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希尔景观: 项目地处广东省普宁市寒妈水库片区,位于普宁天然绿肺大南山下,环寒妈湖而建。项目总体规划上,本着生态造景、文化塑魂、人居新城的发展理念,注入潮汕文化、青梅文化、寒妈传说、潮人精神,打造集“教育、商业、文化、休闲、居住”于一体的具有潮汕特色的智慧小镇。

Hill landscape:  The project is located in the Hanma Reservoir area of Puning City, Guangdong Province, at the foot of the Danan Mountain in Puning, surrounded by Hanma Lake. In terms of overall project planning, based on the development concept of ecological landscape, cultural soul shaping, and living in a new city, we inject Chaoshan culture, Qingmei culture, Han Ma legend, and Chaoren spirit to create a smart small town with Chaoshan characteristics that integrates education, commerce, culture, leisure, and housing.


▽项目视频 video

▽局部鸟瞰 Aerial view



As part of the overall planning, Xinghe Mingzhu Bay Park is not only a lakeside leisure park for all ages of residents in the town, but also a public activity space for leisure, recreation, and sports for surrounding citizens.




Based on the overall planning, the Hill team participated in the co creation and discussion of the park’s preliminary plan, and ultimately completed the design and renovation of the park, including the avenue, characteristic landscape bridge, lakeside road, lakeside boardwalk, and sports park, reshaping the transportation network of the project and connecting various functional blocks. At the same time, it has enhanced the overall image of the project and constructed a new urban destination for Puning.



策略 Strategy



At the beginning of the design, through on-site investigation and research, it was found that the site has high-quality ecological resources, water resources, vegetation resources, and a long waterfront. Although some of the original landscape still exists inside, the overall landscape effect is poor. The increasingly outdated landscape facilities and supporting facilities cannot meet the needs of the surrounding community and cannot play more public value. Several core issues facing the venue:

① The current landscape of the road is weak, and the sense of domain reach is not good;
② The current park lacks a sense of experience around the lake and lacks memory points with public attributes;
③ The road around the lake has not formed a system, and some sections along the lake are cluttered with plants, with excessive density, which obstructs the view of the lake scenery.


▽重塑前的环湖景观 The view around the lake before the remodeling

▽重塑前的林荫大道 The boulevard before the remodeling

▽重塑前的环湖道路 The road around the lake before the remodeling

▽重塑前的儿童公园 The pre-remodeled children’s park




The designer has reshaped the site space based on three strategies, starting from the actual site conditions and needs around the core issues:

① Sort out the traffic network and strengthen the sense of arrival at the entrance of the tree lined avenue;
② Memory points of the characteristic landscape bridge construction project;
③ Set up an observation platform, enhance the effect of the scenic road around the lake, and connect various spatial nodes.


▽设计过程草图 Design process sketch


呈现 Present

Part 1 绿荫景观大道 强化入口到达感  Boulevard


The main tree species of the Green Landscape Avenue are camphor trees, cypress trees, and large bellied kapok, which serve as the image and project gateway. As the main thoroughfare connecting the area to the city, the roads on both sides are mainly residential areas, with some areas connected to commercial streets. The design aims to create a tree lined walkway by widening the central green space and separating it from the greenery on both sides.




The tall Pu tree forms a green shade in the oxygen bar, which plays a good role in cleaning the air. The animal haystacks on the side of Landscape Avenue are vivid, lively, and lovely, adding a new joy to the home environment.


▽绿荫景观大道 Green landscape Avenue

▽景观大道手稿 Landscape Avenue manuscript


Part 2 璀璨星河桥 打造公共属性记忆点 XingHe Bridge


The Star River Bridge has transportation functions such as walking, running, cycling, and vehicle traffic, and is also a distinctive symbol of Pearl Bay. The two-way traffic flow of people and vehicles not only solves the problem of vehicle traffic, but also adds an observation platform to provide people with a good leisure viewing point, becoming a popular spot for sightseeing in the area.


▽星河桥 The Star River Bridge



The landscape bridge is divided into a roadway and a pedestrian runway on the left and right sides, with a facade decoration in the center and flexible light strips in between.


▽景观桥鸟瞰图 Aerial view

▽细节展示 Detail presentation

▽人视角度 Human visual Angle



As night approaches and countless households are ablaze with lights, the landscape bridge becomes a brilliant scenic line in the Star River Pearl Bay. The flowing landscape light strips dance gracefully, scattering the scattered afterglow on the Pearl Bay at night, and the lake surface seems to be covered in stars and moon. Residents stroll on the bridge and engage in leisure activities throughout the park.


