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UMS: ”Xi ”means sunshine full of growing power and a crystal clear energy in the morning. “ Lin ”implies the pen being held by mother nature, depicting the refreshing breeze, soft raindrops, and profile of light and shadow. Though the garden is small without huge mountains and rivers, bringing joy and happiness to dwellers by containing changes of warm sunlight and variable wind, light, and shadows in the landscape is possible.




The demonstration area of Yulansong is located in Dadong district, Liaoning, Shenyang with great accessibility. Even though the site is not close to the city core, the healthcare service and educational facilities are well equipped, which provides people a livable space. The landscape design of Yulansong follows the principle of healthy living with nature by combining the sequence of going back home in metropolis with seasonal changing community to create a symbiotic, shared, and co-healthy life opera in the future.


▼场地现状 Existing conditions of the site




Water comes from landscape paintings, flowing through mountains and then going into its terminus. Introducing mountains and rivers, hearing songbirds and spring to draw the resting place of hearts.

The design utilizes mountains, water, and forest to construct modern nature in the metropolis and convey a feeling of both alive and calm to people by following the waterway to go home, utilizing the forests as backyard and attempting to design based on natural principles to depict the tranquil life that only belongs to Yulansong in the city.


▼轴侧分析图 Axial analysis diagram


引卷 · 境由此生|Introduction · Emergence of artistic conception


The dialogue of mountains and rivers performs in the front yard with 200 square meters. Cascade here flows continually in circulation to greet guests. Mountain-like lines on the screen paintings introduce a pure spirit to the residences that allow dwellers to have a tranquil experience to go home. A mirror like a pond with a cascade is spread out in the front yard. Smooth texture and level of details collide here. No matter how noisy the outside is, people will be calm and pleased in here again. Gorgeous plants on water combine beautiful light, and artworks strengthen the deep and classic beauty of the site.


▼入口空间 Entrance space


闻泉· 潺水鸟鸣|Hearing Springs · Gentle flowing water with birdsong

无水不成园,中轴游廊以水流通,将自然灵气融于社区。镜面水池、叠水、涌泉..……多种水景形态轮番上演,满足居者亲水、近水的精神需求,营造大隐于市的舒适与静谧。界定空间的尺度度,有限的场地最大化利用了空间、游廊形成空间的“藏”,视线与动线结合的“露”, 展现了大气开敞的景观格局,又有精致细腻的情感描绘。水中不时有几处象征吉祥之意的飞鸟雕塑,或两两相伴,或几组成群,无一不张开双臂,似有欢迎业主归家之意,树影潺鸣,仿佛远离了都市喧哗的节奏,马上进入了潺潺流水的山谷。

As the saying goes, the design without water can not be called a garden. Water elements connect the central yard, which integrates the Reiki of nature into the community. Water with different forms, like a pond, cascade, and spring, performs sequentially. It can satisfy the dweller’s need of loving and being close to water, and create a comfortable and quiet space in a metropolis. Utilizing the limited space effectively is another feature of the design. The visiting corridor forms a “hidden” space, but walking along it allows surrounding views to manifest and people can appreciate them in changing positions. This makes the whole space not only open and decent but delicate at the same time. Some bird sculptures on the pond individually or in a group, spread wings that welcome residents to come home. Tree shadows, gently flowing water, and birdsong bring people to a natural valley that allows them to forget the noisy and fast pace of life in the city.


▼长廊水景空间 Promenade Waterscape Space

▼漂浮绿岛与艺术雕塑 Floating Green Island and Art Sculpture

▼长廊局部鸟瞰 Partial bird’s eye view of the promenade


寻山· 彩叶花径|Seeking mountains · Wandering paths with colored plants

中场组合的长廊通道与景墙将空间框起成一幅连续的画,既相互独立又彼此关联。空间格局中的自然石材与金属质感, 创造出独特质感和艺术肌理。在总体平静且克制的基调中,自成高雅悠然的生活空间。

The combination of a covered corridor and landscape walls in the middle yard make the space into continual paintings that are individual but interrelated. The natural stone and metal material in the spatial layout create a unique texture and artistic feeling. Elegant and carefree living space is formed in a calm and controlled design style.


