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 BY Design: The goal of contemporary Julu Road renovation is to “return to the essence of the streets and awaken cultural uniqueness.” Every street has its own history, unique culture, and has been the backdrop to different stories. Uncovering the spiritual essence of the streets and reflecting their distinctive cultural value in the renovation process is the fundamental purpose of renovation.


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巨鹿路的文脉 The Cultural Heritage of Julu Road


Julu Road (Changshu Road-Fumin Road) is located in Jing’an District, Shanghai, and belongs to the famous commercial block “Ju Fu Chang”. It was constructed in 1907 and is renowned for its historical charm, cultural heritage, and commercial vitality. Historical buildings line both sides of the road, featuring English garden architecture as well as traditional Shanghai lane-style residences.


▽巨鹿路(常熟路-富民路)两侧点位分布 Point distribution on both sides of Julu Road (Changshu Road-Fumin Road)

▽巨鹿路历史脉络 Historical Context of Julu Road





The architectural materials commonly include textured surfaces, red bricks, Shanghai plasters, and stained glass, with beige, red, and gray as the predominant color tones.

Julu Road possesses rich cultural resources, yet its public environment does not reflect its uniqueness. The street lacks overall recognition, and amid the iconic old Shanghai plane tree-lined streets, it has lost its identity.



留住道路的记忆 Preserving the Memory of the Road


To revive the distinctive character of Julu Road and showcase its development into a thriving Shanghai-style cultural and artistic neighborhood from the inside out, we’ve created a unique logo for it. The classic Shanghai-style arched doors and windows, exquisite ironwork floral patterns, and the “Ju Fu Chang” block that witnessed the modern cultural development of Shanghai are integrated to form a retro and delicate window shape that is consistent with the overall style of Ju Fu Chang, showcasing the profound humanistic heritage and historical culture of Julu Road in a more intuitive way. The logo features the common red brick color seen in Shanghai-style architecture, preserving precious historical memories and bearing witness to the people and events of the changing times, making it highly representative of the region. The logo has profound meaning and is easy to identify, which is suitable for various applications and promotions, serving as a window to witness the historical accumulation of ‘Ju Fu Chang.’


▽小巧的logo不经意地点缀在街道细节处 This compact logo subtly adorns the street’s details.


袖珍展园与巨鹿车廊 Pocket Exhibition Garden and Julu Parking Porch


The intersection of Julu Road and Changshu Road marks the western starting point of Julu Road. Looking at one side of the T-junction, on the left, there is a small flowerbed adorned with decorative grilles, and on the right, there’s the white parking shed of Julu Mansion. Standing here, no one would realize they are on Julu Road, nor would they know that just a few steps forward, they would be able to admire stretches of old Shanghai houses.


▽巨鹿路常熟路口整体形象(改造前后) Overall Image of the Julu Road and Changshu Road Intersection (Before and After Renovation)



Although the pocket exhibition garden is small, covering only 40 square meters, we still wanted to transform it into a small garden where people can enter and linger. Simultaneously, we utilized the rear wall to showcase the humanistic stories of Julu Road.


▽空间营造分析 Analysis of Spatial Construction

▽改造前后 Before and After Renovation

▽常有行人驻足休息闲聊 Pedestrians often stop here to rest and chat.



For the Julu Parking Porch, considering the image-building of the entrance, we originally wanted to remove the non-motorized vehicle shed and use this space as a small activity area for the public. However, after consultation, we learned that this shed belongs to Julu Building and parking is a necessity, so it cannot be moved elsewhere. Therefore, we had to change our approach and use the shed itself to enhance the image of the intersection.


▽巨鹿车廊(改造前后) Julu Parking Porch (Before and After Renovation)



The parking porch is equipped with lighting, charging facilities, and fire safety features. On the outside edge of the porch, adjacent to the pedestrian walkway, we introduced semi-transparent decorative patterns and arched half-porches to add visual interest and reduce the sense of oppression for pedestrians.



巨鹿游园 Julu Park



On the southwest corner of Julu Road and Fumin Road, there is an abandoned green space, not large, only 155 square meters, but still considered a scarce resource in the city center.

There were two main issues with this space. First, there was a lack of human interaction. People could enter the area, but there was nothing to do or engage with. Second, the space was dominated by three large camphor trees that blocked the sun and remained evergreen throughout the year. The ground beneath them had to be planted with shade-tolerant shrubs, otherwise it would be difficult for them to survive. Additionally, during the renovation process, it was crucial to protect the camphor trees and prevent any damage to them.


▽巨鹿游园(改造前后) Julu Park (Before and After Renovation)



For an urban corner park, we believed it needed to be multipurpose, capable of accommodating various needs of pedestrians on this street, not just providing a place to sit and admire the flowers.
As a result, this corner park was imbued with various possibilities. It can encourage passersby to sit down, experience the retro atmosphere brought by the mosaic and arched doors, sit at the bar, observe the comings and goings of people along the road, and savor the moment.




