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Sushui Design:There are two fixed black points F1 and F2 on a piece of white paper, and a black point P that is indeterminate. The black point P is pulled by F1 and F2: the sum of the distance from point P to F1 and its distance from F2 is always constant. The trajectory of the black point P that sways downstream of such a restraint is called an “oval”.


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The oval in mathematics is defined by two focal points F1 and F2 and the moving point P. In an elliptical vortex, the white water splashing from the edge is near and far from the center of the vortex, and at the same time, when they are close to F1, they are far away from F2, and when they are close to F2, they are far away from F1. This contradictory change is what makes the elliptical vortex more fascinating than the perfect circular vortex.


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We are struggled between work and life;
Between Illusion and reality;
Between id and superego;
Day after day, being bound, we walked one after another ellipse.
The life track of the oval is large and small, wide and narrow……
However, there must be an absolute center, where we can find the true self, the hotbed of our souls and the spring of vitality.


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But our lives are always full of contradictions: work and life, disguise and truth, desire and morality…
The contradictory F1 and F2 are already constant, but the true self is at the center of the vortex.


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The “perihelion” is where the location of the earth is the closest to the sun. In our twists and turns with life and work, (Or in a saw with other indispensable contradictions in life) the spring of the vortex center is our own sun.


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Life is not as perfect as a perfect circle. Since contradiction is the normal state of life, we can always reach the nearest point, balance our distance from F1 and F2, and always remember theself in the depths of the spring on the wide or narrow elliptical trajectory.


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技术难点 Challenges


According to our previous experience, the vortex mostly occurs in aperfect circle. Because the distance of the F point is the same, the arc is equally divided, and the rotation speed is also balanced, which can form a stable vortex effect. However if you want to achieve the effect of the vortex in the elliptical container, the arc is not balanced because the distance of the point F is different. Can the vortex spin up?


▼1:10模型推敲 Model 1:10

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In order to simulate the effect of the rotation, we made a 1:10 elliptical solid model at the beginning of the design to verify the feasibility. Through the solid model, we solved the problem of elliptical rotation. That’s right, it can rotate.


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However, another technical difficulty has been discovered through the physical model. The distance of the elliptical point F is inherently different,meaning that the speed of rotation is never balanced. Just like when you drive fast in a straight road, you suddenly turn and form a drift. Water may have the same problem, when water is “turning” on the short side, it “floats” out.


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In actual construction, the scale is much larger than the physical model. Assuming that the speed and the amount of water are not balanced, it iseasy to produce water accumulation in an instant, which is bound to produce”floating”, and the beauty of the waterscape will be greatly reduced.



技术设计及控制 Solutions



Based on the full consideration, in the construction drawing of the technical stage, we focus on solving these certain problems.

First, we set the position of the water outlet that is more conducive to balancing the water according to the shape of the ellipse. We advised the landscape design consultant LAURENT on the civil construction practices. They also optimized the civil construction practices to ensure the realization ofthe functions and the aesthetics of the finished surfaces.


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Second, we considered the threshold range over which the speed can be adjusted for detailed possibilities for later commissioning. The speed adjustment of each outlet is the top priority of this project, which is also the most difficult one, so we set a variety of speed combination modes for adjustment. In the debugging phase, we tested a variety of speed superimposed modes and finally chose the most satisfactory one.


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Third, we considered a mode that is basically non-rotating. Even when the vortex is not turned on, the pool can maintain a relatively static state with a slight dynamic rotation.


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椭圆水池建造的土建问题 Civil engineering problems in the construction of elliptical pools


The difficulty of civil construction of the elliptical pool is originally high, and the double-layer structure of the whirlpool is also very complicated. It also solves the problem of waterproofing and strict water level, which undoubtedly brings great challenges to the garden construction companies. If the civil and decorative surfaces of the ellipse are not finished perfectly, it will have an adverse effect on the aesthetics of the landscape. The far-reaching effect is that it will affect the formation of the vortex effect.


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The civil engineering pool is the container of the vortex. There are many problems with the container, and the vortex is naturally impossible to form. Resistance may occur if the pool is not smooth enough and if the elevation of the top of the pool has a few millimeters of error, it will increase the “floating” problem of the water.


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建造的过程  The process of construction


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Thanks to the full support and active cooperation of Shimao Group, landscape Design Laurent, the landscape contractor Bainian. as well as the professional dedication of Sushui Design team, the presentation of this project is proved to be a great success.






BIM 团队:王翰、侍文、杨燕国

Project name: SHINE TIMES
Project address: intersection of aodong road and torch road, high-tech zone, Qingdao
Developer: Shimao Group shandong company
Landscape area: 3,455 ㎡
Completion date: June 2019
Landscape design: LAURENT
Design team: Yulong Jiang, Lan Yang, Yang Bi, Hongwei Wu, Jiali Yuan, Yao Xiong, Junli Song, Wei Liu, Dandan Zhu, Fajun Yang,
BIM team: Han Wang, Wen Shi, Yanguo Yang
Technical support: Yanming Chen
Client team: Zhigang Chen, Shan Zhong, Fanchao Du, Guixue Zhou
Waterscape consultant: SUSHUI Design
Architectural design: Shanghai Didong architectural design office co., LTD
Interior design: Shanghai Dayan architectural design consulting co., LTD
Construction: shandong century garden co., LTD


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