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New Territories:自从Roche公司的传奇式蜘蛛网屋揭幕以来,整整三十年过去了,巡查员和我几乎错过了这个地方,这当然是建筑师的初衷。我抚摸着我那台旧iPhone破碎的屏幕:“这座建筑的GPS坐标似乎被故意分配错误的,典型的”。 巡查员对我嗤之以鼻。我从照片上才知道这个地方,但不是从最近的照片上。

New Territories:Thirty long years had overpassed our rolling globe since the unveiling of Roche’s legendary web-house. The inspector and I almost missed the place, which was, of course, the architect’s original intention.I stroked the cracked screen of my vintage iPhone. “The GPS coordinates of this structure seem to have been deliberately mis-allocated.””Typical,” sniffed the inspector.I knew the place from photos, but not from recent ones.




The sturdy poles were moss-eaten, their guywires festooned with vines, and the trees on the site had grown huge. Given that the plastic mesh was integrated into the forest, the web-house was all parabolic arcs and delirious sagging. Much-stained by years of fallen foliage, the structure had the spotty look of forest camou. An army could have marched by it and never seen a thing. The inspector hefted her tricorder. “Aging plastics tend to offgas,” she sniffed.




我们好不容易才找到入口,进入了密密麻麻的织物迷宫。这种视觉效果简直无法形容,我将其归因于传统的建筑修辞的完全枯竭。“令人遗憾的是,在反恐战争的文化倒退时期,这种有远见的干预设计是非常罕见的。” 巡查员的脸色变了,因为英语不是她的第一语言。“更糟糕的是,监管环境严格又苛刻,以至于弗朗索瓦·罗奇(Francois Roche)不得不把他的巧妙设计伪装成概念艺术装置”。“我喜欢概念艺术,” 巡查员皱着眉头坚持说。太阳下山了,忠实的太阳能地球仪闪烁着。

Locating the entrance with difficulty, we entered the dense fabric maze. The visual effect was literally indescribable, a fact I attributed to the stark exhaustion of conventional architectural rhetoric. “Visionary interventions of this sort were sadly rare during the culturally retrograde epoch of the War on Terror.”The inspector’s face soured. English was not her first language.”Worse yet, the regulatory environment was so rigid and harsh that Francois Roche was forced to disguise his ingenious designs as ‘conceptual-art installations.'””I love conceptual art,” the inspector insisted, wincing.The sun was setting. Faithful solar-charged globes flicked on.



已故亿万富翁的财富一直都是虚拟的。他卖掉了原主人雅致的极简主义家具,换上了充气椅。他们的破衣烂衫遮满了每个房间,就像一滩滩褪色的嬉皮士蜡烛蜡。“这里看起来很‘弹出式’,”我告诉巡查员。“这是一个‘插件城市’。” 巡查员拂去她垫肩上的枯叶。“我想我闻到蝙蝠的味道了。”“拜托,你不能把蝙蝠和电子商务狂热分子混为一谈。” 巡查员检查了她的三分尺。“鸟粪会发出一种明确的光谱。” 她撅起嘴唇,用雷达喷嘴扫视着墙壁和地板。“至少结构构件仍然完好无损。”“所以你真的要让新买家住在这里?” 她生气了:“这不是我说了算的!我不是住房独裁者!我只是一个来自欧洲议会创意经济监管委员会(european parliament Commission for the Regulation of the Creative-Economy)遗产局(Heritage Bureau)的一名日常环境可持续性巡查员。”

The dead zillionaire’s wealth had always been entirely virtual. He’d sold off the original owner’s tastefully minimalist furniture and replaced it all with inflatable chairs. Their deflated rags draped every room, like discolored pools of hippie candle-wax.”It looks very ‘pop-up’ in here,” I told the inspector.”It’s very ‘plug-in city.'”The inspector brushed dead leaves from her padded shoulders. “I think I smell bats.””Come on, you can’t mix bats and e-commerce fanatics.”The inspector examined her tricorder. “That guano gives off a definite spectral emission.” She pursed her lips and scanned the walls and floors with her radar nozzle. “At least the structural members are still sound.””So you’re really gonna let the new buyer live here?”She took offense. “It is not up to me to declare that!I’m not a housing dictator! I’m just a simple, everyday Environmental Sustainability Inspector from the Heritage Bureau of the Euro-Parliamentary Commission for the Regulation of the Creative-Economy.”