Of course, it can also offer a place to put down one’s drink, appreciate the romantic garden of the season, discover the cultural and historical landmarks of Julu Road on the art signage, and decide which direction to go for their next stop.



丹青墙 Ink Painting Wall



Jinghua Xin Cun, located at Lane 820 of Julu Road, is a new-style lane residential area built in 1938. Above the entrance archway, the four large characters ‘Jinghua Xin Cun’ (景华新邨) were personally handwritten by the master of the Jiangnan painting world, Zhu Qizhan. Residence No. 12 in Jinghua Xin Cun, known as ‘Meihua Caotang,’ was the former residence of Mr. Zhu Qizhan, where he created outstanding works with distinctive characteristics of the times, such as ‘Aircraft Eradicating Locusts’ (飞机灭蝗图) and ‘Flying Snow Welcoming Spring’ (飞雪迎春图).

After consultations with the Jing’an Temple Street, Jing’an District Greenery Bureau, and Mr. Zhu’s family, it was decided to display Mr. Zhu Qizhan’s ink painting works on the wall of the substation opposite Jinghua Xin Cun. This way, the hidden treasure of Julu Road could be presented to the public.


▽丹青墙改造前后 Ink Painting Wall (Before and After Renovation)


花园洋房的内与外 Inside and outside the Garden Houses



The towering phoenix trees, the dense shade, and the beige walls and garden houses on both sides of the road are typical features of Julu Road. The road has an elegant and peaceful atmosphere, and the residents in the garden and the pedestrians on the road have a subtle connection through the walls.

We aimed to extend and enhance the role of the walls as a medium with some interventions. We maintained the original beige textured wall surface, changed the base of the wall to the common Shanghai Plasters, and added stained glass wall lamps to the wall, enriching the Shanghai-style details in the design.


▽花园洋房外墙改造前后 The Exterior Walls of the Garden Houses (Before and After Renovation)



Some of the garden walls are made of iron fences, which can be seen through from the inside and outside. Most of the residents have planted flowers and plants in the courtyard. We plan to use a piece of soil in the courtyard to plant climbing roses, creating a street with flowers all over the walls, for both the residents and the passersby to enjoy.


▽花园围墙的老旧铁艺门换新,细节处体现温情 The old iron gates of the garden walls were replaced with new ones, adding a touch of warmth to the details.


人行视觉环境的梳理 Refining the Pedestrian Visual Environment 



Julu Road is not only lined with garden houses but also features lane-style residential areas along the street, such as Lane 819 of Julu Road, Jinghua Xin Cun, Guanghua Lane, and various shops with diverse architectural forms attached to the buildings, all adding to the character of this road.

In our efforts to refine the pedestrian visual environment, we adhered to the principle of moderate transformation, avoiding blind pursuit of innovation, and striving to preserve the authentic flavor of Julu Road. In the renovation, we made moderate adjustments to building surface materials, colors, and shop signage, repairing areas worn by time while enhancing the street’s quality, all the while maintaining Julu Road’s unique charm.


▽巨鹿花园改造前后 Julu Garden (Before and After Renovation)

▽景华新村商铺改造前后 Jinghua Xin Cun Shops (Before and After Renovation)

▽景华新村商铺夜景 Night View of Jinghua Xin Cun Shops

▽巨鹿路819弄门头改造前后 The Entrance of Lane 819 of Julu Road (Before and After Renovation)

▽巨鹿路845弄民宅入户改造前后 The Residential Entrance in Lane 845 of Julu Road (Before and After Renovation)



We transformed several inconspicuous corners into public spaces on the street that can serve residents or passersby. We integrated the legendary historical stories of Julu Road into the street landscape, telling them to those who pass by. We introduced dedicated logo elements so that the public can discover these small details unintentionally and remember Julu Road. We have also renovated some old building materials and shop facilities, bringing vitality and convenience to this area and creating possibilities for diverse street activities.




Our goal in urban renewal and street renovation is to make these streets with heavy history have closer ties with people. We aim for these streets to continue to thrive and be full of life in the present and the future.



摄影师: 李明军-MAP Photography
业主: 上海市静安区绿化和市容管理局

Project Name: Shanghai Jing’an District Julu Road (Changshu Road – Fumin Road) Renovation and Improvement Project
Design Firm: BY Design
Design Period: March 2022 – October 2022
Completion Date: October 2023
Design Scope: 400 meters of Julu Road (Changshu Road – Fumin Road)
Design Team: Xu Xi (Lead Designer), Sun Bingyang, Zhang Xi, Zhang Peipei, Wu Piaopiao, Guo Kefeng, Ren Ziting, Zhu Luoyu, Wang Jiale, Li Jingxuan, Zhang Shenlong, Jiang Ying
Photographer: Li Mingjun – MAP Photography
Client: Shanghai Jing’an District Landscaping and City Appearance Administrative Bureau
Construction Team: Shanghai Jing’an Construction Decoration Industry Co., Ltd.



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