▼长廊通道局部鸟瞰 A partial bird’s eye view of the corridor passage

▼长廊与景墙营造休闲生活空间 Long corridor and scenery wall create leisure living space

▼回望长廊雕塑 Looking back at the promenade sculpture

▼自然石材与金属质感, 创造出独特质感和艺术肌理 Natural stone and metal texture create a unique texture and artistic texture



Fine lines on the landscape wall on the left side are pure without extra decorations, shade trees with light and shadow enrich the layers of space and make the living experience relaxing and comfortable. On the right side, a flower border is designed that make residents feel like in the garden of forests. People can chat freely, do some meditation here.


▼错落的花池塑造空间层次感 Scattered flower ponds create a sense of spatial hierarchy

▼自然野奢的烂漫花境 The splendid flower border of natural wild luxury



Walking along the natural path with shade trees, an area with the function of guest greeting emerges in the eyesight. Featured vegetation and landscape stones are used here. The winding corridor at the end of the landscape axis forms a featured space. Additionally, two special landscape walls stand oppositely with light, which turns the site into a delicate artwork at dusk. Multi-layer landscape design allows residents to experience nature and culture better through visiting to appreciate the variable scenery.


▼静谧的林荫花境夜景 Quiet night view of the tree-lined flower border

▼恬静舒适的夜景氛围 Quiet and comfortable night view atmosphere

▼简洁的休闲坐凳与景墙植物的衔接融合 The concise leisure seat and the fusion of the plants on the scenery wall


陪伴· 童梦乐园|Company · A paradise with children dreams



A client-oriented design space with considered thoughts and can provide children an unlimited childhood are two goals that we pursue. The large playground with plastic cement paving, carefully chosen and safety facilities provide kids different experiences that allow their body develops evenly. An inviting space will be created where children can play freely and parents will feel more comfortable staying.

The sunflower playground in the west of the central axis is designed for younger children. The major color of paving is blue and green. The contrast colors of sunflower IP in the playground can not only make the whole space more amiable but dig the potential of children’s vision, stimulate cognition development and enhance the ability of memory.


▼向日葵主题乐园鸟瞰 Aerial view of Sunflower Theme Park

▼黄色向日葵IP与蓝绿色的碰撞,使场地空间更富亲和力 The collision of yellow sunflower IP and blue-green makes the space of the site more affinity



The cloud playground in the east of the central axis is designed for kids of all ages. Blue and pink are two major colors of paving. In the mild season, parents can play with children in the playground, which contains a rainbow pergola, cloud-like structure with holes, and multi-functional entertainment facilities.


▼云朵主题乐园 Cloud Theme Park

▼全龄悠活的儿童活动场地 Children’s activity venue for all ages


见鹿· 沉浸水庭|Encountering deer · Immersing in the waterscape of backyard


The backyard represents a high life quality that we pursued in the future. It seems to guide clients into a wonderful land in years to come. The shore with a focused deer sculpture and forests create a relaxing and tranquil atmosphere that contains a luxurious and calm smell, which allows clients to experience the satisfaction of the spiritual world and pursue a high quality of life.


▼鹿语水岸的后场空间 Backcourt Space of Luyu Waterfront

▼沐浴阳光,静享奢华的品质生活 Soak in the sun and enjoy the luxurious quality of life

▼静谧轻松的后场空间夜景 Quiet and relaxing night view of the backcourt space

▼夜景下的山石景观幕墙 Mountain and stone landscape curtain wall under the night scene



In the garden, light, and shadow consist of images being expected by individuals to see. All landscape elements within the amazing images are vigorous, which be brought into surroundings quietly. The image reminds visitors of a soft cloud, like a cotton candy floating in the sky in the summer afternoon, that could be flattened to be thin or rolled together to be thick.


▼展示区平面图 Floor plan of the exhibition area



室内设计:台山 山隐建筑 + 深圳 木田设计

Project Name: Yulan Song, Yulin Road, Shenyang
Location: Yulin Street, Dadong District, Shenyang City
Landscape area: 10,000 square meters
Completion time: 2021.06
Owner: Shenyang China Resources Land
Architectural design: Shanghai Didong Architectural Design Office Co., Ltd.
Curtain wall consultant: Shenyang Zhengxiang Decoration Design Co., Ltd.
Interior design: Taishan Shanyin Architecture + Shenzhen Mutian Design
Landscape design: Metropolis (Beijing) Planning and Design Consulting Co., Ltd.
Construction unit: Shenzhen Huachuang Garden Construction Co., Ltd.
Photography: ZOOM photography



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