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Z.S. Design is originated from Greentown and Bluetown Group. The founder, Ms. Yuan Xiaoyu, the main founder of Greentown's product system, joined Greentown Group in 2003 as the vice president of product design. In 2011, to serve to develop and construct projects more comprehensively and effectively, Z.S. Design was officially established under the initiative of Chairman Song Weiping, and the core team was born in the former Greentown Group Product Center.

The company's core values are designed returning to nature, serving the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people.

During the time in Greentown Group and after the establishment of the company, ZSD gained great experience of many high-quality projects and was the first to put forward and practice the concept of "integrated design" in China, which includes product positioning, special design, and key monitoring of the construction process and unified Planning, Architecture, interior, landscape, and other majors. The concept is expected to provide clients with professionalism and integrity of integrated service.

ZSD’s business scope focuses on urban comprehensive development projects and small-town projects. The business is divided into two major sections of design and design management. The design section includes planning, architecture, landscape, and interior design. According to the characteristics and requirements of the project, ZSD provides customized integrated design and management services for the project.

Many projects of ZSD have been published by well-known domestic and foreign media and professional magazines such as Archdaily, Domus, Times House, "New Architecture", etc. and won the Design Excellent Award of AIA, Design Excellent Award of IAI, Bronze Award of Most Influential Design Award of Hong Kong DFA, American Architecture Master Prize Winner, China Real Estate Design Award Excellence Award, etc.