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英斯佛朗:早晨第一缕阳光洒向山谷,唤醒了社区里沉睡的万物 它们揉了揉眼睛,开启了一天中最愉悦的时光。

MBDI: The first rays of morning sunshine spill into the valley, Awakened all the sleeping things in the community, They rubbed their eyes The most pleasant time of the day begins.


▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view



A crisp, pleasant sound rings in your ears Searching for the sound, A relaxing and ethereal valley appeared in front of me, The valley is full of breeze and flower fragrance, The valley’s dynamic and interesting underwood space, It becomes the secret base for the little masters.





Sen’s Valley Park is located in the Nantong Jing Yuan area,As a children’s play space in the center of the community, the designer took “valley” as the theme, with the rich green landscape in the community and the continuation of the spatial landscape of the concept of Forest Living, hoping to give the children’s playground with the characteristics of “nature, exploration, spirituality It is hoped that the children’s playground can be endowed with the characteristics of “nature, exploration and dynamism” to release the innocence of children and let them feel their childhood time in the unrestrained natural space.

The whole park adopts a free-loop game mode with soft-scene boundary as the main feature, creating both safe and variably rich venues for all-age children, which can link various functional partitions and derive many different versions of touring line experience paths. There are play devices suitable for children of all ages, creating a safe and challenging play environment for children.


▽场地空间布局&分析 Site Spatial Layout & Analysis

▽整体鸟瞰 Aerial view




Huhuhuhu~ A wind comes from the valley, guiding the children into the valley, and the landscape in front of them suddenly becomes open and bright. The orange base represents vitality, health and cheerfulness, just like a ray of sunshine scattered into the valley. The inner world of children is colorful and bright colors can attract children’s attention and bring them happy emotions.


▽儿童乐园入口空间 Children’s park entrance space



The children’s area has a variety of facilities suitable for children to play, such as swings, rockers, trampolines, etc. The story-painted wall cleverly separates the play space from the surrounding architecture and landscape. The circular guide line divides the functional partitions while creating an atmosphere of both enclosure and no sense of boundaries, and sets up a parental care rest area to increase parent-child interaction and also allow children to feel a full sense of security while playing.


▽呵护孩童成长的幼儿互动区 Children’s interactive area to protect the growth of children




The children’s happy laughter echoes in the valley, and when they are tired of playing, they can play the sound transmission game on the hill, and convey each other’s little secrets, sharing the happy sounds in the quiet valley, and also enhancing the children’s perception and understanding of the objective world from the auditory aspect.


▽色彩丰富的山谷传声筒 Colorful valley mouthpiece


神秘洞穴-挑战区 Mystery Cave-challenge Area


The mysterious valley caves lead to the unknown world, which is full of exploration and challenges. Children can shuttle through a bulging hill at will, and the buffer zone incorporates the natural form of the hill, and through drilling and crawling, children develop their limb and trunk muscle strength and enhance the flexibility of their movements.


▽自然起伏的山丘探索园 Natural undulating hill exploring garden


惊险廊桥-核心冒险区 Thrilling Gallery Bridge-Core Adventure


A gallery bridge in the shuttle stands between the hills, children can reach the middle of the valley through the gallery bridge, a huge tree towering out of it, the platform in the cave seems to stand in the clouds, where children can climb, run, play and experience the sense of wonder brought by exploration.


▽连接场地的空中廊桥让游玩空间充满更多趣味 The air bridge corridor connecting the site makes the playing space more interesting



By combining outdoor expansion with functional facilities such as drilling holes, climbing nets, corridors and slides, children can quickly move from one horizontal height to another, providing them with more space and conditions for sharing, mobilizing their enthusiasm and exploration, and enhancing their minds and confidence.


▽空中廊桥连接形式多样的游戏设施 The skybridge gallery connects various forms of play facilities


阳光滑梯-滑梯区 Sunshine slide-Slide Area


A sunshine slide was opened on the hill, and the children slid down the sunshine slide, which was very beautiful. The small white flowers at the bottom of the hill attracted the children’s attention, and the sound of drumming on the surface of the flowers aroused their curiosity about new things.


▽盘旋而下的阳光滑梯 Sun slide



Spiral slide compared to the traditional slide more exciting and challenging, more suitable for older children to play, but also more able to test the child’s body balance and coordination, in the fast slide down at the same time can also feel the super exciting sensory experience.




Reasonable design of children’s play environment, so that they can learn in the game, so that education is fun. They can exercise, develop interest and increase boldness in the activity, and develop a spirit of exploration and courage to overcome difficulties in the game. An environment that encourages children to make their own choices will make children feel safe, valued, challenging, competitive and confident.




乐园设计:MBDI 牧兮亲子
乐园施工:MBDI 牧兮亲子

Project name: Nantong Investment – Jing Yuan Children’s Park
Project Location: Nantong, Jiangsu
Park construction: MBDI MUXI parent-child
Owner: China Merchants Group
Owner: China Merchants Group
Design area: 1468㎡
Design time: February 2022



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