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LISM LANDSCAPE DESIGNLongfor Landscape standards change from “five layers” to “five dimensions.” Under the consideration of a big picture like the development prospect of the whole land and the usage of natural resources to the details as small as the case that “the grass height over 10cm cannot appear to be more than 2 unit per square meter”, the team senses the nature from “Five Dimensions”, which are Ecology, Wellness, Interaction, Refining and Humanity. Basing on “Five Dimensions”, the design team utilized the mountain to establish landscape and directed water into the garden, imitating the nature in the demonstration area of Longfor · Jia Tianxia.




The project locates in the Longzhouwan District, Banan, Chongqing City. Banan lies in an ecological base along Yangtze River, echoing with the natural mountains and showing the power of dense forests and constant mountains. Corresponding with the order of nature, the establishment of the whole demonstration area is designed with the natural elements, mountains, forests and water, conforms to the laws of nature and fully enjoys the gift from the natural environment.





The appearance of the Mountains · Stars flame up the plain
The design extracts the mountain-shaped element with water falling in the front. A semi-transparent glass hanging behind the water with landscape painting in between to have the looming scene of mountain makes the backward landscape visible. With the dense forests, as the background, corresponding with the tree-shadow feature wall, the back landscape sublimes the natural landscape by a modern approach.


▼入口景墙效果图 Perspective of feature wall



Contrasting with the stone-like grey texture, the metal material is cut by shape, becoming an innovation of the entrance wall design and presenting the view of forest to the public. After deliberations, the design team finally chose the half-view trunk with spreading leaves to merge with the background woods. Lower shrubs in the front works in concert with the front landscape, providing the entrance layered textures and dynamic atmosphere.




The design uses curved lines to outline the winding of the water, like a stream running through the jungle. The white stone cap, the dark gray gravel, and the static pool with a black tone show the color’s gradual transitions, and enrich the entire image. The water surface reflects the beautiful flowers and the glowing sunset, making people feel like they can meet their souls here.




The elk sculpture in front of the entrance, with the blessing of auspiciousness and longevity, seems running from the woods. The elk standing along the stream composes a picture of fairyland.





Carol of the Wind · Woods accommodate sages
Two mountain gates frames the view of the forests to attract people. The plants on the sides welcome the guests to enter. The material of the mild-gray marble like tile of the mountain gate adds a sense of nobleness to the space, as well as elegance, immersing in the nature.




The landscape building bases on human, revealing the ingenuity from the details. Along the trail, guided by the Huajing lights, flowers blooms and the elk looms in the picture. Similarly, life always encounters surprises unintentionally.




The gently breeze sways over the secret garden path, as if the singing of a poet’s song. The sages love to recite poems in the shade of the trees. The sound passes through the forest and presents a picture that human beings be in harmony with nature.




Walking along the stone path and feeling the intertwining of city and nature, visitors can enter the central courtyard here to find out more dreamland becomes truth. The well-designed plant groups form tiny a landscape and reconcile regional microclimate. Color and shape, high and low, hiding and presenting, all unconsciously enhance the comfort of experience.





Merging of the Water · The Silent Garden
The two opposite banks stand a tree, facing each other and reflecting in the water and providing visitors a space to passing through freely.




When the light is projected from below, the sky-blue and transparent glass stones glittering on the bottom of the planting bed, seem like the gems falling from the sky. The large mirrored waterscape reflects the image of the building, visually stretching and extending the limited space to have an infinite feeling.




The elk sculpture with the blessing of auspiciousness and longevity appears in the courtyard again. The front landscape has such vivid sculptures while the background has the mosaics of elk groups passing through the woods. The water with the fog surrounding reflects the mosaics, creating a looming image. The design merges the natural image of the woods into the landscape.


▼马赛克设计图 Design drawing of feature wall



The design has never overlooked any small spaces. The landscape design continues till the narrow strip on the side of the sales office. The bamboo forests are partly dense and partly loose. The rockery stacks for multi-layers to imitate the mountains. The artistic waterfalls with fluid outlines add dynamic movement to the general landscape design. Therefore, with the indoor and outdoor space interacting with each other, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery landscape even inside the sales office.








Crafts · Materials

For the entire demonstration area, stone is used on neither the pavement nor the façades. The design team chose to use artificial stone bricks to guarantee the standard of quality as well as to fulfill the requirements of environmental protection.

The design takes full advantages of the site location, back against Tongluo Mountain and integrates the natural landscape. Through the site changing processes, the graceful curve meanders from a distance to the center of the field and brings the nature to the visitors, enriching their experience.

With the ingenious combination of prosperity and tranquility and the presentation of an ideal life, Longhu·Jiatianxia is not only a living territory that can be a prosperous place for body and a retreat for spirit, but also a beautiful life that everyone dreams about.

Landscape is the most direct and romantic expression of a place. Carrying Longhu’s 26-year-heart and creating a new 3.0 systematic landscape experience, the landscape has the most comfortable city distance with its back against the green hills. When the neon lights on, it is hidden in the city royally.


▼总平面图 Master Plan







项目设计 & 完成年份:2018年&2019年

Project name: Longfor Chongqing Jiatian
Client: Longfor Real Estate
Project address: Longzhouwan, Banan district, Chongqing, China
Year of project design & completion: 2018 & 2019
Design area: 37,000 square meters, the exhibition area of 6200 square meters
Design company: LISM Landscape Design
Design team: Wan Shan, Zhang Xiangsha, Liu Juan, Wang Jiawen, Zhang Xubin (concept design team); Feng Le, Jiang Qingpu, Zhang Dun, Huang Zhuyan, Li Bing (construction drawing team)
Architectural design: Challenge Design (concept design); Chongqing JiZhunFangZhong Architectural design co., LTD. (construction drawing design)
Landscape construction: Chongqing Jisheng landscape co., LTD
Hardcover design: PURE Design
Photography: Holi Landscape Photography


项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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