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HWA安琦道尔:在秩序与朴实中,探索惊喜。“建筑不仅仅是一个问题的解决方案,更是一种情感的表达” ——路易斯·康

HWA: Surprises in Order and Simplicity. “Architecture is not only a solution to a problem but also an expression of feelings.” —— Louis Kahn



克制 | 情怀 Restraint | Feelings


Just like an open book, the building nestles snugly beside the water, with sunlight flooding into it from the slits in the arch roof. Textural traditional materials, concrete and archaic rustic stainless steel plates combine to express feelings in a rational and restrained way.



▼站得高,天空便不再有遮蔽 When you stand high, the sky will be no longer distant

▼楼梯细节 Stairs detail



Here is a ceremonial gravitational space, where time is carved to make the memorial more powerful.



▼细节处理 Detailed design


路易斯康问砖 : 你想成为什么?这里的红砖,层层叠叠每一寸肌理都散发着古拙的魅力。想象自己就是这其中的一块砖,穿越时间,静静的凝视,感受岁月静好。

“What do you want to become?” Louis Kahn asked the bricks. Red bricks stack up tier upon tier, forming simple but charming textures. Imagine you are one of these bricks, staring quietly through time, and experiencing the peaceful life.



▼细节设计 Detailed design


▼标识设计 Visual design



There is the fuchsia setting sun, the night breeze, the azure lake and the blue sky. Without noise and bothers, you can find the beauty of life and nature all around.



质朴 | 烟火 Simplicity | Slow Life


It is a place for children to have fun, for parents to relax themselves and have a cup of coffee, and for people to meet, chat and enjoy the happy slow life.




Here life and art are not opposite but blend seamlessly with each other.



▼夜幕降临,灯光点亮场地 After nightfall



When a city encounters rivers, there is always something to remember beyond time, like the pleasant scenery, and the changing rhythm that makes life interesting. Life by the lake is just like an endless play.



人人都可以在小镇时间里,畅想生活的无限可能 ,城市机能、自然、艺术、人文将在此交融相生。光影下的身姿与情绪碰撞,随心、随影、感悟,自然与生长的力量。

Feeling free in the time of the town, everyone can have a vision of life in the future. City, nature, art and culture will fuse together here. Postures and emotions collide under the light and shadow, allowing people to experience the power of nature and growth in their own way.



感知 | 延伸 Perception | Extension


The lines run across the sky and extend to the poetry of life, touching the inherent perception of people. As the night falls, the sun disappears at the end of the brook. There appears an image described in Wang Bo’s poem: “The sunlight shoots through the rosy clouds, and the autumn water is merged with the boundless sky into one hue.”




The building leaves an imprint on the sky, open and modest, calm and relaxing standing quietly at the corner.



戏剧 | 留白 Play | Blank


Natural earthworks, and poetic skyline form a silent measurement of time on the horizon. You can relax both body and mind and find the inner peace in the hustle and bustle of city life.




The future will blend all these fragments about ideal life to shape the unique memory of the city. Here many things are changing without being noticed.




景观设计:HWA 安琦道尔
景观面积:45000 ㎡
建成时间:2020 年 8 月
文字提供:HWA 安琦道尔

Client: OCT Hefei company
Design management team of client: OCT East China Group
Landscape design: HWA
Design team: Zou Zhangrong, Chen Jing, Huang Di, He Dan, Zhou Yutong, Rao Pinjin, Yan Jing, Cao Yaping, Yin Hua, Lu Ruting
Landscape area: 45,000㎡
Completion: August, 2020
Photos provided by: Anmu Photography, OCT Hefei company
Chinese text provided by: HWA


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