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MPG Group: This is a permanent exhibition area with a base at the intersection interface of two municipal roads. The entire site not only serves the internal community, but also provides the surrounding residents with a wooded public space with a sophisticated design language and an excellent environment for strolling and lingering. Our initial idea was to create a highly functional leisure stay space based on the future business of the building and the interspersed relationship between the building and the landscape to attract the young group to come and visit.



设计理念 Design concept


Architectural design concept: a meeting room in the garden, a place for reading, playing and communication, the interweaving of architectural space and environmental space. When we saw the relationship between the building block and the landscape space, we decided to continue this interweaving, so we came up with the design theme of the German Pavilion in Barcelona, “Flowing space – free and flexible space combination”.


▽设计分析 Design Analysis


场景呈现 Scene presentation


The flowing space makes the landscape a part of the living space, the landscape shuttles between the buildings, and the parlor formed through the functionally constructed space, the garden is public and open, and the building is private for the owners. The indoor and outdoor paths have their own views and perspectives, seeing different scenes.


▽密林荫蔽的林下空间 Dense forest shaded space



The iron planting pool, together with the planting technique with curvature and manual pruning, still gives people a delicate feeling even though the whole interface has a large amount of shrubs. The clean planting level makes the most straightforward expression of the plant’s vitality, and the whole space is full of affinity, making people unconsciously want to stop and stay.




Selected Sapium sebiferum along the street surface acts as a green barrier, isolating the exhibition area into a place removed from the noise and traffic – an inward-looking place to stroll and linger, while the building boxes are hidden in the treetops. The building will be used commercially in the future, and outsiders will be able to access the inner courtyard via a leisurely staircase to a sky bridge.


▽光影交错的街角广场 The square with intertwined light and shadow

▽休闲阶梯 Leisure Ladder


林影·夕照-昭示引导,人流汇聚 Lin Ying·Xizhao-Show Guidance, Gather People


As the future pedestrian entrance of the community, the LOGO and scenic wall along the street are good guides, where the flow of people converge, the warm autumn sun, the swaying wind and shadow, the texture of the hardscape and the soft beauty of the plants collide with each other, gathering the flow of people in an inclusive manner and giving people a calm and quiet homecoming experience.


▽未来社区入口 Community entrance



Light and shadow are jumping on the large white surface formed by the building wall and floor pavement, which makes the whole space less silent and more emotional.



乐活·剧场-视觉无界,凝聚亲密 LOHAS Theater – Visual Boundless, Cohesion Intimacy


The atrium is surrounded by limited space on all sides and is visible from many places. We create an open or closed space atmosphere according to the size and nature of each atrium. Without too many complicated elements, just a tree, you can get a quiet space without disturbing anything except the charm of light and shadow.


▽充满生活气息的酒吧街 A bar street full of life



The glass wall blurs the boundary between the interior and exterior of the building and the public space, so that there is no longer a clear sense of separation between the interior and exterior, and the outdoor landscape is introduced, so that the content of the activities that can be carried out becomes diverse and less homogeneous. The leisure staircase next to the building serves as a stopping point and a shortcut to the outside world.



绿林·寻踪-轻松舒适,纯粹自然 Green Forest · Pursuit – Relaxed and comfortable, pure and natural


In the garden space at the back, a forest is created with a minimalist approach, with openness and relief running through the pattern, allowing the scene to fit with the object, borrowing the aesthetics of nature and activating the ornamental and practical functions of the garden, where people can interact fluidly and experience the landscape immersively while widening the social field.


▽自然葱郁的烧烤花园 The Nature Style BBQ Garden


后记 Postscript


The main idea of flowing space is not to treat space as a negative static existence, but to see it as a lively force. In the design of space, we avoid isolated static volume combinations, but pursue continuous movement space. We enhance the sense of flow of space with permeable space, guiding line shape and smooth action path


▽场地动图 Venue animation



开 发 商 :星河地产华东区域

Project Name: Demonstration Zone of Nanjing Galaxy Times
Landscape Design: MPG Group
Design Team: Xu Menghong, Ma Zhen, Wang Guan, Lan Lijiao, Li Cong, Yue Zhihao, Liu Bo, Li Ting, Chen Yu, Zhang Shujuan
Developer: Galaxy Real Estate East China Region
Party A’s team: Liang Yi, Ding Yunlin, Wang Jian, Gao Jun, Liu Jiaqi, Wang Wenfeng, Guan Guangdong, Xie Weinan, Liu Ping, Sun Jian, Tang Yongqiang, Guo Yi
Photography Team: Prism
Project Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu
Design area: 4827㎡
Design time: November 2020
Completion time: May 2021



审稿编辑 王琪 –  Maggie

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