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WTD:  Nianxia Art Center is a contemporary art venue that blends traditional and modern aesthetics, based on the artistic heritage of Dongnanup, the ancient city of Datong, and continues the concept of organic urban renewal of Dongnanup, which is to “protect, utilize, and revitalize”.


▽念夏艺术中心与大同太平楼一街之隔 Nien Hsia Art Center is one block away from Taiping Building in Datong.



It is located in the northernmost part of the southeastern corner of the ancient city, a semi-open street corner interface, and one of the landmark buildings in Datong ancient city, Taiping Building, across the street. The landscape space consists of three areas: the entrance square, the alleyway behind the building, and the roof of the building. When a modern art building faces a traditional loft building, the dialog between the two is the focus of the designers in this project.


▽冬日雪景 Winter Snow Scene



The entrance is an irregular city corner that wraps inward and opens outward in an arc. In terms of plan composition, the designer abandons the square pattern commonly used in the traditional space of the ancient city, and instead extends the arc inward from the boundary, outlining a more inclusive and energetic entrance plaza with smooth lines.In terms of spatial form, inspired by the natural mountains and rivers of Datong, the designer extracted the lines of the mountains to simulate the ups and downs of the earth’s mountains and rivers.


▽向上延伸的地翘结构 Upwardly extended ground warp structure



The rising angle of the structure is the same as that of the top of the Taiping Building on the opposite side of the street, which is also a tribute and echo of the traditional architecture. The curvature, volume, and height of the uplifted structure need to be considered in conjunction with the overall volume of the entire art center to ensure integration with the surrounding environment, and the designer needs to make repeated calculations.




It is a multi-surface three-dimensional structure with gradual torsion from the plane to the façade, and the thickness and angle of the structure change with the morphology. Each step of the façade is unequal in height, and the height of the curved lines is constantly changing, making the structure extremely complex. The design needs to confirm each point from the three dimensions of horizontal, vertical, and vertical, fix the point and set the elevation, and then release the line according to the design drawings on site to clarify the precise position of each point.




The paving material chosen is a light yellow marble with natural texture and smooth lines, so that the material tone in the grey-toned space of the old city can be certain to jump out. In this way, a smooth landscape art construction can be realized. Walking under the forest, resting on the steps, interacting with the cascading waterfalls, participating in the theater, the undulating terrain enriches the space and generates a more energetic stage space at the same time.


▽大理石片的摆样调整 Pendulum adjustment of marble slices

▽流畅的构筑 Fluid construction

▽入口广场也是超高人气的公共空间 The entrance plaza is also a highly popular public space.



The back alley courtyard was originally a cramped alleyway between buildings, with the back façade of the building in the historical and cultural district on one side, and the floor-to-ceiling windows of the building looking out from the interior of the art gallery on the other, which in itself is a negative space difficult to utilize. The wall facade of the building on the historic district side still has more than one meter of exposed red bricks, which has an even more negative impact on the view of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the art gallery.


▽小巷道的冬季雪景 Winter snow on an alleyway



The designer utilized the staggered steps against the wall to eliminate the influence of the red bricks in the background, and at the same time added an outdoor relaxation area. The local color pattern of the steps is inspired by the Datong caldera scrolls, using rusted metal plates to express the hot caldera, and using the stacked steps to create a more exhibition space.


▽从建筑室内向外看是惬意舒适的景观画面 The view from the interior of the building is cozy and comfortable.



The roof of the first-floor building is also a negative space that would otherwise not be utilized. When one looks out from the second-floor terrace, one is very close to the roof of the first-floor building, and the view is obstructed and oppressive.


▽站在屋顶可观赏古城风貌 Enjoy the view of the old city from the rooftop.



However, standing on this roof, one can get an open view to appreciate the top space of Datong ancient city buildings. Therefore, in this area, the idea of the design is to transform the original closed conventional roof combined with the terrace into a social platform for people to participate in the view, using the sloping roof and arranging the steps to look at the terrace.


▽改造后的屋顶是一个可参与可观景的多功能空间 The remodeled roof is a multi-functional space for engagement and views



The illuminated glass installation on the grandstand will change different colors according to the sky color and light, reflecting the pink evening sunlight of Cosmos, and is also a bright and warm color in the grey building complex. Modernity and tradition collide, fashion and art combine, and an open, shared, free-growing, pioneering contemporary art landscape space is created.




设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 余治富 石桂霖 李淑君 周震宇 夏雪 李理 王玥 于红燕 宋照兵 胡小梅 张书桢 邓玲 庞虹宇 周芯宇 刘翔宇

Project Name: Nianxia Art Center, Dongnanyi, Datong
Project Address: Datong Ancient City, Shanxi
Owner: Huaxia Jianghong Holdings
Landscape Design: WTD GROUP
Design Team: Li Hui, Li Yansa, Yu Zhifu, Shi Guilin, Li Shujun, Xia Xue,Zhou Zhenyu, Li Li, Wang Yue, Yu Hongyan, Song Zhaobing, Hu Xiaomei, Zhang Shuzhen, Deng Ling, Pang Hongyu,Zhou Xinyu,Zhou Zhenyu,
Architectural Design: Chongqing Lianchuang Architectural Planning and Design Co.
Landscape Construction: Luzhou Hongmao Ancient Architecture and Landscape Team
Completion Time: 2023.05
Landscape area: 3216m²
Photography: Prism




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