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创浦景观:  一个温暖的社交场所、一段愉悦的购物体验、一种美好的生活方式。绿色生态的新生活方式,街区商业与绿色自然共存。模糊场所边界,打破空间属性,空间与材料多元搭配与可迭代的特性。

T.Workshop:  A Warm Social Place, A Pleasant Shopping Experience, A Great Lifestyle. A New Environment-friendly Lifestyle and harmonious Coexistence of Block Business and Green Nature. Blur Spatial Boundary, break through Spatial Properties and diversified and Iterable Matches of Spaces and Materials.



01 场地|Spaces



The Taizhou Mansion Project in Taizhou will be a super block integrating a commercial plaza, an outer street, an inner street and several pocket parks.Only the commercial plaza and outer street are open to the public at present.

We expect to satisfy people’s expectations toward life through our design. In the project of Vanke Corniche Land project, we practically demonstrated how a super block materially satisfied people’s version of wonderful life. In the aspect of transportation, it connects people flow from residences, commercial areas, offices and apartments conveniently; in the aspect of commerce, it has more urban public spaces and a development mode which allows for coexistence of the city and the commerce; in the aspect of ecology, we adhere to the core principle of creating a green and happy human space. It is a real super block which follows the rhythm of city and grows and integrates well with the city constantly.


概念 Concepts



In design of humanistic care, we explored vigor of the space from multiple dimensions, e.g., functional spaces with less sense of boundary and continuous interlinked multi-segment spaces. This is a powerful space which is sustainable and adaptable to future development. The vigor symbolizes huge potential of the space and people’s expectation toward future life.


▼总平面图 The floor plan


入口广场 Plaza


The prominent logos and guiding ornaments together with scattered towering trees allow for open vision of the plaza, while the holiday T-stage shows and flea market bring new vigor to the city.



儿童夜晚在广场上玩闹  The children ran wild in the square at night.




Scenarios of the plaza in working days: internet popular places, dry fountain, children games, street vending economy.

Scenarios of the plaza on the weekends: children games, T-stage shows, displays and performances, street vending economy, holiday market, internet popular places, dry fountain, night market, outside business places.


工作日广场活动分析 Analysis of weekday square activities

周末广场活动分析 Analysis of weekend square activities



In recent years, large malls emerged one after another. After the shock of online shopping and e-commerce, commercial real estate underwent pandemic this year, which made people prefer fast and convenient shopping style more. Vanke’s Shili Guandi has not only ground floor stores, high street and plaza, but also outside business space for street vending economy. It satisfies people’s daily shopping needs, increases impact of brick-and-mortar business and also makes the city closer to people.


旱喷是儿童嬉戏玩耍的挚爱,是夏天的美好光景 Dry fountain is children’s favorite, which gives them a period of wonderful time in summer.

清晨的风夹杂着水汽带来舒适体验  The early morning wind mixed with moisture brings a comfortable experience

傍晚火树银花下的旱喷广场  The dry spray square under the evening fire tree silver flower


商场入口游戏装置 Entrance installation


The well-designed installation serves as a parent-child activity space, which not only endows the mall with more vitality, but also promotes neighborhood socialization.


火山锥爬网手绘效果 Volcanic Cone Crawler Hand – painted effect

给家长提供看护孩子的休闲空间 The outside swing provides a leisure space for parents to take care of their children.

亲子活动空间 Parent-child activity space




Its outside business place has the function of community interactions. White-collar workers, community service staff and consumers and customers gather here in daytime.




Carpet-style ground pavement creates an exquisite atmosphere of the city.




This is a piece of interesting urban furniture. Small flower pots are piled up to create a sense of a great volume. Additionally, flower pots of different heights are used to create a rest space under trees; it also serves as a counter; children play hide-and-seek here as well. Multiple uses of the furniture make the city not dull and boring any more.


多功能树池手绘效果 Multi-function tree pool hand-painted effect

多功能树池 Multi-functional tree pool



Graceful interior design, fashionable color match and dotted green spaces make the interior space very exquisite and comfortable. Interior activity space for young children extends to outdoors and functionally complement the activity space for 6-16 years old children. They echo with each other and blur the boundary between the indoor and outdoor spaces.



02 思考|Insights


T. Workshop is dedicated to creating life scenarios with a sense of belongingness, community services with a sense of involvement and a social place with a sense of experience in this project in the development trend of future community and super blocks. It aims at echoing with and promoting scenario-based applications of future communities. It will also refer to government’s ideas about digital governance of future communities and implement them in landscape, planning and design. This is the way of development of future communities. Taizhou Vanke Taizhou Mansion Project, as a social professional force in Luqiao District, gives full play to its experience and advantages in urban development, management system, governance mechanism and digital construction. It will provide a new model for pilot practice of future communities, satisfy residents’ longing for diversified and wonderful life and grow up to a super block by following the rhythm of the city eventually.



03 设计师说|Designers’ Words


T. Workshop has a high involvement in the project from design to construction. In addition to landscape design, it also accomplished IP design, landscape soft outfit design, exercise equipment design, lighting, corporate signage and other professional design services. It achieved the goal: what you see is what you get.




The volcano shaped climbing net appearing before our eyes in the parent-child activity space has undergone over ten versions of modification. We deliberated and demonstrated its structure with professional equipment manufacturers repeatedly before its construction in order to enrich design elements and make sure a good look, and more importantly, ensure quality and safety of the children’s exercise equipment.


初代儿童乐园 The first children’s playground


设计过程 Commercial entrance design process


其他细节 Other details


部分效果图和实景图对比 Part of the renderings and real picture contrast



The inner street and pocket parks which are not open will come soon!





设计时间:July 2020
摄影团队:徐蒋伟  肖琳

Project name: Vanke Ten Miles View Mansion
Client: Ningbo Vanke
Project location: Taizhou, Zhejiang Province
Owner Management Team: Yang Yaoyang, Luo Wenjun, Xu Jiaqi
Landscape Design:  T. Workshop (Li Fangyu, Xiao Lin, Han Zhifeng, Yi Jinuo, Ge Zefeng, Li Miaomiao, etc.)
Landscape Construction Drawing Design: Ningbo Haoran Landscape Development Co., Ltd
Landscape Construction Unit: Ningbo Weifeng Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
Children’s Equipment Factory: Ningbo Zaiyu Recreation Equipment Co., Ltd
Architectural Design: Mushroom Cloud Architectural Design Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Interior Design: Shanghai Puhui Space Design Co., Ltd
Design date: July 2020
Date completed: Under construction
Photography team: Xu Jiangwei ,  Xiao Lin


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