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DAOYUANWe have been thinking about what kind of existence is the regional landscape design. We hope that design is not only beautiful, but also can guide people’s way of life, think from the perspective of residents, and meet their spiritual and life needs.




After a large amount of research and deliberation in the early stage, Longhu Chunjiang Tianjing combines people’s traditional impression of Longhu with value promotion, creating a new sharing and inclusive community experience, and realizing rich space experience for future residents here.


▼区位分析图 Location analysis chart



The project is located in Binjiang Road, Banan District, Chongqing, with a first-line river view, convenient transportation, rich riverside resources and education resources.Starting from the river, city and water, the design intends to create a new community and living posture, realize the “sharing and integration” full age activity community, and derive a brand-new lifestyle in the diversified space.


▼项目平面图 Master Plan


有温度的入口 Temperature inlet


The entrance uses the simplest lines to outline the texture of the river. Combined with the water drop sketch with wave as the design element, the left side is decorated with a high-quality modeling pine, so that people returning home can open a multi-level imagination home space in the mutual contrast of soft and hard scenes.




We fully consider the care for the elderly and children at the entrance. In addition to making the whole area accessible, we also set up a waiting area at the elevator. The multi row floor glass window allows customers to clearly view the beautiful scenery outside the window while waiting for their family members and friends, so that customers can experience a comfortable home environment and feel at home.



精致的艺术轴线 Exquisite artistic axis


Entering the community, we can see a pleasant and wonderful scene in the forest. We abstracted the stream in the forest, combined with exquisite and romantic landscape sketch, and integrated into the plant group.




The space combination is changeable and the plants are free. It forms a picture of walking in still water, growing scenery step by step, singing swallows and warblers, and dancing trees.




The unique artistic Gallery in the distance looms in the clear green. When you walk to this place, you can enter the sunken leisure water bar in the gallery, surrounded by still water and surrounded by green. This is a comfortable and leisurely time in life, and it is also a poetic and romantic feeling for customers to experience when they return home.


▼逆光廊架 Backlight corridor


温暖的阳光书吧 Warm sunshine book bar


The design evolves the form of river water waves into undulating hills, integrates into the site function, and activates the interaction and participation of the site. Children can read freely in the “mountains” and “under the shade”, and they can also follow the ups and downs of the terrain in the sunshine grassland.


▼波浪形阳光书吧  Wavy sunshine book bar



The terrain with interests also creates a certain sense of field. The open sunshine lawn space also provides the owners with a variety of activities.




We use three small water systems to extend the “river water” element to the quiet water surface of the sunken leisure bar to inject continuous vitality and vitality into the whole site. At the same time, we use the site elevation difference to create a sunken outdoor space, which enriches the diversity of the venue. In the future, the neighborhood will enjoy the cool here, and the pleasant conversation will be interwoven with the happy laughter of children in the distance, so the community will become more humane.


▼下沉休闲吧台 Sunken lounge bar

▼水景细节 Waterscape detail


阳光下的儿童乐园 Children’s paradise in the sun


The most important thing in the community is children. We integrate children’s water play into the whole venue and provide children with various water playing facilities. The lovely big whale will create a space for children to play with water and bring them a wonderful childhood.




The main body of the site is the exploration corridor bridge, which is divided into two layers of space design. The children’s slide and the big trees inserted in the gallery frame are connected in two spaces. The multi-layer space design provides children with an activity space with exploration interest.




The interactive field for children of all ages is another happy place for parents to accompany their children to grow up together. We hope to gradually shape children’s creativity, vitality and aesthetic cognition.


▼儿童乐园分析图  Children’s Park analysis diagram



The design combines the leisure interaction corridor of children’s playground to provide parents with a place for leisure care. The upper layer is the leisure plank road, and the middle layer is connected with the nursing area through the spiral stairs. The whole nursing area has clear vision and surrounded by water, which not only meets the safety of children’s play, but also provides a comfortable communication environment for parents.



惬意的阳光客厅 Comfortable sunshine living room


If you want to feel nature, you should explore and live in the natural environment. Listen to the cicadas singing and bird singing, or sit or lie on the grass, and talk with each other with their backs against the big trees. We have designed an ecological and natural space for our customers – Sunshine living room. We hope that in the future, community residents can spontaneously form various activities in the natural space to feel nature and life.


▼光影下的阳光客厅 The sunshine living room under light and shadow


江畔生活·共享时光 Riverside life and sharing time


Design creates a variety of spaces suitable for residents in nature. We hope that it can bring more pleasure and pleasure to people, and guide people to share time in peace and freedom.





Project name: The honour of chongqing
Client: Longfor Group ChongQing Company
Landscape Design: DAOYUAN | Daoyuan Design
Landscape Design Team: Wei Liuyan、Yu Cheng、Deng Yonglong、Zhang Meng、Chen Wenlong、Jiang Jun、Gong Lvqin、Zhou Xuemei、Xiong Zhengyi
Photography: XUEER Space Photography
Landscape construction: Chongqing Jisheng Garden Landscape Co., Ltd.
Completion: 2019.12


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