redland-scape :Ideo O2项目提供了令人惊叹的多维度立体氧气度假式设计,使其成为曼谷房地产市场上罕见的项目。主要设计特色包括一个700米长穿梭于树梢的架空有氧快速运动道,和空中回转漫步道,以及室外五人制足球场和3个连续的室外游泳池。

redland-scape :Ideo O2 project provides an amazing multi-dimensional and three-dimensional oxygen vacation design, making it a rare project in Bangkok’s real estate market. The main design features include a 700 – meter – long overhead aerobic fast track that shuttles through the treetops, and an air swing walk, as well as an outdoor five-player soccer field and three continuous outdoor swimming pools.




The integration of simulated lawns and paving makes the large area of the site look more loved ones, smart and lively. the ups and downs of the sports track and wooden walkways blend with each other, making the experience more rich and interesting. In the rest area of the revolving walk road, the wood-based simulated lawn is almost the best match for family members. The use of a large number of wash stones has made the design bolder and more attempts, whether it is used on irregular slopes or undulating ground.