughts gradually creep up. The mood of the visitors is changed from excitement to quietness, and the exquisite atmosphere is gradually extended.



空间的凝固性 The solidity of space

光与形态是一种凝固状态下,能够在现实世界中表达情绪的一种方式, 从材质的本身出发,发现空间更多的可能性,情绪的表达,时间的凝固,无尽的探索。

Light and patterns are a way to express emotions in the real world in a frozen state. Starting from the material itself, it can discover more possibilities of space, the expression of emotions, the freezing of time, and endless exploration.




The tranquil and warm atmosphere sweeps through every cell in the body, the dark natural stone and color tones of black and gold under the water feature are utilized as the main elements of the project, when you look up, these details bring up the emotional ups and downs and sense of satisfaction, it extends the spatial level from the senses.




Attention to detail is the core point of presenting spatial quality and in-depth design logic; in this residential project, we hope to deconstruct the traditional garden symbols of Taiyuan in terms of language, and for the detailed materials, we use luxury stone and handmade metal to strengthen the details of artistic craftsmanship, and in terms of space, the elegant atmosphere and the unique details fit each other to create a modern Jin-style cultural residence under the city’s prosperity.


▽极致的细节处理 Extreme detail handling



Listening to Zen across the water, plants and trees become ethereal objects, when all the elements are ready, including plants, structures, and lights, the thought of “guests could be invited in” is an exciting and moving moment.


▽舒适的场景氛围营造 Create a comfortable scene atmosphere



The color palette changes from subtle to deep, laying an aesthetic foundation for the project’s cultural context and creating a sense of serene luxury. The space is made to respond to the moody atmosphere of cultural nature but also has a sense of modern elegance.



内外生活的浸染,像是一种无形的切换 The immersion of inner and outer life is like an invisible switching


The delicate metal blocks as well as the various arrangements of the texture create a restrained and elegant aesthetic. The beauty of order and rhythm is constructed with light and shadow, which runs through each space and also creates the integrity and unity of the design language in the entire space.




The symbiosis of light and shadow becomes the most important formal language of the space, injecting the movement into the scene itself, the space presents a kind of aesthetics of complexity and simplicity under the soft lighting, bringing people a serene and pleasurable experience.




The light and shadow are painted in the white space, to add some unexpected, random and interesting nodes for the site, a kind of dynamic emotional experience is also added. A moment of rest, meditation to realize the changes of the sun and the moon, the natural time sequence, so that the body in space can be emptied, and immersed.



有机的秩序 The organic sequence



The sequence is a noun itself, with static landscape characteristics, but also an organic whole of constant change and movement. Arriving at the entrance, the oversized gate, the sequence of lampposts as guards, for guests to give a Jin-style compound with northern garden a solemn feeling.

In design thinking, light itself can be a manifest material, which should be presented as a visible object in the space, expressing the texture of the material itself through the materiality of light. The bumpy texture is the wall, its organic surface which is endowed with dynamic changes under the sunlight.




Overlaying the high-end living environment with a cultural heritage atmosphere so that the story can be traced. In the Taiyuan Crest Residence project, we also want to follow the design philosophy rooted in the fusion of the Orient and use this as the project’s basic style, the use of the spatial experience, material collocation, and the temperature of the color itself, shaping the oriental flavor. Organic lines and soft tones give a delicate, calm and proper spatial experience. Making the scenes more pure while the spaces are more quality.




Here, we build a dialog between people and water, a scene where nature and life blend. The tenderness and romance of light, the uprightness and softness of trees, the richness and extension of mountains, and the spirituality and quietness of water, all of these can be felt here.



摄影:E-ar TARS & 南西摄影

Project Name: Taiyuan Crest Residence
Project Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China
Client: CR Land North China Region
Landscape Design: JTL
Design Team: Liu Zhan, Han Jun, Han Mengjun, Pu Weilin, Tan Fei, Kang Xiaoyun, Chu Lingwei, Wu Dan, Shi Yabin
Architectural Design: Shanghai DiDong Architecture Design
Landscape Construction Unit: Shanghai Jingyu Landscape Construction Development Co., Ltd
Built: 2023.11
Photography: E-ar TARS & Nancy studio




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