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Astree Design Agency: Jiangdonglu Island project as Wanhua Real Estate’s first resort products, landscape base has a natural and smooth texture expression and rich plant collocation.




In the stage of landscape soft installation, we hope to further strengthen the feeling of this rainforest holiday and bring more quiet and artistic holiday atmosphere to this floating oasis.


▽软装点位布置轴测图 Soft point layout axonometric map

▽夜景鸟瞰 Aerial view


浅 屿 | 简 白  Asama · Clean Resume


In the dense and rich ecological background of the rainforest, we hope to create a visual level between the forest and the water through concise and pure design language, using minimalist lines and whiteness.


▽躺椅设计 White holiday recliner

▽白色的组合式度假躺椅 White holiday recliner



After screening, the Pillow series of VONDOM, a well-known furniture brand in Spain, became the most suitable choice. Its unique sense of volume, like independent islands in the natural resort scene, reshapes the spatial structure of line-plane-body; The brightening design also extends the use of the site, and further foil the evening holiday atmosphere.



林 岸  |  织 樵 Forest Creek Bank · Woven Woods


With the flat woven lines, Form a series of light home outline. Round and soft detail processing and light coffee color design, and smooth landscape echo, Giveing a person with woodcutter and stone reef association.


▽户外座椅设计 Outdoor seat design

▽与流线型的景观呼应融合 And streamline the landscape echo integration



The location of the site is adjacent to the pool area, providing a daily space for the owners to discuss and interact.




Based on this, Soft furnishings fit the site in line outline,Through the double woven belt around the way to replace the traditional soft cushion, It not only ensures comfortable sitting feeling, but also increases temporary storage function, which is easy to maintain later




A corner of the green plant is more like a secret garden at the end of the rainforest, where you want to spend a comfortable afternoon.


▽花园秋千 Garden swing



The water island, the color base is simple and fresh, soft decoration color contrast match, rich space color level and visual impact, the atmosphere is more enthusiasm and vitality.


▽色彩的碰撞,让场地更有活力 The collision of colors makes the site more dynamic


森 光 | 幻 镜 Mori Light Phantom Mirror



When Dundar passes through, light takes shape.

When the sun shines on the leaves, the plants get their color.


▽植物廊架设计 Plant gallery design



Leading to the corridor space of the residential area, the hanging device is refracted by the heavy metal mirror, which enhances the mysterious property of the space. At the same time, it also serves as a carrier to meet the needs of the plants above, so that the plants can be surrounded by 360°. Walking under the porch frame is like shuttling through the secret environment of tropical garden.


▽加工过程 Processing process




项目摄影:须然建筑摄影 邬涛

景观设计:奥雅成都公司 项目五组

Project name: Haikou Wanhua River east foot of the river island
Project type: large region and demonstration area landscape soft installation
Project entrusted by: HainanLuhua Business Travel Development Co., LTD
Chief Designer: Zhou Xingyu
Project photography: Xuran Architectural photography by Wu Tao

Landscape Design:Aoya Chengdu Company project Group 5
Landscape Construction: Sichuan Shuhan Ecological Environment Co., LTD. Hainan Branch




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