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MIND STUDIO: With the rapid development of Chengdu City, residents’ requirements for community functions and comfort are constantly increasing. It is difficult for the old communities in the city’s central area to meet residents’ basic needs. The reconstruction of Chengdu Qingyang Community Park thus hopes to bring color and warmth to the lives of community residents through a new design language.


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The landscape design transcends traditional public space transformation at the physical level and instead emphasizes the co-construction and sharing of the spirit of the community. It reinvigorates the community park with a new vitality while preserving the memory of old Chengdu. The design provides public spaces for all ages and now serves as a spiritual place that integrates sports and art to offer more opportunities for social and leisure activities.


▽项目鸟瞰效果图 Aerial view of the project renderings


场地现状与难点(现状分析)Site status and difficulties (Existing condition analysis)


The project is located in Wenjia Community, Qingyang District, at the intersection of two main municipal roads in Chengdu’s old city core. The triangular site covers an area of about 15,000 square meters. Due to the division by a municipal road, the pedestrian system in the place is fragmented, which seriously affects the public utilization of the space. In addition, the facilities in the area are dilapidated, management is disorganized, and the activity space is unsuitable for use by the city’s diverse population.


▽现场分析 Site Analysis

▽人群分析 Crowd Analysis


另一方面, 555棵乔木赋予了场地优越的自然条件,绿树葱茏,生机勃勃。其中有冠幅巨大的香樟、梧桐、榕树,也有紫薇、红叶李、紫藤等形态不一的开花植物,使得场地在一年中都能形成季相丰富的自然景观。景观设计需要解决几个迫切的问题:如何梳理活动路线串联起的各个功能板块,将两个被分割的地块在不影响车流量的情况下有效地连接?将社区营造成为一个兼具实用性、包容性及艺术性的功能活动空间的同时,又能再现成都这座城市独有的记忆?

In contrast to the site’s urban conditions, its natural surroundings are lush with over 500 vibrant trees. Camphor, sycamore, and banyan trees with massive crowns as well as various flowering plants such as crape myrtle, red leaf plum, and wisteria form an attractive and everchanging natural landscape that transforms with the seasons throughout the year.The new landscape design aims to address several urgent problems: sorting out the various functional blocks connected by the activity route and effectively engaging the two divided plots without affecting the traffic flow. All this is to be achieved through introducing into the community a functional activity space that is practical, inclusive, and artistic that also reflects the unique character of Chengdu.


▽现状分析 Status Analysis


设计策略Design Strategy


The design aims to engage residents within a relationship connecting the city’s rich past and exciting future. The new landscape incorporates a circular motif representative of traditional Chinese gardens, morphing and extending it within the three dimensions of space to create interlocking geometries. . While solving the issue of spatial connection, this manipulation of the circle also creates many nested spaces for functional programming. To complete the circle of infinite illusion, the project team conserved the hundreds of site trees as witnesses of urban renewal.


▽空间演绎 Spatial Deduction



空间节点设计Space node design


As an essential part of the residential environment and urban life, the community space carries multiple functions: social interaction, rest, viewing, entertainment, and consumption. The design realizes these through the expansion of the space in a multitude of levels from the ground to the surrounding facades. The optimized layout of functions on the ground level, the connected series of mid-level circular corridors, and the extruded height of the sky garden together utilize the site space and form varied spatial experiences as one moves through them.


▽总体规划 Master Plan

▽空间分布 Spatial Distribution

▽交通动线分析 Traffic Flow Analysis

▽视线分析 Visual Line Analysis


▽日照分析 Sunshine of Figure

▽植物分析 Plant analysis

▽剖面图 Profile



The new main entrance plaza reconsiders the original site’s axisymmetric tree array, shrinking its opening while increasing the internal space after entry. The circular blue structure provides shading during the day; simultaneously, the solar panels installed on top convert the sunlight collected in the daytime into energy for nighttime lighting, reducing the use of energy.


▽主入口休闲广场 Main entrance leisure plaza renderings



The Vibrant Theater has a wide-open space with brilliant lights and spectacular waterfalls, providing a place for the elderly to dance and a playground for children.

▽活力剧场效果图 Vitality Theater renderings



The heat market is located in the south of the site and faces the street, which includes the convenience services of the morning and night markets. The use of the sky garden in the vertical dimension makes the site’s space more diversified and three-dimensional.


▽热力集市效果图 Thermal market renderings


▽局部鸟瞰效果图 Partial bird’s-eye view

▽空中花园效果图 Sky garden renderings



The tall, dense trees turn the upper space into a unique forest runway. A large area of vibrant color paving under the thick shade is accompanied by a variety of fitness equipment, allowing for more diversified participation and interaction of the surrounding residents. Slides, sandboxes, swings, circular climbing frames, and semi-enclosed courts form.


▽公园局部鸟瞰效果图 Partial bird’s-eye view of the park

▽康养健身区效果图 Health care fitness area renderings


▽儿童娱乐区效果图 Children’s entertainment area renderings


▽休闲交流区效果图 Leisure communication area renderings




设计方: Mind Studio 迈德景观

Project name: Renovation Design of Qingyang Community Park in the Old Core City
Location: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
Project area: 15000 square meters
Design: Mind Studio
Leader design: Jiang Jun, Yang Xiue, You Nanfei
Design team: Tinghuan, Zhou Esther, Feng Wanhong, Chen Wei, Han Yan, Liu Yingying, Long Jinzhou, Chen Long
Design period: September 2021
Owner: Chengdu Ruiyi Design Center
Photographer: MindStudio



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  1. 身为成都人,我没看懂这解决了什么场地问题,或是继承了什么场地精神,橙色和提夫尼蓝(可能是)的曲线和圆形的堆砌给我留下了深深的空间恐惧感。