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WTD: Longtang Lake Park is located in Chongqing Lijia area, adjacent to Longhu Lijia Tianjie, which is rebuilt on behalf of Longhu Real Estate. The popularity and vitality of the park was relatively low before the renovation. Through the pre-project research, we summarize the current situation of the site as follows.


▽项目视频 video

▽改造后的公园夜景鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the renovated park at night



First, the accessibility of the park is poor, adjacent to two urban secondary roads, and the entrance is weak. Inside the park, a runway around the lake connects the main activity areas, the height difference between inside and outside is large, and the convenience degree is low; Second, the water area in the park accounts for 1/3 of the total area, but the hydrophilicity of the lake is weak, and the content of the activity is single. Water ornamental sight is not open, trestle bridge and other structures experience poor; Third, the park’s functional subdivisions lack of thematic, only to meet the basic needs of rest, lack of thematic features and activity space to attract people’s activity space. There are a number of landscape structures within the park, but the modeling and practicality is not strong, difficult to use and stay, the lack of game facilities, weak attraction for children. Based on the above status quo, the park has a small service area and weak spatial flexibility in spite of covering an area of 19 hectares. In this regard, we have targeted the following aspects of landscape renovation and upgrading.


▽公园改造前鸟瞰 Bird’s eye view of the park before renovation

▽左:主入口广场昭示性弱 ,右:内部仅一条滨河步道,缺乏主题特色与活动空间 Left: The main entrance square is weak, right: there is only one riverfront walk inside, lacking theme characteristics and activity space

▽龙塘湖驳岸硬化,公园亲水性很弱 Longtang Lake shore hardening, the park is very weak hydrophilic


Ⅰ.在原有竖向关系、功能关系之上,塑造出与周边公园差异化定位 Shape the differentiation from the neighboring parks on the basis of the original vertical and functional relationships.


In recent years, Lijia area with the city all the way to the north of the planning process ushered in more and more people to move in, but also has a stronger area of vitality and development support. Relying on the ecological base, within 12 square kilometers of Lijia, there are 9 large and small parks, most of which are built on mountains and water, mostly for ecological protection, wetlands, forests and other natural themes, and there is a lack of large-scale children’s amusement and interactive parks with the theme of parents and children in the area.


▽山地乐园+滑板乐园+趣味怪坡+戏水乐园 Mountain park + skateboard park + Fun slope + water park


▽山地公园圆环爬网周长约95m,上面爬网,下面秋千 Mountain park ring climbing net circumference of about 95m, above climbing net, below the swing


Ⅱ.近万平米山地特色儿童主题区,成为核心吸引力 Mountain-inspired children’s theme areas become the park’s core attraction


Longtang Lake Park emphasizes the interaction between people and the site to enhance the user’s sense of participation, and the most important system is the children’s activity area. Children’s play is concentrated in the north side and east side, the north side uses the height difference to form a fun hill beach park and fun shallow water park, the east side is the largest children’s play area, through the vibrant circle big climbing net, all kinds of fun swings, extra-long hill slides, exciting skateboarding park, huge circle theater and other children’s facilities, the wetland, hill, skateboarding the three major theme parks are linked into an exploration of the interesting play path.


▽滑板公园细部 Skate park details



Nearly 10,000 square meters of children’s space provides more opportunities and places for children to play outdoors, which becomes the core attraction of the park. Multi-dimensional featured play space and rich interactive scene experience enhance the stickiness of the crowd and greatly increase the vitality of the park.


▽趣味怪坡和儿童沙滩区 Fun slope and children’s beach area

▽戏水乐园 Water park


Ⅲ.增添空间功能类型,将公园服务半径扩大从社区扩大至城市级 Adding space types to expand the radius of park services from the neighborhood to the city level


The park is surrounded by high-density residential areas, but is only accessible through two entrances, the west and south plazas, making it inconvenient to enter and exit the park. We intervene at multiple points to improve the accessibility of the entrances in both planar and vertical directions, making the path to the park more convenient. By allowing the park landscape to extend organically into the community, it becomes the core recreational space of the surrounding neighborhoods.


▽主入口广场 Main entrance square



On top of the original functional structure of the park, the theme of each area is adjusted and upgraded to extend five major theme areas including beach play, wetland recreation, mountain sports, lakeside ring road, market cloud corridor, etc., and a lot of space is reserved to introduce various types of public art activities to create a comprehensive public space. Emphasis is placed on public participation to gather popularity and drive regional social and economic development.


