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Canggu Landscape: Dreaming back to Huangshan, I can remember not only the name of “the world’s most wonderful mountain”, but also the Tangjiazhuang, which is like a small Jiuzhai in southern Anhui.




Tangjiazhuang Village, hidden at the foot of the western gate of the most beautiful Huangshan Mountain, is known as a paradise village with mountains and lakes, tea gardens and green trees. It is also a niche leisure tourist destination.


▼依山傍湖,生态乐园 Ecological site



With the rapid development of beautiful rural construction, the series of stories from Congzhu were born. Relying on the beautiful rural construction of Tangjiazhuang Village, it aims to create a tourism and vacation project with meticulous rural life experience, and strive to find a balance between public welfare and profitability between rural and urban areas. And we are also working hard to find a balance between the original ecological landscape of the village and the landscape of the homestay. How to extend the ecological rural environment of the village into the homestay and solve the problem of the exquisite landscape of the homestay and the ecological landscape of the village. Coordination is the finishing touch.


▼村落风采 The beautiful rural

▼民宿的精致景观与村落生态相协调 The exquisite landscape of the homestay is in harmony with the village ecology.



The project uses landscape design to dissolve relatively large buildings, integrates modern Chinese Zen landscape life aesthetics into the entire design, divides space functions and matches with plants, uses regular and natural planting methods, and exquisite details. , To create a homestay landscape experience space full of mountains and lakes, so that it can better integrate into the texture of the rural landscape.


▼在原生态大环境之下,画上点睛之笔 Looking for balance under the original ecological environment.



We take the positioning of the homestay as the background. The core landscape area on the second floor platform needs to meet the needs of guests for outdoor activities, and the current situation has load-bearing restrictions and requires light intervention. Therefore, we will adopt a simple method and design the garden road paving as a tour route. The entire space is divided into three functional spaces: entrance space, leisure space and amusement space.


▼西舍乡野酒店 Xishe Hotel.



入口空间 The Entrance


▼入口鸟瞰 The Entrance Aerial View.

▼拾取山间石头,与村落自然生态景观相呼应 Natural stone echoes village ecology.

▼规则的砾石铺地与生态野趣的微地形,精致与自然的相互协调性 Gravel paving and wild micro-topography, delicate and natural coordination.

▼被负氧离子包围的生态空间 Ecological space surrounded by negative oxygen ions.



In addition, there are unique restrictive factors in rural construction, such as inconvenient transportation and lack of resources. In the use of building materials, the use of localized materials has become a construction strategy, as far as possible, local materials are used to recover small blue tiles in the village, original building rammed earth wall materials, etc., local bamboo, slate, terrazzo, etc. , Actively integrate into the local ecological environment, and create an exquisite landscape, which has become a classic example of the landscape in the Huangshan area.


▼汀步与砾石结合细节展示 Details of the combination of step and gravel.

▼规则种植池与生态野趣植物 Regular planting pond combined with ecological wild plants.



场景体验 Experience




休闲空间 Leisure space


▼户外洽谈区 Outdoor conversation area.


▼镜面水景与自然山石 Mirror waterscape and natural rocks.

▼夜景环境清幽,宛如一方净土 The quiet and beautiful night view.



游乐空间 Amusement space


▼迷你版运动空间,儿童戏水池 Mini sports space, children’s play pool.



室内空间 Interior


▼充满归属感的设计 A homey design.








Project name: Xishe Hotel
Completion Date: December 2019
Location: Tangjiazhuang Village, Jiaocun Town, Huangshan District, Huangshan City, Anhui Province

Landscape Design: Canggu Landscape Planning and Design (Shenzhen) Co., LTD
Company website: http://canggula.com/
Contact email: ethan@canggula.com

Chief designer: Qian Xinghai
Design team: Guo Sheng, Zhang Wenhua, Li Zhicheng, Chen Chi, Li Lin, Deng Wenkang
Developer: Huangshan Yiju Investment Co., LTD


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