我们从发光的迷宫中出来,面对着一个干涸的游泳池。“Tres J.G. Ballard” 我评论道,但巡查员对这些没有任何反应。原来的主人一直把这个地方保持得很好,但后来这个地方落入了那个臭名昭著的家伙的手中:一个叫诺瓦里斯·尼科(Novalis Nico)的家伙,他是“日内瓦的蜘蛛”,一个传奇的瑞士货币投机者。Nico已经在法国南部的森林里躲藏了多年,俯身看着他那台忙碌的笔记本电脑。这位隐居的大亨在不痴迷于收集高科技街头垃圾照片的时候,利用了数千个冒牌身份来歪曲投资博客上沸沸扬扬的谣言,因此,只要有一个黑客的诡计,Nico就可能让欧元失去控制。在这个巢穴里,他收获了20世纪人类做梦也想不到的大量电子财富。除了许多锈迹斑斑的卫星天线外,尼科的长期秘密出没对附近地区没有太大影响。

We emerged from the glowing labyrinth to confront a drained swimming pool. “Tres J.G. Ballard,” I remarked, but the inspector wasn’t having any of that.The original owner had kept the place in good shape, but then it had passed into the hands of the creature who made it notorious: one Novalis Nico, the “Spider of Geneva,” a legendary Swiss currency speculator. Nico had holed-up for years in these forests of southern France, hunched over his busy laptop. When not obsessively collecting glamour photos of high-tech street junk, the reclusive mogul used thousands of sock-puppet fake identities to pervert the seething rumors in investment weblogs.So, with one Fantomas – Mabuse stroke of hacker cunning, Nico could send the Euro spinning right out of control. Within this lair he had reaped heaps of electronic wealth beyond the dreams of 20th-century mankind.Except for the many rusting satellite dishes, Nico’s long, secretive haunt hadn’t much affected the vicinity.



我凝视着这位“日内瓦蜘蛛”度过他的一天,一星期,一年的光秃秃的牢房。人类花了四五年的时间才意识到这个家伙已经死了;他潜伏在这里取得了巨大的成功,他的自动交易系统给他带来了名副其实的奥萨马·本·拉登全球媒体品牌延伸。谁敢进入传说中的网络?有人敢吗?到现在有人敢吗?我把沉重的背包放在弯曲的楼梯上。“亲爱的,”我告诉她,“这是一个颂扬隐秘之爱的地方。” 布鲁斯·斯特林,2007年。

I gazed around the sleekly barren cells where the Spider had passed his days, weeks, years. It had taken four or five years for mankind to even realize the guy was dead; he’d lurked inside here with profound success, and his automated trading systems had given him veritable Osama bin Laden global-media brand-extension.Who had dared to penetrate the legendary web-house?Anybody? Until just now?I set my heavy backpack on the curving stairs. “Well darling,” I told her, “this is where we finally celebrate our secret love’’Bruce Stirling, 07.




▼基地平面  Site Plan▼三维建模  3D process


▼基地植物  Plants


▼场地模型  Model

▼效果图  Perspective


地点: 法国尼姆
项目年份: 2007年
建筑师: New-Territories / R&Sie(n)…
创意团队: Francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro avec Nicolas Green
承包商: Christian Hubert-Delisle
室内面积: 350 m²,
户外迷宫: 2000 m²
客户: Urbain和Elisabeth Souriau
成本: 80万€ (包括税收和费用)

Location: Nîmes, France
Project year: 2007
Architect: New-Territories / R&Sie(n)…
Creative team: François Roche, Stéphanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro avec Nicolas Green
Creative contractor: Christian Hubert-Delisle
Key dimensions: indoor 350 m²,
outdoor labyrinth 2000 m²
Client: Urbain and Elisabeth Souriau
Cost: 0.8 millions € (including tax and fees)


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