▽在儿童玩耍功能以外,龙塘湖还囊括湿地休闲、滨湖环道等功能 In addition to the children’s play function, Longtang Lake also includes wetland recreation, lake ring road and other functions


Ⅳ.与商业联动,公园与商业脉络贯通 Linkage with commercial, park and commercial veins are connected


The north and south sides of Longtang Lake Park are commercial buildings, the north side is under construction, and the south side is only one street away from Chongqing Lijia Tianjie. We connect the park’s lakeside and pedestrian bridge lines directly to the businesses, so that the park landscape is closely connected to the businesses.


▽到了夜晚,桥体还有水秀夜景,东区为水秀主要观赏区域 At night, the bridge has a night view of the water show, and the eastern district is the main viewing area of the water show



The commercial space and atmosphere also extends to the interior of the park. We utilize the bridge that connects the north and south to create a continuous flow of people to guide the north and south businesses. The bridge is not open to traffic, but becomes the interface of commercial extension, and the kilometer-long path is given multi-functional attributes such as market, pedestrian, and ornamental. The bridge has a minimalist structure, with external decorations wrapping the bridge body, assuming the functions of a viewing platform for water curtain shows, festival parades and other activities, making it a transportation carrier that integrates a variety of functions. The park becomes a part of commerce, and there are scenes where commercial behavior occurs.


▽强化南北观赏区的观秀体验,整体营造出一个科技与艺术并存的水上世界 Strengthen the viewing experience of the north and south viewing areas, and create a water world where technology and art coexist as a whole


优化驳岸,增加栈道临水空间,提升景观亲水性 Optimize the barge, increase the waterfront space of the trestle, and enhance the hydrophilicity of the landscape


The water area of Longtang Reservoir is more than 50,000m2, we retained the original ecological wetland function of the lake and upgraded it, such as purifying the water, upgrading the plant regularity, optimizing the barge, and extending the wooden platform trestle to the water surface to enhance the hydrophilicity of the landscape.




The plant design retains the thousands of fine status quo large and small arborvitae trees in the old park to continue the memory of the site and at the same time establishes a functional site that is compatible with the leisure needs of modern people. With open water surface, ecological barge formed by sloping aquatic plants, and rich trees, this small ecological environment also accommodates the harmonious symbiosis between the city and nature.


▽原有的植物绿化基底较好,保有大小乔木约1000余株,主要品种为水杉,红叶李,黄桷树,樱花,蓝花楹,香樟等 The original plant greening base is better, with about 1000 trees, the main varieties are metasoia, red leaf plum, Ficus Virens, cherry blossom, jacaranda, camphor and so on




After remodeling, Longtang Lake Park becomes an open, three-dimensional, ecological, multi-dimensional, comprehensive city park with a parent-child theme. The public flows from the residential area to the park, which also brings popularity to the business, and the shopping center connects the park wandering to build a new consumption and leisure scene.

Since its completion this summer, it has quickly become a popular destination on major social media, and has once again validated the importance of addressing the public’s core needs and pain points for design. Longtang Lake Park solves the problem of old park structure and single function, creates new functional venues and activity possibilities, and realizes the social benefits and public value shared by all.


▽龙塘湖公园在小红书成重庆热门推荐地 Longtang Lake Park in the small red book into Chongqing popular recommended places



设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 田乐 侯茂江 王璐 李丹丹 金凤 何美松 魏琳峰 潘宇杰 陈奥男 李理 李超 石雪婷 曹燕 张书贞 於文鑫 宋照兵 吴永攀

Project Name: Chongqing Longtang Lake Park
Address: Yubei District, Chongqing
Owner: Longfor Chongqing
Landscape Design: WTD GROUP
Design Team:
LiHui,LiYansa,TianLe,HouMaojiang ,WangLu,LiDandan, JinFeng,HeMeisong, Wei Linfeng,PanYujie, ChenAonan, ,LiLi,LiChao, ShiXueting,CaoYan, ZhangShuzhen, YuWenxin, SongZhaobing,WuYongpan
Landscape area: 191122㎡
Completion time: 2023.8
Photography: PRISM photography




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