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ZAP Associates:一条安静悠远的山路,一盏隐于山腰中的远眺平台,一座环抱360度全幅美景,矗立于山巅的沐光塔,她微含身形翩翩而立,踏足于云中树冠。这样的悠远意境中的山林之美构成了一幅美丽的质朴画卷……

ZAP Associates: A quiet and remote mountain path, a hidden distant platform in the mountainside, a tower of Muguang tower standing at the top of the mountain with a full 360-degree view, she stands with her slightly contained form fluttering, stepping on the canopy of trees in the clouds. The beauty of the mountains and forests in such a distant mood forms a beautiful rustic painting ……


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In the south of Chengdu, in the Longquan Mountain Range, we designed a shade path that follows the mountain, several gathering spaces that are taken from nature and integrated with nature, and a 20M high Muguang Tower at the end of the path. The shade path can be zigzagged, the mist spray stone at the entrance can be played with, and the wind and forest theater at the hillside can be used to sit and concentrate, feeling the scale of nature and being immersed in the pleasure of moving from one step to another and seeing from the distance.


▼幽静的园路穿过了这片延绵起伏的翠绿 A quiet parkway run through the undulating verdure

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio




The project is located at the southernmost end of Chengdu’s central axis – Tianfu Avenue, adjacent to the Third Highway. To the north, it undertakes a series of industrial innovation and research and development functional areas such as Tianfu New Area’s Sigao and Xinglong Lake plate, and to the south, it connects Meishan and Renshou City. It is the first heart area in the Tianfu positive central axis, with good accessibility and high location value, and is the primary beneficiary of Chengdu’s urban development to the south.


▼项目区位 Project location






The first consideration is the 79M height difference between the top and the bottom of the hill, which is the “scripted property” of the base structure itself. 79M of height change translates into a 26-story building, and at such a height ZAP makes the following considerations.

1.Planning an interesting route.
2.Integrate the characteristics of the site to make the view more attractive.
3.The level between artificial and natural should be managed, so that the whole site can grow up naturally and be sustainable.


▼山体现状高差 Mountain topography


Between this 79M difference of elevation, the mountain topographic relations can be divided into the following categories: a. ridge and terrace levels; b. water pond and flat land; c. forest and gentle slope; d. forest and steep slope. The relationship between plants and terrain is particularly close in mountains, which form the basis of the natural base conditions of the mountain.


▼大坡顶山体公园总体空间平面 Park masterplan

▼大坡顶公园平面 Park plan Enlargement

▼不同高度场景和地形分析 Analysis of topography at different heights


We hope that the path and the nature will intermingle, and the space will offer the opportunity to experience. The 1.2km “zigzag” main trail is a spreading story based on the existing 79M height difference, and the nodes at the iconic spaces divide this “story” into four chapters, creating distinctive spatial order.





The Gate which assumes the role of the starting chapter of the story, drawing the curtain on the narrative in a calm and natural atmosphere.


▼浮光掠影中瞥见山体公园的一抹笑靥 Glimpsed a smile in the mountain park

© 94 Studio

▼空间效果图 Space renderings



Wrapped in the grass and hills, it passes along a long narrow path. The design deliberately narrows the line of sight so that the focus of the visitor is gradually focused, wonderfully hidden behind the green trees and grass like a paradise in the mountains. As you continue along the entrance road, you can see the view of the grassy slope gradually reveal.


© 94 Studio



The sloping hillside roof is a natural blend of wood colors into the mountain environment, with yellow rust colored stone and brown wood grain to create a natural and intimate first impression.


▼漫花山门草图 Sketch concept

▼漫花山门 The sloping hillside roof

© 94 Studio



Steel plate material scenic wall pattern to leaf spike (Luan) modeling, hollow design simple, height selection in 1.8M – 4.0M ranging, mainly to combine the overall creation of the terrain grass slope.


▼以叶穗(栾树)造型为图案的景墙设计 Wall design with a leafy spike (Luan) shape

▼穿孔景墙细节 Wall Details

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio


入口广场中心跳跃的喷泉结合雾喷活跃着空间的主氛围,天然置石散落在中心广场之中, 水雾打开之际,可嬉戏把玩其间。

The fountain in the center of the entrance square combined with the fog spray enlivened the main atmosphere of the space, and the natural stones were scattered in the center of the square.


▼天然置石与喷泉 Natural stones and fountains

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio




The road gradually undulates with the mountain, and the walkway winds up between the greenery on both sides, guiding towards the Wind Forest Theater space – an amphitheater.


▼遥看风林剧场和沐光塔 A distant view of the amphitheater and tower

© 94 Studio

▼山林中的典型墙体设计 Typical Wall

▼风林剧场效果示意图 Amphitheater Illustrative Rendering


石块垒作草阶,起伏于半山腰之间,适生的乔灌草结合搭配种植,自然石块组团散落。春花烂漫之间, 不仅仅是一处极佳的聚集交流场所,也是一处生态场所,利用水收集与净化的过滤系统达到山林雨水管理工程。

Stones are used as grass steps, undulating halfway up the mountain, and natural stone groups are scattered with a combination of suitable trees and grasses. Between the spring flowers, it is not only an excellent place to gather and communicate, but also an ecological place, using the water collection and purification filtration system to achieve the mountain forest rainwater management project.


▼风林剧场雨水管理 Water Management

▼风林剧场起伏于半山腰之间 Stones are used as grass steps

© 94 Studio



The choice of material for the base stone is mainly based on local stone, presenting the rustic look of the space in a near-native state. In the midst of this, grass and flowers are decorated. In the coming spring and summer, people can enjoy the breeze of the mountains and the morning clouds here.