▽灯带夜间效果 Light with night effect

▽景观桥成为周边居民喜爱的打卡点 The landscape Bridge has become a favorite clock-in point for surrounding residents

▽星河桥景观昼夜对比 Xinghe Bridge landscape contrast day and night


Part 3 滨水环湖景观 提升环湖景观体验 Waterfront Landscape


The design will widen the existing narrow roads, add slow runways, and enlarge some of the space as nodes for landscape viewing. Sort out plants with high planting density by the lake, reduce shrubs, and ensure a clear view of the lake. Continuing the lakeside route of the Landscape Bridge, the blue runway and roadway meander parallel to each other, dividing activity areas with different needs.


▽观景平台俯瞰 Viewing platform overlooking



An observation platform has been added along the corner of Huanhu Road, maximizing the use of a good viewing angle for residents to rest and enjoy the scenery along the way.


▽拐角处的观景平台 The viewing platform around the corner



The bright orange color of the observation platform jumps between the blue lakes and dense green forests, complementing the colors of the landscape bridge. The collision of warm and cold colors presents a certain visual tension, providing good road guidance for residents engaged in leisure activities along the way.


▽观景平台内部展示 Viewing platform interior display


▽环湖路手稿 The manuscript of the road around the lake

▽跑道与车行道通过绿化隔离 The runway is separated from the carriageway by greening



The Huanhu Road connects landscape bridges, observation platforms, and pearl amusement parks, forming a lakeside leisure system with the characteristics of Mingzhu Bay. Pearl Park is a scenic children’s non motorized amusement park on the west side of Pearl Bay Park. Its three main activity spaces, including understory space, leisure grass steps, and activity sand pools, provide residents with a rich and colorful gaming experience.


▽儿童公园 Children’s park

▽环湖路串联儿童公园 Huanhu Road joint children’s Park


Part 4 活力运动场 全维健身 Vitality Sports Field


The addition of outdoor sports venues has increased opportunities for neighborhood communication and strengthened community cohesion by providing more activity space. The division of football fields, basketball courts, tennis courts, and fitness equipment venues provides residents with diverse choices for their free activities.


▽户外运动场鸟瞰图 Aerial view



The children are weaving a beautiful and colorful dream on the sports field, and the childish laughter adds a little liveliness and vitality to the community life.


▽运动休闲空间 Sports and leisure space

▽运动场公厕 Playground toilet


结语 Conclusion


This case aims to transform the neglected landscape along the route into a platform for communication and dialogue between humans and nature, between humans and culture, and between humans by sorting out the traffic network, strengthening the sense of arrival of the entrance avenue, creating a distinctive landscape bridge to create project memory points, setting up observation platforms, and improving the effect of the lakeside landscape road. This will attract tourists to enter, explore, and appreciate, enriching the landscape experience, Injecting vitality into the construction of Puning Pearl Bay. On the basis of ecological protection, create a leisure waterfront park that brings neighbors closer together, create a pleasant lakeside living environment, and present a leisurely and pleasant lakeside scenery for local residents.




项目名称 | 普宁星河明珠湾
项目地点 | 广东普宁
项目规模 | 89,600㎡
项目类型 | 公园景观
建成时间 | 2023年
图片来源 | 胡明俊
开 发 商  | 星河地产
景观设计 | HILL 希尔景观
施 工 图  | HILL 希尔景观
甲方团队 | 星河深莞惠东部设计组
施工单位 | 深圳市创景轩园林工程有限公司

Project Name | Puning Xinghe Mingzhu Bay
Project location | Puning, Guangdong
Project scale | 89600 square meters
Project Type | Park Landscape
Built | 2023
Image source: Hu Mingjun
Developer | Xinghe Real Estate
Landscape Design | HILL Hill Landscape
Construction drawings | HILL Hill Landscape
Party A Team | Xinghe Shenguanhui East Design Team
Construction Unit | Shenzhen Chuangjingxuan Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
Puning Fengyi Greening Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Jiajingyuan Environmental Art Co., Ltd


※ 珍珠乐园方案及深化部分由 PDS派澜设计事务所设计

The plan and deepening of the Pearl Park will be designed by PDS Pailan Design Firm



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