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S K U L L studio:该抽象的砖砌浮雕墙是过去已开发的公园项目的一部分,这面墙被创作者Matěj Hájek命名为“超能力墙”。该墙面采用了智能纳米涂层,具有分解排放物的能力,从而能够净化周围的空气。

S K U L L studio:The abstract brick relief referring to the original former development is part of the newly revitalised Husův park in the Čakovice district of Prague. The wall, titled a Superpower Wall by the author Matěj Hájek, is furnished with a smart nano-coating, which has the capacity to breakdown emissions and thereby clean the surrounding air.


▽Hussite革命纪念公园 The Hussite revolution park in Čakovice

©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten


这个位于cha kovice的Hussite革命纪念公园,历史上曾是一个傍湖而建的村庄绿地。在第一个捷克斯洛伐克共和国时期,这里的湖水被排干,该地区被改造成一个公园。在当时的建设调整过程中,湖边的房屋被拆除,部分残存的建筑屋顶和山墙直到2019-2020年重建这里之前仍然可见。

The site which is now home to the Hussite revolution park in Čakovice was historically the location of a village green with a lake. During the era of the First Czechoslovak Republic, the lake was drained and the area converted into a park. During the construction adjustments of that time, the houses that had lined the original lake were demolished. The remainders of the roof gables of these buildings were still visible until the recent reconstruction that took place in the years 2019-2020.


©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten


▽阵列种植的植物呈现出一种庄严的序列感 Plants present a solemn sense of sequence

©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten


公园的重建工作由Martina Forejtová领导的Land05景观工作室负责。S K U L L 工作室受邀参与公园南侧的围墙设计,最终完成了这座雕塑般的建筑纪念碑——一座尺度夸张的“超能力墙”砖砌浮雕。

The author of the reconstruction of the park was the landscaping studio Land05, headed by Martina Forejtová. S K U L L studio was invited to take part in the design of the perimeter wall on the southern edge of the park. The outcome is this sculptural-architectural monument – a brick relief, with a degree of hyperbole entitled Superpower Wall.


©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten


原来的村庄绿地经过改造后,坡屋顶的轮廓仍然刻在公园的围墙上。这些折叠倾斜的装饰性图案、具有节奏感的线条,是当前砖墙浮雕的基础形式,经典的砖结构砌筑技术也被用于该实用性的围墙设计。“超能力墙”的创作者,即来自 S K U L L工作室的雕塑家Matěj Hájek描述道:“这是对已不复存在的东西的纪念,尽管如此,它仍然曾在这个地方和历史中留下过印记。”

The theme of transformation is a fundamental idea of the realisation. After the conversion of the original village green, the contours of the gabled roofs remained inscribed in the perimeter walls of the park. The motif of these diagonal lines, sketches of time, is the basis for the current form of the brick wall – relief, where classic technology of the brick structure is taken to the very edge of practicability. “It’s a memento of what is no longer here, which nevertheless leaves its imprint on the place and time,” describes the author of Superpower Wall, the sculptor Matěj Hájek from S K U L L studio.


©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten


与传统的建筑材料不同,墙体采用了纳米技术的透明涂层,基于其不含化学物质和废弃物的光催化特性,它可以净化周围的空气。墙体表面浸涂有二氧化钛,能与紫外线一起产生作用,每年能在1平方米的表面上清除数公斤的有害物质。这项独特的技术由捷克J. Heyrovsk物理化学研究所的科学家开发。

In contrast with the traditional construction material, the wall is furnished with a nano-technological transparent coating, which thanks to its photocatalytic properties (without chemicals and waste substances) cleans the surrounding air. The surface of the wall is impregnated with titanium dioxide, which together with UV radiation is capable of liquidating up to several kilograms of harmful substances per year on a surface of 1 m2. The unique technology was developed by Czech scientists from the J. Heyrovský Institute of Physical Chemistry.


©Bet Orten



“The invisible plays a dual role here. On one hand there’s the nano-technological coating which depends on sunlight in order to function, and on the other is memory, fragments of recollections that exist only in our imagination. What is essential is not what we see, but precisely that which escapes our vision,” adds Hájek.


©Bet Orten
©Bet Orten



The brick relief wall is complemented in close proximity by a water feature designed by the XTOPIX studio, the dark surface of which is reminiscent in its colour of the bed of the former lake.


©Bet Orten


▽革命纪念公园总平图及南侧围墙设计示意 Master plan of  the Park and location of the wall

Courtesy of S K U L L studio


▽墙体设计构思草图 Concept sketch of the wall


▽墙体剖面图 Section of the wall

Courtesy of S K U L L studio




设计工作室:S K U L L studio
作者:Matěj Hájek
工作室地址:Na Maninách 22, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic
合著者:Helena Znamenaná

项目地点:Cukrovarská, Ke Stadionu, 196 00 Prague 9 – Čakovice
完成时间 : 2020年
建筑面积:17.8 平方米
地块面积:公园 8000 平方米
规模:39 x 0.45-0.66 x 3.4 m

客户:Municipal District of Prague-Čakovice
摄影师:Bet Orten,bet@skullstudio.net,www.betorten.com
水景:XTOPIX architects, www.xtopix.cz

Studio: S K U L L studio
Author: Matěj Hájek
Contact E-mail: katerina@skullstudio.net
Website: skullstudio.net
Social media: www.instagram.com/skull_studio_prague
Studio address: Na Maninách 22, 170 00 Prague 7, Czech Republic
Co-author: Helena Znamenaná

Project location: Cukrovarská, Ke Stadionu, 196 00 Prague 9 – Čakovice
Project country: Czech Republic
Project year: 2016 – 2018
Completion year : 2020
Built-up Area: 17,8 m²
Plot size: park 8000 m²
Dimensions: 39 x 0,45-0,66 x 3.4 m

Client: Municipal District of Prague-Čakovice
Photographer: Bet Orten, bet@skullstudio.net, www.betorten.com
Collaborator: Realisation: Brickwork, www.brickwork.cz
General designer: Land05, www.land05.cz
Water feature: XTOPIX architects, www.xtopix.cz




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