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FON STUDIO: The life traces in the old city of Beijing, enable the deep hidden hotel to show the unique spatial quality and continue to attract travelers from afar to stay and experience. Every time walking through the alleys, people could be attracted by different forms of old houses in courtyards of different sizes.




The large courtyard reconstructed by the site selection of Sanhao Sanhao Hotel is not common in Hutong. Adequate height and orderly interior courtyard originally belong to a traditional inn space, decorated in every corner with the most popular Chinese elements,For the tonality of the brands, we need to make new planning and appropriate update, but of course, the urgent project cycle is also a challenge.


▼酒店入口  hotel entrance

▼中式元素装点各个角落  Chinese elements decorate every corner



Initially, the original decoration was demolished. We were attracted by the sophisticated wooden roof structure of this old house, which increased the richness and visual characteristics of the space. 13 guest rooms are arranged in a compact layout, while the courtyard under the large roof becomes the core area for tourists to enter.


▼精到的木质结构屋顶  Sophisticated wooden structure roof

▼酒店的核心区域  The core area of the hotel



A light staircase is placed in the relatively introverted area, allowing the newly added second floor to be more easily connected with the courtyard. Both floors have reserved public activity space for guests, and there are also small corners for communication and collision; reading, talking, and daze under the big roof become a part of the hotel.


▼酒店内侧空间 Hotel interior space

▼一组轻盈的楼梯连接竖向交通  A set of light stairs connect vertical traffic

▼两层空间都为客人预留了公共活动空间  Both floors have reserved public activity space for guests

▼在小小的角落也有了交流和碰撞  There are also exchanges and collisions in small corners

▼厚重的质感下体验细腻温馨  Experience exquisite and warmth under the heavy texture



Respond to the original structural proportions, the reinforced columns are connected with the roof beams homeopathically. All designs are developed under the structural logic of the original old building; the structure of the staircase naturally becomes a visual focus in the space, but its turning form and scale is still integrated in the overall atmosphere. In the way of atmosphere creation, the main visual color is the combination of logs and dark red under different gray textures. It also abstracts and organizes people’s intuitive feelings in the alley, simple and delicate.


▼加固的柱子与屋顶顺势连接,形成视觉焦点  The reinforced pillars are connected to the roof homeopathically, forming a visual focus

▼主色调是以不同的灰色肌理下用原木和暗红色组合  The main color is a combination of logs and dark red under different gray textures



Visitors who are curious about the rich and complex hutong living space enter this place, to experience the thick texture to be deconstructed and reorganized by a smart way. Which is the origin that we and ttg partners have been adhering to since the beginning of the project. We believe that, from the alley to the courtyard, from the courtyard to the guest room, every walk and look are the traces of growth from this old house.


▼一层平面  First floor

▼二层平面  Second floor

▼酒店轴测图  Hotel axonometric drawing





Project Name: Well Well Well Hotel Renovation
Address: Zhengjue Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China
Client: ttg
Design Company: Fon Studio
Team: Jin Boan, Li Hongzhen, Luo Shuanghua, Song Yuanyuan
Branding design: ttg
Design Period: 2020.08-2020.09
Complete Time: 2020.11
Area: 800㎡
Photograph: Fon Studio
Main Material: Terrazzo, Wood Panel, Steel


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