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YIYU Design: The Axis Park is an urban rejuvenation project located in the heart of CBD in Nantong city. Due to the new city development and new needs for public space, the previous park calls for redesign in 2018. YIYU is honored to be selected for the renovation task. The new park is constructed in 2020 and reopens again in 2021.



先前的公园包含一个中轴步道,一个大型的线性喷泉,中轴两侧装饰性的雕塑。在改造之前,此公园因为缺乏有效作为城市活动的空间,加上不易维护及高营运成本的景观设施,使得公园使用率低落: 中心的线性喷泉因为营运成本关闭多年, 两侧的绿带因为初期过密的种植和缺乏长周期的维护,公园变成了一个杂乱、阴暗、潜存危安风险的城市死角。


The previous park composed of an axis walkway, a large-scale linear fountain, two green belts, and multiple decorative statues along the axis. Before the renovation, the park was underused due to the lack of functional spaces for urban activities. The park also suffered from ill maintenance owing to previous high-cost design for operation. The center linear waterscape was shut down for years due to the insufficient budget to operate. The green belts was poor maintened due to overly dense plantation. The park fell into a messy and shady status where potential safety risks could reside in the city.

The old park also had an imbalanced condition where the original design focused on decoration and grandiose, rather than functionality and engagement. Visitors could hardly stay due to a lack of sitting area and activity space. The park became a park only to look at, but not a park to stay and interact.




利用这个机会,我们提出了”人为风景,活动为地标 ” 的概念。公園成為城市之窗,活动之廊,人与社交参与成为项目的基石。

YIYU uses this opportunity to explore the possibility of functions for the new park, and study potential identity for the new urban landscape. In the research, we discover that the surrounding of the site is highly populated. With shopping malls, office towers, and hotels in the vicinity, the location of the park could be the perfect central open space for the CBD, and a variety of urban activities can happen at the site.

With the opportunity, our proposal is to seek a park as a window to showcase urban lives, a gallery to curate activities. People and social engagement become the keystone of the project – “ People as the scenery, and activities as the landmark”.


▽公园的规划基于对中心商业区、周边邻里、及访客缜密的功能研究。整体架构包含可作各类弹性活动的大草坪、市集及邻里花园、游戏场、及银发族乐活空间。两个连接地下商业街的下沉广场,以鲜明的红色玻璃扶手改造,来引导上下层人流及入口意象。The layout of the park is based on careful studies of functionality for the CBD, neighborhoods, and visitors. The structure includes flexible lawns for events and markets, community gardens, a playground, and leisure areas for the elders. Two sunken parks connecting to the underground commercial street are renovated with identical red glass railings.




Our design step is to replace the non-operational elements with clear and functional spaces. Such as removing the center linear waterscape with multi-functional open lawn, and replacing the decorative statues with interactive benches for sitting and playing.

The new park includes four areas: A central event lawn, a landform performance park, two interactive sitting areas, and a playground. The structure of the park is to create an open plan without clear boundaries between areas. Views are open to each other and activities are connected between each other. The plan also provides the possibility for the extension of activities. The playground where kids run can connect to the landform park as an extension of the play. The open lawn where the music festival is held can be integrated with the sitting area as the audience’s bench.


▽艺术地景公园 ,梦般充满藝術及互動性的城市地景。未來的活動與人,將成為這麼城市的新地標。The landform park. A dreamy yet fun landscape in the city.

▽漩涡状的艺术地形给周围刚硬的中心商业区,带来了流动和柔软的对比。 The swirl landforms give a dynamic and soft contrast to the surrounding CBD.

▽新的公园带入了一种清晰性。型式表明其功能,型态暗示其参与性。The new park brings clarity to the place by introducing forms that inform functions, shapes that signify engagement.

▽设计运用了现状树的优势,在树下结合座椅及休憩区。步道所选用的浅色石材用以捕捉树影,在景观中带入一丝诗意。The design utilizes the existing trees by incorporating seating and leisure areas under the trees. Light color pavers that catch the shadow from the tree give a sense of liveness in the landscape.

▽充满玩心和互动性的座椅,给予了使用者自由去发挥创意使用空间,保留的大树提供了最佳的绿荫和美丽的树梢剪影。Playful and interactive benches provide freedom for users to use the space freely. The preserved old trees provide perfect shade with a beautiful silhouette from the canopy.



Another step is to reduce the overly dense green belt by relocating existing trees. With the adjustment of density, the park becomes open again to the streets, and dangerous corners are eliminated from the city.


▽新的中央公园将原有公园变身为一个充满艺术性、互动性、及多功能弹性的城市开放空间。The new Axis park transforms the park into an artistic, interactive, and adaptable open space.




The park also utilizes low-cost design for construction and maintenance. The landform park balances the cut and fills to create a topography design without additional soils from outside. The expensive linear waterscape is replaced with an open lawn which is easy to maintain yet multi-functional for art events, music festivals, and weekend markets.

Useful to the users and fun to the visitors, with green and inspirational places designed, the new Axis park provides a new place for people to rest and have fun. A park where something new can always be found by the people. And a park with endless energy can be discovered from urban lives.


▽艺术地形上的小花平台,提供了一个观景台,亦作为周末小型音乐表演艺术家的舞台。The petal shape platforms on the landforms are perfect viewing spots in the park, as well as performance stages for musicians on the weekend.




项目设计 & 完成年份:2019/2021
主创及设计团队:林逸峯/ 黄申飞 ,田益正,吳令恬, 沈雪,黃婉真,孫晶

Project name: AXIS Park
Design: YIYU design
Website: www.yiyudes.com
Contact e-mail: info@yiyudes.com
Design year & Completion Year: 2019/2021
Leader designer & Team: Yifeng Lin/ Christaphor Huang, Yizheng Tian, Lingtien Wu, Snow Shen, Wendy Huang, Jing Sun
Project location: Taoyuan Road, Nantong
Landscape area : 24000sqm
Photo credits: YIYU design
Clients: Zoina Group




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