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ENOTA:  克罗地亚Terme Tuhelj水疗度假村是一个雄心勃勃的概念,具有悠久的传统。大部分的建筑都可以追溯到80年代早期的最后一次大型翻修,当时这个水疗中心成为前南斯拉夫最重要的体育健身中心之一。它被设计成一个巨大的,清晰界定的区域,有许多建筑,以及绿色的运动表面,连接成一个逻辑整体。不幸的是,在前一个国家解散之前和解散之后的几年里,该综合体维护很差。在经历了10多年的严重衰退后,新业主希望彻底改造设施,并通过增加一些项目来适应当前的市场需求。

ENOTA:  Croatian Terme Tuhelj spa resort is an ambitiously conceptualized thermal complex with long tradition.The majority of the buildings date back to the last larger renovation in the early 80’s, when this spa became one of the most important sporting heath centres in former Yugoslavia. It is designed as a large, clearly defined area with numerous buildings, as well as green and sports surfaces, connected into a logical whole. Unfortunately, the complex was poorly maintained in the years prior and after the dissolution of the former country. After more than a decade of intensive decline, the new owner wishes to completely renovate the facilities and adapt the offer to today’s market requirements by adding a number of programs.



平面图 Master Plan



The set goal is to make this a modern, thermal wellness centre, which would be used for comprehensive physical and mental relaxation. In addition to the wellness centre, the complex will also contain a sporting recreational facility intended for preparation of professional athletes, sport schools, practice and recreation. A construction of a congress centre for business tourism is also planned, along with other market interesting activities. Tuhelj thermal spa wants to become a thermal spa with a diverse program and once again reclaim the leading position in the region.





The first phase of the renovation is focused on the reconstruction of the central building with the pool area in front of it. The original building was functionally well designed but nowadays some sections are closed off. The expansion of the building inwards would be a rationalization of the investment, since only a wholly renovated facility without the current “gray zones” will connect the accommodation area with the thermal part. The programs would gradually descent towards the pool platform through terraced levels and connect the complex into a functional unit.




The pool platform with the outdoor and indoor covered areas would require the most fundamental renovation. The water areas have to be increased significantly and the platform should be revived with adding different attractions and activities. The renovation project would transform this large, inexpressive platform into some kind of diverse artificial landscape with large water surfaces. The artificial landscape is the direct response to the strict sanitary requirements that prohibit soil or greenery along the pool area. Sharp, geometrical artificial landscape with vivid colours is searching for its character through establishing distinct contrast to the soft, hilly and green natural landscape in the surrounding area. It is intertwined with pools defined by strict lines, which nevertheless seem very natural and organic in this artificial, geometrical world.







项目名称: Terme Tuhelj水疗度假村
年份: 2003年
状态: 2007年完成
面积: 36300平方米
预算: 15,000,000欧元
客户: Terme Tuhelj
地点: 克罗地亚图赫尔吉
项目团队: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Matjaž Drinovec, David Kozamernik, Nataša Mrkonjič, Andrej Brozovič, Eva Matjašič,Mateja Marsetič, Tinka Prekovič, Darko Vasiljevič, Jernej Živic
结构工程: Elea iC
机械服务: Instaling
电气规划: Elita ib
游泳池技术: Liz – Stin
照片: Miran Kambič

project name: Terme Tuhelj Spa Resort
year: 2003
status: completed 2007
size: 36.300 M2
budget: 15.000.000 EUR
client: Terme Tuhelj
location: Tuhelj, Croatia
architecture: ENOTA
project team: Dean Lah, Milan Tomac, Matjaž Drinovec, David Kozamernik, Nataša Mrkonjič, Andrej Brozovič, Eva Matjašič,Mateja Marsetič, Tinka Prekovič, Darko Vasiljevič, Jernej Živic
structural engineering: Elea iC
mechanical services: Instaling
electrical planning: Elita ib
pool technology: Liz – Stin
photos: Miran Kambič

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