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July Cooperative Company: The project is located at a 5-story-height building in an innovation district in Ningbo. It is now served as an exhibition hall and office room for the lighting company. The quarter turned staircase connects the open garden and the patio on the second floor. While allowing bright view in the garden, the inspiration came from the original geometrical shape from the building itself and the concise interior design.


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1楼 1st Floor




The spatial arrangement of the garden is formed by geometrical segments. The ground is paved by free form cladding made by palo gold. Each split surface is either polished or naturalclefted, emerging from the arc-shaped wall. Designer conformed to the environment composition, combining the existing wall with concrete frame as a decorative background.




An extensive area of bush-hammered concrete wall, incorporate with polished concrete columns, enhance the sense of grey scale in the garden. Moreover, making the view more vibrant under the skylight. The free form cladding palo gold stone wall provide a transition from flat to slant surfaces, forms differentiation among the heights of natural stones.




The circulation of garden allows an instance for people to take a pulse and rest. Betula nigra and Ligustrum quihoui carr. are selected for their elegant and smooth branches. The walls, ground, volcanic rocks and benches all together to outline the shadows.




The exhibition hall on the west side separates the garden into two consistent framed sceneries. Floor-to-ceiling windows on the south side will give an overview of the garden. After walking up the steps and peeking through the window, the higher level scenery will be seen above the ground. The sequence of walking helps visitors to explore consecutive scenes, and connects the two separated gardens.



2楼2nd Floor




Office room will face the patio; the entire space opens wide with a circular shaped glass window at the center to invite natural lighting, which will further enhance the connection between outdoor landscape and indoor breathing.




Hallway that connects the office is free form cladding with square shaped steeping stones and gravels, giving a sense of privacy. Rhododendron simsii planch. is the major breed in the triangular flower container, creating a taste of texture. Since the restriction of load-bearing, lightweight materials are the best option to design. The circular glass window edging clad material is hollowed out to serve as a prop to the structure. The surface finishing transitions from natural faced to pointing chiseled then polished.




The triangular geometrical shape possesses a sculptural vibrancy. The slant side of the triangle increases the perspective depth. While guiding the visitors into the space, abstract visual sense gradually diminishes. Looking down from the railing, the triangular patio links well with the ground-floor garden.




The designers utilize concise and poetic elements to make sure every plant and stone displays their distinctive features. At night, lighting will became essential to highlight the details of the texture. Meanwhile, light will enhance the emotional atmosphere and the spatial context.


▼ 项目模型 The project model





Project Name: 21-Midsummer
Project Location: Yinzhou district of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Landscape Design: July Design Group
Website: july-co.com
Email: info@july-co.com
Lead Designers: Heng Kang, Yang Tang
Project Scope: Conceptual Design, Construction Drawings, Design Supervision
Project Size: Approx. 120 square meters
Construction Date: 2021.03
Completion Date: 2021.06
Interior Design: LWPD
Photographer: Hai Zhu


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