▼望丘台草图 Sketch Plan

▼ 望丘台鸟瞰 Aerial view of terrace

© 94 Studio



As the walkway progresses, the landscape transforms. The 3M high cliffs that exist on the mountain are used to embed a platform for observation. The 15° slope of the side of the seat allows for a wide variety of relaxation.


▼ 望丘台分析图​ Axon view of terrace



Part of the green trees covered under it, as suspended in mid-air, the overhanging structure is supported by a single column, and the location is chosen to avoid the area of glass material on the platform to maintain the overall experience of flying suspension.


▼密林掩映下的观景挑台 Platform under the cover of dense plants

© 94 Studio




The summit of the twilight toweris bathed in light, and the clouds and wind are clear. Build a platform at the highest point of the mountain, hidden among the mountains and forests, growing with the trees.


▼清晨的沐光塔 Twilight Summit Tower in the early morning twiligh

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio



The climax of the main axis sequence is set at the highest point of the mountain: “Twilight Summit Tower”, which is located at the end of the main axis of the park, and the 15M high observation platform is built as the visual focal point of the park.


▼沐光塔平面图草图 Twilight Summit Tower plan

▼沐光塔草图 Twilight Summit Tower Sketch

▼沐光塔鸟瞰 Twilight Summit Tower aerial view

© 94 Studio

▼沐光塔山腰处 Twilight Summit Tower from the hillside

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio



Through the design study, the view from different heights and directions at the top of the hill is different, which will bring different spatial experiences and feelings, and provide great opportunities for the design. According to the relationship between height and viewpoint, it can be roughly divided into the following three levels: 4.5M height, the view from the west side is more open compared to the east side, and can see Tianfu Avenue; 9.7M height, the general outline of the face of the mountain is shown; 13M height and above, the view can reach the height of the native plants of the mountain and have an excellent view.


▼不同高度观景平台视野 View from different height viewing platforms

▼山顶平台高差示意图 Elevation difference diagram

▼沐光塔立面图 Before Section study

▼ 最好的平台视野 The best platform perspective

▼ 沐光塔隐于山林中 Twilight Summit Tower hiding among the forest

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio



When walking in the Tower, the skin texture of the folding grille blends with the steel frame system, the formal language is consistent, the spatial feeling flows, and the feeling of the line foot is clearer in the light.


▼ 沐光塔不同高度平面图 Details and layers

© 94 Studio

▼俯瞰山体公园的平台 The terrace overlooking the mountain park



Tower using grille shape, the main wood selection of bamboo wood imitation wood grain material, the pursuit of close to the natural texture, texture under the interlacing, light and shadow dappled.


▼沐光塔结构开切 Structural open-cut

▼结构与材料Structure and materials texture 

▼仿竹和木纹的材质贴合自然的质感 The material fits the natural texture

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio



The perimeter of Tower is reserved for a platform to stop, and the floor is made of local natural stone with yellow wood texture, and is made of fragmented blocks. At the edge of the platform, the same material is used to build a low wall with a height of 500cm, following the trend of the arc.


▼ 沐光塔与垒石矮墙 Basalt Dwarf Wall

© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio



As night falls, the top lights shoot into the air, making it even more impressive.


© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio
© 94 Studio




The essence of a mountain park is always ecology, and to achieve ecological respect and restoration is the most important and basic principle in the design of a mountain park. In the design details, the concept of neighboring with green is always integrated. In the treatment of height difference, the road continues to climb slowly with the trend of the mountain, solving the difference in mountain height and minimizing the earth alteration to ensure the original natural environment and base of the mountain.


▼道路生态考虑 Ecological design for trail design

▼山体雨水汇集分析 Rainwater collection and rainwater management



The native tree species of the mountain are retained to a great extent, and some of the trees destroyed during the construction are replanted in time to form a rich and natural ecological scene with layers of green shade.


▼维护自然景致 Maintain a Natural Landscape

© 94 Studio



该山体公园项目是ZAP对于生态设计的一份较初步的思考答卷,其过程伴随着各种艰辛与复杂。但是作为当代景观设计师,我们有义务和责任为将来子孙后代来提供更好的生活生态环境。在设计与建造中我们都坚持不乱砍伐一颗树,力图施工不破坏原有植被与生态和谐。在材料选择采用经济环保的方式打造一处能够享受户外山林,闲暇到达的野趣之地。这是该项目的第一期,我们也希望在将来二期设计与施工中能不断地贯彻生态设计的理念, 以更加优质自然生态的方式回馈社会。

This mountain park project is a relatively preliminary consideration of ecological design by ZAP, and the process is accompanied by various hardships and complications. However, as contemporary landscape architects, we have the obligation and responsibility to provide a better ecological environment for future generations to live in. In the design and construction, we insist on not cutting down a tree indiscriminately, trying to construct without destroying the original vegetation and ecological harmony. In the choice of materials, we use economical and environmentally friendly methods to create a place where we can enjoy the outdoors, the mountains, and the wilderness at our leisure. This is the first phase of the project, and we hope to continue to implement the concept of eco-design in the design and construction of the second phase in the future, in order to give back to the community in a more high-quality natural ecological way.



规划设计: SASAKI
摄影团队:94.7 Studio

LOCATION: Chengdu, China
TEAM: Fu Shen, Hua Zhang, Luoyin Mei, Shihan Li, Chao Xie
DESIGN YEAR: 2019-2020




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