TROP:Terrains+Open Space :在拥挤的曼谷市中心为一栋新公寓设计的三座花园。主要思想是尊重现有的“居民”,即雨树(豆科含羞草科)及其小居民(松鼠和鸟类),并鼓励新居民与自然生活在一起。该雨树成为我们设计的核心,而所有其他花园元素的创建是为了补充这些树木。

TROP:Terrains+Open Space :Three gardens designed for a new Condominium in the middle of over-crowded Bangkok. The main idea is to respect the existing “Residents”, which are old giant Rain trees (Leguminosae Mimosoideae) and their small inhabitants (squirrels and birds) and to encourage the new residents to live with Nature. The Rain Trees become the heart of our design, while all other garden elements are created to complement those trees.



Quattro is a High-end Residential Project in the up-scale area of Bangkok. Look at Bangkok now. You can hardly find soil in the city full of concrete and asphalt. Her people have changed their ways of living too. In the past, we may prefer to live in a small house, with small garden, outside the city areas, and commute in and out the city daily. Not anymore. To fit the present time’s fast life style, It is quite normal these days that younger generation of Thais are moving in town and choose to live in high-rise buildings, instead of their out of town homes. Horizontal Living is out. Vertical one is the thing to do.


Photos by Wison Tungthunya.

项目名称: 桑西里的Quattro
竣工日期:  2012年
地点: 泰国曼谷通勒
委托人: Sansiri 股份有限公司
设计公司: T ROP :地形+开放空间
项目设计者:  Chonfun Atichat
项目组: 阿努伊特·奇瓦拉塔那彭、纳特·拉基泰、查塔万·班琼西里
建筑师: Dhevanand

Project Name : Quattro by Sansiri
Completion Date : 2012
Location : Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand
Client : Sansiri Public Company Limited
Design Company : TROP : terrains + open space
Project Designer : Chonfun Atichat
Project Team : Anuwit Cheewarattanaporn, Nattapong Raktai, Chatchawan Banjongsiri
Architect : Dhevanand Co., Ltd

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