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Surfacedesign, Inc.:Pierpoint Lane位于旧金山的Mission Bay社区,由一个开放公园、一个主要街景和一个公共屋顶露台组成。这个迷人的景观项目位于社区的发展路段,其公共设施是将该地区转变为一个充满活力和步行友好的社区的催化剂,Pierpoint公园是中心。被设计师称为十字路口的街景和沿街立面将邻近活跃的街道与公园无缝连接起来,吸引沿着第三街漫步的行人驻足停留,并置身其中体验Mission Bay社区的这种新型绿地空间。在设计团队的努力之下,原本简单的消防通道变成了一个充满活力的公园。

Surfacedesign, Inc.:Located in the Mission Bay neighborhood of San Francisco, Pierpoint Lane is comprised of a public park, a major streetscape, and a public amenity roof level terrace. This inviting landscape project is located along a developing stretch of Mission Bay, and its public amenities are a catalyst to transform the district into a dynamic and pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with Pierpoint Park as the centerpiece. Streetscapes and road frontages, referred to by the designers as the Crossing, seamlessly connect the active adjacent streets to the Park, enticing passersby to interrupt their walk along Third Street to experience this new typology of greenspace in Mission Bay. What was originally intended to be solely a fire access became a vibrant park amenity for the public thanks to the design team.


© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner


材料和布局的战略性选择促进了直观的通行路径,而植物空间营造则提供了更多样化的沉浸式体验。聚会空间如角落的休闲座位、凸起的石块平台和草坪剧场散布在场地各处,为Mission Bay社区的工作人员、居民和游客提供了在繁忙的环境中得以休息的地方。线性鹅卵石铺装交叉分布,打破了路面区域并定义了空间。俏皮的青铜雕塑不仅提供了座位,还带来视觉上的趣味性。丰富的石材、混凝土和整块的石头色调和谐并相互交织在一起,带给人一种探索感和兴奋感,突出了该区域的背景。

A strategic selection of materials and layout promote intuitive circulation while planting provides for a varied, immersive experience. Gathering spaces on Pierpoint Lane including seating nooks, stone outcroppings, and a lawn amphitheater are interspersed throughout the site providing the Mission Bay workforce, community, and visitors alike places of respite amid the energetic urban context. Diagonal bands of linear stone cobbles break down pavement areas and define space. Playful bronze sculptures provide seating and visual interest. A rich material palette of stone, concrete, and monolithic stone features weave through the site creating a sense of exploration and excitement that celebrates the tectonic regional context.


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© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner


设计师有意为Pierpoint Lane的边界赋予了神秘的色彩,扩大了开放空间,同时将植物色调细化到各种质地和规模的绿色植物中。开花灌木和匍匐地被植物让整条小巷具有整体性;树冠提供阴凉,林下植被展示色彩、形态和密度,而柱状的树木则突出了建筑的桥梁结构和第三街临街的十字路口。

Boundaries of Pierpoint Lane are intentionally mysterious, expanding the open-space while refining the plant palette down to green plantings of varied texture and scale. Defined formations of flowering shrubs and creeping groundcovers create cohesion throughout the lane. Canopy trees provide shade, understory trees showcase color, form, and density, while the columnar trees emphasize project crossroads at architectural bridges and 3rd Street frontage.


© Marion Brenner
© Marion Brenner
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© Marion Brenner



The site includes seismic and geotechnical complexities as well as saline landscape conditions, all of which are addressed proactively in the landscape. Setting beds for materials and planting were carefully engineered to address differential settlement. Stormwater management is integrated into the park seamlessly, with a series of bioretention planters featuring exuberant and seasonally changing planting that frames spaces for people to gather within the site.


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项目名称:Pierpoint Lane

景观/建筑公司:Surfacedesign, Inc.
首席建筑师:SHoP Architects
记录建筑师:Quezada Architecture
总承包商:Truebeck Construction
景观承包商:Brightview Landscape Development, Inc.
结构工程师:Thornton Tomasetti
土木工程师:Freyer & Laureta, Inc.
图片来源:Marion Brenner

Project Name: Pierpoint Lane
Completion Year: 2021
Scale: 97,300SF
Project Location: San Francisco, CA

Landscape/Architecture Firm: Surfacedesign, Inc.
Website: www.sdisf.com
Contact e-mail: info@sdisf.com
Lead Architects: SHoP Architects
Architect of Record: Quezada Architecture
Clients: Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Uber Technologies
General Contractor: Truebeck Construction
Landscape Contractor: Brightview Landscape Development, Inc.
MEP Engineer: Alfatech
Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti
Civil Engineer: Freyer & Laureta, Inc.
Lighting: Niteo
Photo Credits: Marion Brenner
Photographer’s Website: https://marionbrenner.com/



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