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3deluxe architecture:日前,德国建筑事务所在一片新设计的拥有明亮外墙和超现代化工作空间的建筑中,创建了一个极具现代流动感的梦幻广场。广场上,骑自行车和玩滑板的人沿着有机曲线,穿梭在宁静的绿洲、水景、咖啡馆和餐馆之间,正式宣告这个集滑板公园、游乐场和城市会客厅于一体的综合广场已正式对外开放。一个年轻又充满活力的完美社交场所,美丽的立陶宛之城!

3deluxe architecture:In the midst of a newly designed building ensemble boasting bright facades and ultramodern workspaces the German architecture practice has created a visionary plaza that is a celebration of contemporary mobility. Cyclists and scooters cruise along organically curved levels, between them oases of tranquility, water features, cafes and restaurants. This hybrid of skatepark, playground and urbane living room has now opened – the perfect venue for a young, dynamic society. Cool Lithuania!



城市更新—V广场  V-Plaza–Urban Development


What was previously a largely unused space adjoined by historical buildings is now becoming a new, inviting public amenity where you can casually enjoy a coffee in your lunch break or get some work done outdoors while children play in the water, young people skate and students relax in the sun…




This is certainly the new now in Kaunas, a city in Lithuania which, with the help of 3deluxe, has brought to life a future-oriented architectural concept that sets new impulses and is geared towards the communicative needs of a young and dynamic generation.



The history-steeped “Unity Square” with its impressive buildings from different eras has been redesigned to reflect the innovative spirit of a country considered to be a pioneer of digitization. The extraordinary design sets off the extensive façades to bright and cheerful effect, creates modern workspaces, and uses organically shaped green spaces, curved pathways, seating levels and the latest technology to transform the space into inspiring terrain with an urban ambiance.





The real challenge was to preserve cultural heritage while creating space for social transformation. And the solution was innovative architecture that caters to the needs of today’s society: bright, friendly, open and connecting.

Back in 2016 3deluxe was commissioned with the complete transformation of the central square, together with the buildings that adjoin it on its eastern side – three new builds and two renovations, along with an underground garage that extends beneath the entire square.



建筑及立面:20世纪60年代早期的国际风格 The buildings and façades: 3deluxe meet the International Style of the early 1960s


Here, 3deluxe is creating an exciting ensemble featuring various architectural interpretations of the different eras that define the city. Hence, for example, the new corner building is an homage to Lithuania’s Art Deco heritage. With its rounded and organically shaped glass fronts and the elongated façade, the corner building is quite captivating thanks to its elegant simplicity and flowing forms. Here, the coming together of old and new building cultures is celebrated rather than concealed. Extensive glazing and unfussy design meet detailed window frontage featuring applied decoration inspired by the façades of the neighboring historical buildings.




The central new-build block reflects the city’s Bauhaus tradition and forges a clear link to the now modernized dual ensemble that so epitomizes the International Style of the early 1960s. The redesign of the façade picks up on the aesthetic simplicity to be found in this Baltic testimony to mid-century Modern, with a pronounced Cubist design vocabulary and clear lines.




The stylistic connection between all five buildings is their uniform, white-rendered façade, which enables all the buildings to merge into one radiant unit.



The redesign of the interiors likewise emphasizes the idea of connection, since all the buildings are linked internally. Extensive lobbies, atriums and open workspaces permit straightforward communication as well as concentrated and creative work. Meanwhile, shops, cafés and restaurants inject further life into this modern, agile world of work and the lively, urban leisure society.



广场:22000平方米的新品质生活 The square: new quality of life across 22,000 square meters


A historical square is transformed: 3deluxe initially developed two design levels that structure the entire surface as a grid made up of visible lines on the ground. One is linear and forms the historical context, in which the existing axes of vision and movement are taken into account. The other level is designed to be organic and fluid, reflecting the natural flows of movement of passers-by. This structuring gives rise not only to pathways, but also to natural islands, which are enlivened in different ways: a green lawn for sunbathing, a skate park, a programmed fountain complex or a modern event venue.




The natural result is an organic, landscape-like arrangement comprising dynamic thoroughfares, staggered seating and steps, and gently sloping green spaces and water features that connect the different height levels of the square in a seemingly obvious way. The materials used form a welcoming interplay of light granite, wood, and elaborately modelled elements made of white molded concrete. The choice of plants for the green spaces is based on the local flora. Native pine and birch along with insect-friendly grasses and shrubs form the basis of the greening concept.




An artificial stream meanders through the organic concrete landscape with wooden islands, inviting visitors to linger and play, while an interactive fountain installation enlivens the large, flat open space in the square, which can also be used for events, festivals and markets.




The man who is funding the transformation of the square is a passionate skateboarder and wanted to offer skate enthusiasts a new home in the city, hence large parts of the square are laid out to be skater-friendly too. Specialists in skate park construction were therefore brought on board to help realize the challenging free forms developed by 3deluxe.




Another addition, lying opposite the new corner building, is a modern amphitheater, and the frontage facing it can be outfitted with a giant LED screen for public viewings when required.




On this basis, additional mobile elements will be used to bring further life to the square: a pavilion that can be planted in various ways as an urban gardening project, changing installations such as kiosks, food trucks and mobile seating, and a temporary event stage.




All in all, it’s a square to bring people together, to create new opportunities, and to improve the quality of life for people in Kaunas.



▼平面图 Site Plan

© 3deluxe architecture



项目名称:城市更新 – V广场
建设周期:2017年11月- 2020年3月
建筑面积:16 862平方米
设计公司:3deluxe architecture
建筑设计负责人:Rimantas Giedraitis
异形混凝土:Mind work ramps, Latvia
照明:UAB korgas
图片:Norbert Tukaj (https://norberttukaj.com)

Project name: V-Plaza – Urban Development
Start of planning: first quarter 2015
Construction period: November 2017 – March 2020
Completion: May 2020
Design Area: 30.000 m2
Plaza: 15 400 m2
Parking: 15 826 m2
Buildings: 16 862 m2
Costs underground parking: 8,5 Millionen Euro
Costs upper part square: Euro 4 Millionen Euro
Costs buildings: 27,5 Millionen Euro
Location: Vienybės aikštė, 44029, Kaunas, Lithuania
Design Firm: 3deluxe architecture
Website: https://3deluxe.de
Contact e-mail: info@3deluxe.de
Developer: SBA Group
Architect in charge of construction: Rimantas Giedraitis
Concrete free forms: Mind work ramps, Latvia
Lighting: UAB korgas
Photo credits: Norbert Tukaj (https://norberttukaj.com)


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