China- Chongqing/Shanghai/Wuhan



WTD was founded in 2005 by Ms. Gao Jinghua and Ms. Li Hui, headquartered in Chongqing, and established a Shanghai branch in 2011.

After 16 years of development, WTD has grown into a mature design company with more than 200 people, and has a highly creative professional team. We believes that a truly outstanding design does not emphasize the designer's self-vision, but regards the original appearance of the field as the origin of the design. It does not preset a position, and mobilizes every active element by considering the texture and context of the land. , Let the vitality of the space flourish, let the landscape integrate with people, scenery and land, and grow organically. Therefore, designers have the responsibility to extract the grammatical structure relationship of traditional culture through unique and keen thinking, so that its spirit and artistic conception can be passed on endlessly.

The impression that WTD gives people is humane, warm and interesting. Over the past 16 years, we have gradually formed the values ​​of freedom, responsibility, fairness, and innovation through bit by bit exploration and growth, and become a respected company. WTD is an organic community of life, and we are moving towards The common goal and direction are used to exert strength, through the superposition of individual power to achieve a state of co-growth, which can create some higher-dimensional creativity that transcends the individual.